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I am Sean Walsh. One man that has dedicated my time to the pursuit of knowledge and helping other cancer patients if they so desire.

My path my seem unorthodox to many but I choose to go my own way. What was once the worst news of my life is now becoming a challenge to be destroyed. I'm WINNING and have the evidence to prove it, but need all the help I can muster as the NHS will not help me. I am spreading the word and some positivity to others in need.

My aim is to finish healing, then use my fund to invest into equipment and supplies so that I can help others at a much greater rate, no matter which direction they choose for their own health. I offer this alongside my knowledge to help others LIVE with cancer.

I have been making an impact on people's lives already without any financial power and have depended on unwavering support and donations from people that believe in me. I am now at the point were I must purchase my own equipment and build my own team to help bring some form of support for those thrown out in the cold when there are no options left for them. I highly appreciate any support and any help achieving my mission. Thank you so much to all that have supported me so far.

My rough budget is broken down below:

20-25 grand for my own self healing - this equals 2 years worth of £1000 a month wages. (24k) The rest of the 75-80k shall be invested into supplies and electro medicine equipment to help any other cancer patient who requests it. 

An example of some of the more expensive equipment I could obtain: 
BEMER mat - £6000-8000
Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber - £6000-9000 (depending on specs)

Kitchen equipment set up for a clinic - £15000 (Large juicers, oven, double sized fridge to store organic produce, etc

My story:

I'm 21 years old currently battling cancer for the second time in my life. At age 17 I was suffering from deep chest pains stemming from a large lump under my collar bone. After a trip to the doctors, I was misdiagnosed with Costochondritis (inflamed rib cartilage) then sent home. I returned a few months later as my condition saw no improvement and had only worsened overtime to be told I had stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma blood cancer. This was just one month after my 18th birthday - the news completely shell shocked me and devastated my family .

After a few weeks of hell waiting for scan results and tests, a huge needle jammed into my hipbone and surgery on my neck,  I eventually began 6 months of intensive chemotherapy. After the end of it all, I had finally went into remission. I was so grateful to be alive and leave the hospital on the final day and not have to suffer from any more of the heavy side effects or vomiting from chemo. I remember being in such a state that a wheelchair was being sent for me because they didn't think I could walk during the sickness, but I just stood up and walked straight out the hospital for what I thought was the final time. However this only lasted for just under two years. Some symptoms like tiredness and brain function took a long time to return to normal but my health eventually started to deteriorate again. My energy levels were so low, my immune system was failing, leaving me at the mercy of most colds/infections, I was having heavy drenching night sweats then began to lose 2 stone in weight very rapidly as the disease developed a bigger grip on my body. I knew it was back.

I was taken into hospital in an ambulance due to servere chest pain.
After more scans and a chest biopsy, (another huge needle put straight into my chest) I was re-diagnosed in November 2015 with a much more aggressive Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 3B advanced cancer. which has spread to my stomach in multiple areas as well as both sides of my chest and neck. The largest tumour in my chest between 3-4 inches grew back in the original place from when I first had cancer…it never went away. It was at this point I accepted that I was dying and I needed to do something about it FAST to save myself. I was told to start treatment immediately because the largest tumour would begin to push against my lungs and heart within the next 4 weeks over christmas. After already having chemotherapy in the past, I decided it wasn't for me and chose to try something new because it had made me so sick previously. The definition of madness is to try the same thing over and over then expect a different result. The doctors didn't like this one bit and would offer me no other treatment options other than chemotherapy - which is proven not to work for me. I was told without chemotherapy I would be dead within 8 months…yet here I am! So the NHS cannot help me in anyway, I must look further afield. Looking back, the surgery & chemotherapy aggravated the cancer, it only bought me time.


Since November/December 2015 I have made a remarkable improvement and recovery through a complete lifestyle change and treatment options not yet available on the NHS. Scan results in February confirmed that what I'm doing is working!!!
To maximise my chances of survival, I have completely changed my lifestyle and diet which involves drinking lots of fresh Organic juice/smoothies, raw food filled with live enzymes and expensive supplements that have proven to work. All toxins have been removed from my life.
The problem is, all the costs of my medicines and the intensive regime are very expensive, including the additional costs for private scans, checkups, blood tests and transport. - the NHS will not help! The worse part is, the money needed is nowhere near as expensive as the costs of chemotherapy that they would happily pay to use yet refusing any alternative.
My latest scan results show an overall reduction in tumour activity and some decrease in size but I am not quite finished yet with being an advanced patient. I currently await the latest scan results.

Those closest to me want nothing more than for me to be cancer free once again so that I can live a normal life. The treatments I receive are NOT available on the NHS so I must rely on myself and other peoples generosity to survive.
Over £8000 has been raised offline and on just giving so far. However these funds have been used over the past year to save my life which I am extremely grateful for. I have used the last of my funds up so I have now decided to switch to go fund me as I saw other people having greater success on their website compared to just giving. I don't ever expect to reach the 100k number but its worth a shot - others on go fund me have done so, so I can! Anything that will keep me sustained and to help others in the same situation. I have already begun to help some people who also have cancer but thats quite hard to do if you still need to fix yourself first. I also don't expect anyone from Liverpool to donate - my home city have helped me so much already! Thanks so much to each single person who kindly helped raise those funds.
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