Helping Sassy to Cancer Freedom

The road life takes you on can often be exciting, scary, full of mountains, valleys and unfortunately, Pot Holes! 

Sassy and Buddy Ross hit a pot hole November 2, 2016, when Sassy was shockingly diagnosed with inoperable Stage 4 non-small-cell lung cancer, not related to smoking.  Her right lung had a tumor that covered 3/4 of her lung, her left lung was full of tumors, looking like a constellation of stars, and cancer was in a few lymph nodes.  Sassy, 53, was almost "annoyingly" healthy and  very active,  so this was devastating news to her friends and family!!

But, instead of feeling sorry for herself, Sassy, with much research and prayer, found a great oncologist at the START Center that said the cancer was treatable with oral medication with few side effects.  This was great news and the treatment plan began.

On November 12, 2016, the oral treatment of the drug, Tarceva, and a program of organic eating, no sugars, and intense antioxidant juicing began.  
--After 30 days of treatment, a CT scan showed the large tumor shrunk in half and the other tumors were getting smaller as well.--
              It was the best Christmas present ever!!!

Then came a bend in the road.  In February, another CT scan was done and the results were not favorable. 
--The large tumor had shrunk very little and Sassy had multiple new masses.  Basically, the Tarceva had run its course. -- 
Sassy’s oncologist was very proactive and had saved her the LAST SPOT on a trial study.  After numerous tests, she qualified for the clinical trial of Immune therapy (Keytruda) and a drug called Entinostat. 

We were hopeful this treatment would be the answer to her prayers of being “cancer free,” but we hit another valley on May 29.  
--Sassy's CT scan revealed the cancer had mutated and was back with a vengeance.   The large tumor was almost back to the original size, there was fluid in her left lung, and there were multiple “new” tumors--"too numerous to count."  --
    The Blessing and Praise throughout all of this is that the cancer has stayed contained in her lungs!

Sassy, ever the strong soldier, took only one day to be "down" and then came up ready to "FIGHT" this battle.  Through extensive research and recommendations of people that have been cured of cancer, she found the Hanau Health Clinic in West Lafayette, Indiana. This offered HOPE!

Once again, covering all in prayer, Sassy decided to take the journey to The Hanau Health Clinic because she wants to be “CANCER FREE!”  We believe her positive attitude, healthy food choices, and faith have gotten her to this point.  Only God knows how long she will be with us, but she is a FIGHTER with too many years of life in her to give up.  So, a dear friend from Houston drove Buddy and Sassy 17 hours to Indiana on what we call, "The Highway to Health"!  

The Hanau Clinic began her treatment on Thursday, June 8. The plan is to "clean" her body first with a silver IV drip and other procedures for 3 days.  After that they will give her an IV of ElimENOX2 Capsol-T protein formula for 10 days 24/7!  The formula protein targets and kills only the cancer cells.  Hopefully, this will answer her prayers of being “CANCER FREE!”. 
Unfortunately, this "Highway to Health" comes at a cost that is not covered by insurance- the entire treatment for this trial is over $130,000!  This amount does not include the out-of-pocket expenses already incurred for the previous treatment options.  But Sassy’s life and health are PRICELESS!! Buddy and Sassy are self-employed and self-insured so as you can image all of this is very, very overwhelming and has taken a toll on their finances.  

As friends and fellow soldiers with them, many of us know what it is like to be stretched financially beyond our means.  We would like to show our support to Buddy and Sassy that they are not alone in this battle!! 

Please join us and contribute whatever you feel led to give as we journey along side Sassy and Buddy in the fight of their lives to being “CANCER FREE!” 
--Most importantly, please PRAY for a miracle and that this procedure will indeed CURE Sassy.

Staying Strong!!!
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