McKinnon Emergency Family Needs

For those of you who know one of my dearest friends Vanessa McKinnon, you know how much of a shining light she is in your lives.
Vanessa and her husband Kasey live with their 5 children on the island of Maui. On June 5th, on Vanessa’s birthday her and her husband Kasey found out that they did not have a heart beat in their 26 week old son within her womb. It was not a happy birthday and will always be remembered each year as such. The little guy had passed on from reasons we may never know.
After the D&C operation to remove the fetus from her body, within the hour Vanessa entered into the fatal stages of what is called Amniotic Fluid Embolism. This causes the body in its first stages to go into cardiac arrest, rapid respiratory failure, and also will not let the body clot when bleeding, it also can not be prevented.
Vanessa was in a life saving operation for 6 hours which needed 18 units of blood. During this time Vanessa Flat lined and her heart had stopped for over 7 minutes,  She was revived by defibrillator and than administration of CPR  and suffered cracked ribs on both sides of her rib cage. An emergency hysterectomy had to be performed in the beginning of this ordeal. After her husband called a prayer circle together of asking people reaching out for Godly help for her life to be spared, after 5 hours of bleeding out flatlining and losing her uterus, the bleeding somehow unexplainably stopped. It was nothing short of Divine Intervention. The staff of 15 people that worked on Vanessa have expressed that they really felt that she would not live through what she went through.
Survival rates for what Vanessa went through is less than 10%, and those that do survive usually suffer serious brain damaging consequences. Vanessa is on recovery and still alive by the mercy and faith of God’s power in our lives. She has been in ICU for three days now in an induced coma and has now had to take on dialysis because of slight kidney failure.
It is a dire and sad time for the McKinnon family. We are asking for help on behalf of Kasey and Vanessa and their five children. Vanessa’s mother with all the money she had booked a flight from Lima Peru only to make it to LA. Her sister also has made effort of borrowing and scrimping together enough to come be with her mother and Vanessa during this time. We are raising this money for the aid of medical expenses, money for flights for Vanessa's mother and sister, time lost working for Vanessa’s mother and her sister.  Kasey has not been able to work and will probably not be able to be back to work for some months so he can give all his love, attention and energy and be by by his wifes side to  nurture her back to health and full strength. 
The recovery of this ordeal will stretch into months as Vanessa finds her way back into a rhythm again. We still don’t know what the long term effects will be, but it is going to take a toll on their lives for some time.  Please donate what you feel in your heart for this beautiful person that I am honored to call my friend.  This will help her husband and their family immensley during this crucial time. Even a little can go a long way. May good tidings be with you and bless you.  Please share this campaign and do what you can to get the word out for the helping hand for this family during this exceedling time in their lives.  I know they will thank you deeply for your gift, thoughts and prayers.
If you know the Mckinnon family and would like to reach out to them personally, please do so, thank you again!

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