"Hip Hip I'm Gay" Tour - Travel Fund

Hip Hip I'm Gay is a comedy cabaret created by Ashleigh Owen, a theatre show based on real-life interviews from LGBTQ+ people who have mental health struggles.
The show has toured the UK since 2019 with financial support from Arts Council England, however, in the current climate, funding is no longer available. The company is committed to telling queer stories and reaching as many people around the UK as possible, and have collectively agreed to take the risk and continue without financial security. The cast have agreed to work on a "profit share" basis, but touring a show, even of this size, still has overheads and are now seeking to raise funds to cover petrol and van hire before they set off.
There is a collective agreement amongst past audience members: "This work is important and must be seen" the shows powerful message inspired young people to come out and begin living life authentically, and without financial support, the tour will not be able to go ahead.
A donation is preferred, and upcoming performances are listed here:
Thank you for taking the time to read our appeal.
Hip Hip I'm Gay cast 2022
Ashleigh, Andrew, Chris, Rebecca and Izzy x



Andrew McKay 
Liverpool, UK