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Imagine, it's June 3, 2017, a sunny morning & you're driving to a meeting. At 10:15 am, OUT OF NOWHERE, a Cadillac going extremely fast slams into you. The seatbelt keeps you from going through the window & you shriek in pain. One min. you're patiently stopped at a light. The next, your head SLAMS into the steering wheel, both airbags explode, your arms are burned & your car's a crumbled totaled mess. Through the flow of tears, you hear someone ask if you're ok. Amongst the tears and panic, you distraughtly reply, "NO, I'm not ok !! Please call 911". 

    This was MY Non-Disney NIGHTMARE coming to life & ended w/ a Kidney Cancer  & other diagnoses on June 3rd.

(Theresa's totaled car -post-accident)

(Theresa at the ER)

    I thought about waiting to go to the E.R. lot later after the accident, but something told me to go to the hospital right away. After an hour of wait time answering questions and 4 exhausting hours with no food & water, being poked, x-rayed, scanned multiple times & cross-examined, my head & stomach is screaming at me when the E.R. Dr. finally appears. With a distraught look, he tells me, "Sorry for the delay, your CT shows you have a T1 fracture. We also found a "mass" on your CT scan. It appears that it's a bit bigger than a golf ball-sized stage 2 cancerous tumor on your left kidney."

 At that moment....all I could think was:

"I just came in to see if anything was broken & get something to get rid of the pain!"

 "I exercise, eat healthily, & I DON'T even drink like Rock Stars !"

"WHY the HE@! do I have Kidney Cancer???!!!!!!!!" (w/ Charlie Brown Uuuuuugh sound effects in my head)

   That morning, I talked with various hospital staff about the next steps, surgery details, & an estimate of what it will cost to get rid of cancer. In an overwhelmed daze, I called my Dr. for a 2nd opinion. Unfortunately, his opinion was the same as the 1st. 

I officially have Kidney Cancer.

(Theresa's CT of the cancerous kidney tumor on right)

   I've thought about what's happened, a LOT, and realized, "What if I didn't go to the ER?", "What if this is all a test?". I've since gotten an accident lawyer, but the car injuries & any resolution will take a year or more to resolve. My cancer can't wait that long to resolve. 

    Since June 3rd, I've had more scans, tests, meds, therapies & counseling for what's to come. I'll have major nephrectomy surgery to remove the Cancer before it spreads. Surgery is scheduled for Sept. 19th with an estimated 5-7-day hospital stay. After surgery, I'll have follow-up Dr. apt's, scans, med regimen, PT, cancer treatments for a year, and follow-ups for years to come. I've done as much as I can to prepare for what's to come. Now, the overwhelming part; "How do I pay for all the hospital bills that will be approx. $63,000 for surgery, Dr. fees, Co-pays, the hospital stay, tests, meds, therapies, treatments, & many other expenses to get cancer-free and healthy, when I won't be able to work for a while?"
    Many providers have already required payments. Insurance covers a lot & for that, I'm very lucky, but it's only covered a portion of the bills that I have & will get. So, I'm desperately doing my best to not go bankrupt. So, it is with a heavy heart that I write this request. PLEASE donate whatever you feel you can, share the link, and help me raise funds through this GoFundMe campaign.

  Donations will help immensely towards medical bills, getting healthy & no longer feeling emotionally or financially drained. I wish I could put off the surgery & treatments, but at this stage, that's not a choice. If I don't get surgery, soon, the CANCER WILL SPREAD & I'll Die.

   You may not know this about me, but I've gladly donated $1000's of dollars, my personal resources, private coaching time, volunteering,  & done almost anything I can to help others that have asked, without anything in return.  I never imagined asking for such help for myself.  Yet, here I am asking for YOUR  help during this financially & emotionally stressful time. I just want to get back to my energetic, fun, loving, and helping self, again! Your help will make ALL the difference!

(Theresa volunteering & being goofy at a TapOut Event)

(Theresa (Terri), back in simpler days of H.S. & the 80's)

   As a thank you, for any donation or help you can give, I'm giving everyone this free link to help you understand why people do what they do & help your relationships. This is a detailed basic personality assessment I only use w/ my clients ($39.95 value). I'll also, gladly help with your needs once I'm better.

If you would rather send Theresa your donation privately, via other means, or offer some other form of assistance, you can send an email or a private message on Facebook.

   I can't thank you enough, in advance, for ANY Prayers, donations, or support you can offer! If you know me, you know I'm a fighter and I'll fight cancer so I can help others that have to battle cancer, too!

Thank you, in advance, for sharing this & anything you can offer!

~With Giant Hugs & MUCH appreciation,
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