Help Nepali students get Nursing and MBA degrees

December 1st, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s Giving Tuesday, and many people are starting to plan their end-of-year gifts. Jesse is still studying in college, so Jill, Hannah and I have been researching and working on this, and are asking for your help with Pasang and Kumar. 
Note that in addition to the Gofundme donation option here, you can send checks to the Isenharts in Boulder at 1555 Oak Ave., 80304.

The yearly donations from this group have and will continue to make a huge difference in the lives of these two young and hard-working students.
Let's start with Pasang (far right in photo below):
These last two weeks have been a VERY exciting (and stressful) time for Pasang. A day after this photo was taken with her Mom and younger sister, she flew to Kathmandu and is now staying there in a hostel (her old school hostel is closed due to COVID). Today she is almost finished with a week of grueling national exams (started in Kathmandu on the 24th of November). And from texting with her yesterday, it sounds like she could be having additional med school exam/interviews in a month. Depending on how she does with all that, she still says she wants to study to be a nurse, doctor or dentist. Pasang is still very determined to make money to help support her mom and sister given her father’s untimely passing.

Pasang could study in the US or in Nepal, or in the Philippines, China, etc. Depending on her test scores, there are a mind-boggling number of options, each with its own pros/cons, but all require at least four more years of study to really get a decent career launched. Pasang was leaning towards coming over here to Colorado for nursing school a month ago, and we have been talking to admissions folks in the RN to BSN program at CU Denver, which then transitions to the CU Anschutz College of Nursing (and her courses would partly start in the ESL program to rapidly improve her English). With the Biden changeover on Jan 20th, we have renewed hope that she could get a visa.
Anyhow, the total fees for Pasang in the next four years look to be roughly $100K if she studies nursing in the US, not including food/lodging and travel. The Philippines nursing degree would be more like $80K, and Nepal would be more like $45K. A dental or MD degree in Nepal would cost $60-90K, over 5-6 years. Her future salary is directly related to how much we spend on her education. All the options are doable, but Pasang will continue to be very reliant on yearly donations.

OK on to Kumar (and his sister Sarita). Check out these old/new photos!
25879962_160680310320967_r.jpegThe adult shots of Kumar and Sarita were sent last week, combined with shots of Jesse and Hannah with them in 2012 (standing outside their family’s one room rented shack—smaller in size than a parking space in the US). Kumar and Sarita are now both college educated, and they continue to thrive. Many of you helped change their lives for the better!
25879962_1606803150127637_r.jpegSimilar to Pasang, this is also a very important time for Kumar in determining his future. He has been working in a bank, but due to his low social status (“untouchable”) and that he only has an undergraduate degree, he has been limited in his ability to make ends meet financially (he’s also now supporting his mom). This difficulty was confirmed by Narayan, who thinks a masters degree would help change that dynamic for Kumar.

Costs for Kumar’s Masters in Business Studies will be $15K-20K for his two year program, all in. We have already approved his request for business school support, so our family is “all in” on this too, but we need help with both Pasang and Kumar educational expenses.
We once again plan on running tax deductible donations through Helping Hands, which has a dedicated US account for Pasang and Kumar, with full board transparency/approval in case anything ever happens to Narayan.
Can we count on your family for a donation again this year? We're sorry to be the arm twisters, but at least you can see our group efforts paying off. So far so good! And 100% of your dollars go to supporting these young adults, with no overhead, thanks to Helping Hands. Your money couldn't be working more directly for such a cause. 
Thanks in advance, and all the best to you and your family,



Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Welcome to the 2019 site for Pasang and Kumar.

Note that many people choose to donate here, but most people avoid the fees and send checks directly, see below section in bold for address.  Like in the past, I will update the site with all actual donation info based on the checks or paypal payments to Helping Hands, see below for info.

From my email this year (no pictures on this gofundme site, just in my email):
This has been a difficult but in many ways a good year for our Nepali student friends. Pasang is doing well in school in Kathmandu, studying science, and on her way to applying for a nursing degree (we don’t know if she will do that in Nepal or another country). She and her sister Tashi and mom Jangmu have now given up all hope of finding Nawang (the father and money maker of the family who disappeared last year in Kathmandu).

