Help these Cambodian Orphan Girls!

A few months ago, I traveled to Cambodia and met a man named Sam in Siem Reap.
Sam told me about 3 young orphan girls he found over 5 years ago. (Now ages 12, 9, 7) Their mother was killed and their father left them and they were living in the streets alone. Sam took it upon himself to help them as much as he could. Someone who sold his own wedding ring to afford to pay for food for his own family, brings these girls food every week and makes sure they go to school. He even built a tiny house for them, with his own extra money. He works hard all day and gives only a little extra of what he can so these girls can survive.
I asked him if we could go shopping at the market and buy them food and supplies, and if he could take me to them so I could meet them. So, we went to the local market and I bought approximately $25 worth of fruit, vegetables, soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, water, candy and other random things. (It actually bought quite a bit)
Afterwards he took me to visit them, so we could give them food and water.
We arrived at their "house" where they were shy and happy at the same time to meet me. I will never forget the 30 minutes or so that I spent with them. They were so thankful for the gifts we brought and as I hugged them and high fived them all as we drove way, I couldn't help but feel that there was more that I could have done for them. Knowing that they are alone, without a mother or guardian breaks my heart. I wept myself all the way back to my hotel and still have tears in my eyes as I write this post today and every time I share this story with friends and family.
When I left Sam, I gave him an extra $200 so he could buy the girls a second bicycle and most importantly a water filtration system. Now, they can drink and bath in CLEAN water, something we take for granted here in America everyday.

A few months have passed since my visit, and I am at home now in Montreal. Settled back in my "normal" life, taking hot showers, eating delicious and fresh food, and still buying my favorite drink at Starbucks. I can't help but think of these girls often, knowing they need so much more help.
So, I decided to set up this go-fund me account to help raise money for these 3 orphaned girls.

Here is a little more about the girls and their story:

The 3 sisters live in Kna village, Siem Reap district , Siem Reap city of Cambodia.
- The first gild her name is Srey Huch and she is 12 years old. She is in grade 3.
- Second girl her name is Srey Heng and she is 9 years old. She is in grade 2.
- Third girl her name is Srey Kne and she is 7 years old. She is in grade 1.
They currently attend a Cambodian language school and are all learning level one English. (They were very happy to sing me the A-B-C's when I visited!)

Around 5 years ago, Samoeurn (Sam) a local tuk tuk driver, spotted the girls on a nearby main road outside of Siem Reap city. They were fishing in a pond and were not wearing any clothes. Sam was worried about them and stopped to talk to them. Sadly, they told him that they didn't have a home or any food to eat, so he graciously got them some food and decided that he needed to help them more.
Sam took it apon himself to talk to the leader in their village to get permission to build them a small home. They agreed to give a small part of the land on the street to build a house for them. Through donations and most of his own money, Sam built them a small house on his own. He continued to visit the girls as often as he could, bringing them food and water weekly and making sure they all attend school.
Now, 5 years later, Sam continues to visit them as often as possible. He takes time from his own family, and money from his own pocket to help them however he can and there is still so much more they need.

Your donation will go directly to Sam, and he will make sure the girls get exactly what they need.
This Quick visit in Cambodia changed my life, now let's change theirs!

Thank you. :)

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