Please Help The Hernandez Family

My name is Alexander Hernandez Aponte. I’m writing to you because my family needs help.

My father is Victor R. Hernandez and my mother is Maritza Hernandez.

We are a family of three with 8 animals living in a 1.39 acre home in Kempner, Texas. My parents were able to purchase this home after years of constant moving as an Army family. This home means stability for my parents. It means a place to retire and a place to finally be at peace after years of constant struggle and trying to make ends meet.

The details of the problem:

Our home is going into foreclosure. We already lost my father’s truck. We have been struggling with money for over half a year now, and it’s the worse it has ever been. My father is an Army veteran of 18+ years in the military. With his old salary, he was able to purchase this land with the hopes of finally laying a foundation for his family to rest. This came to an abrupt end when he was medically separated from the military. His monthly check is less than half of what he used to earn. (See picture with payment summary on it. It's the most up to date on it because of the change in the Cost of Living Adjustment.)

The real part of the struggle started when my father lost his job at the Social Security Administration. He was hired on a temporary basis for a year from May 10th 2016 through May 9th, 2017.(See picture titled Social Security Administration Memorandum.) He was one of the candidates for re-hire, except this did not happen. This was during the Federal Hire Freeze. The freeze lasted for 79 days, until April 12.  Because of this, 5 out of 7 temporary employees in his department were not hired back.  

My father was unemployed for 7 months consecutively. There was not a single day or week that he did not file an application, go to an interview, try to find some sort of job. He found a single job in Construction in Missouri with his son in law during these 7 months, which he could not continue due to his diminishing health.

The only thing we have been able to use has been my father’s monthly award, which has been $1,555.25. This mostly goes into utilities and our food for the month. I only managed to find a single job at a mental rehabilitation hospital during this past year and the travel distance was too far. Most of my wage would go for gas and expenses.

Both my father and I finally found steady employment at a call center. We make $11 an hour full time.  We’re hoping that with this money we can finally go forward and start paying our bills and combined with the award letter, we can pay the mortgage.  We have been working for a month now. With this, however, it was not enough to save his truck.

My father's truck was repossessed after six months of no payments while we were at work.

Even with the job, we still cannot afford to save up $5,778.75 to pay the past due. We have no more time left. It's been past due since 9/1/2017,  we just received news that we're in process of foreclosure.We are trying to work with Loss Mitigation with our loan provider but regardless of the outcome, we still have to pay the past due. (See monthly statement provided by our loan provider.) 
We as a family have been full of hope this past year. We were always striving to succeed and continue to build our foundation. The sheer length of the unemployment my father face was unprecedented. 

If we lose our home, we have nowhere to go. We cannot afford to buy another house, we will lose most of our property, and we will likely lose all of our pets. We cannot take our eight pets with us. This will be absolutely devastating for me, my father and my mother. Please consider helping us. Any amount would help us out.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the validity of this, please do not hesitate to ask. I would not be doing this sort of thing if I didn’t think it’d be absolutely necessary. All donations will directly towards the house.
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Alexander Hernandez Aponte 
Kempner, TX