Many of you have donated to help Pasang and her younger sister Tashi over the years. Donations are the only real way they can afford a good education outside the government school system, and your help makes a huge difference in their lives. Thank you! All three of them worked in a trekking lodge in Gokyo to make money over the last school break. The are still very sad about Nawang, but like him, they are strong Sherpas in so many ways.

Here is a quote from Pasang last month from WhatsApp. You can see how much your support means to her and her family, especially in these difficult times for them:

"Thank you very much.yes life has taught me many things in my life.After my father's news I became so hopeless and it made me very weak but now because of all the support from everyone here came a new hope in my life and I became stronger.i learn to be independent and learn to struggle.Not only me my family too became stronger.Thank you very much for always helping in our darkness."
Pasang sherpa

OK, AN AMAZING THING HAPPENED THIS FALL. You might remember our Nepali friends Kumar and Sarita, the brother and sister from the tiny village of Dhupu in Eastern Nepal. The mom still lives in the same one room shack where we met them, with a dirt floor in the middle of someone else’s rice field where she works almost every day. Both kids were skinny in 2012, but very smart and friendly. The are from the lowest Hindu caste in Nepal (“untouchables”), and Sarita was in a forced engagement to marry an old man so her mom could get a dowry. 

Kumar sent an email to us this summer after he and Sarita graduated with their bachelors degrees (many of you had helped in 2013 with their education when we raised $14,000 for them to go to college). Both Kumar and Sarita have now graduated from college, top of their class. We were so happy to hear Kumar’s news that he is working as a bank assistant(!), and Sarita is a mom, happily married to a young English teacher!

Here’s part of the email thread from Kumar:

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 6:22 PM kumar b.k. wrote:

i am so happy to get ur reply  and i dont have any idea how to express my have understand our pain so closely.i will be always walking on the path that you have shown to eyes became full of tears by reading that your family has raised money from many people for us.we will never let you down.
Thank you so much for your compliment but this isnt my permanent job.Though i cant be a doctor bt i am giving my best in this management field.I have also the responsibilty to look after my mother and make her happy so that i am engaged in this job though it is very less paid.but later i am planning to complete my master degree so that i could make a good living and could help not only to my family but also to many needy people of my village,remote areas and whom i will meet.

Thank You

We would very much like to start helping Kumar with his graduate studies in Kathmandu (see his email above in yellow). Narayan from Helping Hands says that with a graduate degree Kumar can get a good job (right now as an assistant banker he’s only making 1000 rupees/week ($9), barely enough for food.

So, will some of you please join us in helping Kumar with his graduate school expenses? The funds will be managed by Narayan at Helping Hands in a separate account from Pasang and Tashi. Like other years, the donation is tax deductible. Just let me know on the check or online donation if you want to support Kumar or Pasang (or both?), see below for directions and payment options.

Thank you very much for your help and I will update the gofundme site with our progress.


Jesse Isenhart (jesse dot isenhart at gmail dot com)

P.S. I would like to also thank Narayan Shrestha, who with his staff in Nepal did all the work of helping get a room for Kumar and Sarita to rent for years while they were in school, monthly money for their clothes and food and supplies, paying the college directly, meeting with them each year, etc. Narayan and his organization Helping Hands takes zero overhead charges from our donations, which really makes it possible for 100% of your money to have the direct impact on peoples lives in Nepal that it does.

P.S.S.  Kumar and Narayan and my dad are trying to figure out what his masters degree will cost, but it looks like about $20,000 for two years including all his tuition and living expenses. Pasang's nursing school costs will be similar if she stays in Nepal, and more if she studies in the Philippines (much better education, in English, and good job prospects compared to the degree from Nepal.)

Here is how to make a 2019 donation for Kumar or Pasang:

GOFUNDME.COM: please use this link to reach the gofundme page:
Please note that Gofundme takes 8%, so I would suggest the other options listed here,

CHECK: If you would rather send a check, please make it out to Helping Hands Health Education and specify that it is for Pasang Sherpa or Kumar Education Fund. Please send to me Jesse Isenhart at 1555 Oak Ave., Boulder CO 80304. I will confirm receipt and send you a tax deductible donation letter.

PAYPAL: Use the Helping Hands email from your own PayPal account: [email redacted] (take out the spaces in the email address). This is just like you would send money to a friend, but this goes to Helping Hands account. PLEASE make sure where it says "Add a Note" that you type that it is for Pasang Sherpa or Kumar Education Fund. And please email me what you donated at jesse dot isenhart  @  gmail dot com  (no spaces). I will also add your name and donation amount to the campaign list as a note here at Gofundme.

Every donation counts no matter how much you are able to contribute, and your donation is tax deductible which can help if this would be a good year for you to have a tax deduction.



The Story:

My name is Jesse, I'm 17, and in 2012, my family lived with a family in Nepal for two months.

I want to tell you about a hard working girl I met there named Pasang Yengzi Sherpa. She needs help and I think deserves it very much. She will do a lot for her community and family someday I bet.

My sister Hannah and I went to the same school as Pasang Yengzi. We saw how hard she worked and how much effort she put into school. Honestly the teachers in this government school weren't very creative and classmates were not as motivated as Pasang.

When I returned to the United States, my sister and I decided we would like to sponsor Pasang and her younger sister to attend a better school in Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal). This had always been Pasang's dream.

My sister and I gave many slide show presentations about our experiences to help raise money for Pasang and her sister. If you would like to read about our efforts, click here:

Earthquake, and about Pasang Yengzi Sherpa:
Two years ago when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, Pasang and Tashi were at school in Katmandu. Their school was destroyed along with everything around it so they returned to Khumjung to continue her schooling there and help their family rebuild their own house which was destroyed in the second earthquake just a few days after the first one.

Could you please help Pasang?
How to donate to her education fund:
I have set up a scholarship for Pasang through a U.S. non-profit called Helping Hands Health Education, which helps kids in Nepal, Nicaragua and Japan. We channeled all the school tuition money through Helping Hands before and there have been no problems. It is tax deductible.

I have set up this gofundme page for Pasang so her story and donations are visible to many people (even in other countries). Any money will go straight to Helping Hands Health Education, the registered charity. The money will stay at Helping Hands until payments are made to Pasang's university. If you want, please also write an inspiring note for Pasang as a comment or if you donate here or not.

If you would rather avoid the fees and send a check, please make it out to Helping Hands Health Education and specify that it is for Pasang Sherpa Education Fund. Please send to me Jesse Isenhart at 1555 Oak Ave Boulder CO 80304. When I get the check, I will  add your name and donation amount as an update here at gofundme. This will actually save the 8% fee taken by gofundme, so checks are better for Pasang if you want to do that.

Every donation counts no matter how much you are able to contribute, and your donation is tax deductible. ALL the money will be paid to the university by Helping Hands, who does not take any, which is very nice of them. They are based in Boulder and I am friends with the founder Narayan (my sister helped design a school with him in Nicaragua).

This is extremely important to me as I know Pasang well and have seen how determined, smart, and brave she is and can tell her future is bright. She would be the first person ever in her family to attend college.

Thanks so much,


Here are some pictures of Pasang and her family:

This is Nawang, Pasang's dad. He was a strong treking and climbing guide. Nawang got sick with bad arthritis could not walk or work in 2018. He went to two hospitals in Kathmandu who prescribed too much prednisone, and this made him more sick and psychologically unstable. He was then sent to a psychological center for a month, and on the day he was supposed to go home, he wandered out of his room and has not been seen since then (September 5th, 2018). He left his phone and money in his room.

This is Pasang's mom Jangmu in their kitchen. My dad and three other college students from Lewis and Clark lived with Jangmu's family for two months in 1981. My dad was also on an Everest expedition with Jangmu's dad (who later died on a different expedition).

The stove is the only heat in the house.

Here is Jangmu on the left in 1981. She was 4 years old. Tashi looks like her then.

There was heat in the classroom (at 12,500 feet in December)!

This is me and Nawang getting yak dung to dry and burn in their stove.

They get their water from a spring just outside the village.

Pasang in 2012. She sends her thanks to you. They just have a small phone and no internet.

Thank you!!

And just one more thing because there have been some questions about fees, so let me explain about the fees deducted from this site. GoFundMe takes 7.9% + $0.30 for their platform and payment processing fees if you donate on this site. Those fees are deducted from each donation to a certified charity campaign (which this is, with Helping Hands, so it's tax deductible. It is not a personal campaign site that gets charged less fees). The GoFundMe campaign total shows only the total amount donated (just on this site) before fees.
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