Helping this loving little boy move forward.

This is Lachlan.
Lachlan is a loving 10 year old boy with a beautiful soul. But unfortunately everyday life for him isn't always great. 
First of all Lachlan is Autistic, which most of us know is not fun, not only for him but also on those around him.
Lachlan will need treatment and support for the rest of his life.


1. (Autism spectrum disorder) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioural challenges.

2. Apraxia of speech and language disorder.

3.severe to profound expressive language disorder.

4.Speech sound disorder.

5. Low adaptive functional skills.

6. Obstructive sleep apnoea.

7.learning difficulty.

8. Changes on the frontal lobe of the brain.

9. Anxiety.

10. Delayed visual-motor integration

11. Sensory processing difficulties.

Lachlan likes spending most of his time on his own playing Lego doing his own thing so he doesn't have to explain himself to Anyone.

Alot of people ask me what's childhood apraxia I have never heard of it.
Apraxia is a uncommon speech disorder in which a child has difficulty making accurate Movements when speaking the brain struggles to develop plans for speech movement.

There is no guarantee outcome for a child with apraxia of speech how ever many children learn to talk quite well and entirely verbal and intelligible if given early appropriate intensive therapy.

There is emerging research that supports 3-5 individual speech sessions
Per week for a child with apraxia.
Cost of each session $190.

(Lachlan deserve a voice)

 Also stated Lachlan is in need for frequent  Occupational pathology and behaviour pathology each week.

 Lachlan also has changes (spots) on the frontal lobe of his brain that have now been identified as several UBO meaning Unidentified Bright Objects.
Lachlan will need new brain scans every couple of months to keep an eye out for any changes for the rest of his life. 

Lachlan also suffers from bad anxiety, and has several panic attacks a day due to all of the above. 
The medication Lachlan takes is also $120 a fortnight and is not covered by Medicare.

He can't handle loud noises, germs or change of routine. Also being around people for too long in one day is difficult for him.

Let alone all this being so hard on this little boy Lachlan, its also heart breaking, non stop and hard work for me mentally because the only thing I can do is try my best to move forward and it's not easy.

It can also be  hard on his other 4 siblings trying to understand Lachlans needs also how much they miss out on because of the cost of helping Lachlan get better. 

The different doctors appointments,  Speech Therapists, behaviour therapists and occupational therapists that Lachlan needs each week, has put a huge strain on our lives, as it would anyone's life.

 However due to financial hardship we have had to reduce  attending speech therapy every week  now to once a fortnight and completely stop occupational and behaviour therapy.

 Lachlan is required and should be attending weekly sessions of each therapy  for best outcome for him.

it's starting to make me feel terrible I can't afford to get him all the Therapies his needing.
As I do have 4 other children to support and raise.

I will also add Lachlans anxiety is that bad his Afraid of night time Afraid of going to sleep because he’s mine set is at Im going to die if I sleep I’m wasting my life if I sleep this is also why Lachlan needs his Therapies to get out of that mind set.

As stated on one of the letters I have provided from Lachlan's pediatrician
Lachlan has been approved for NDIS funding however, it appeared to be inadequate for all the Therapies that his required and recommened by the Therapiest.

In order to reach Lachlan's potential it is important for him to have ongoing frequent and intensive therapy
 including speech pathology, occupational pathology and behavioral pathology.

But now is olny able to do speech therapy once a fortnight due to cost and funding.

The last thing we dont need to happen, all the hard work effort and time  Lachlan has already been doing over the last couple of years
Trying to move forward and trying so very hard to fit in.
 It would be heartbreaking to see him to start going backwards because of the costs.

 So I do ask if you are able to help my very beautiful, loving, special Lachlan move forward in life, help him understand the world a little better and help put a smile on his face it would mean the world to us all as a family. 

So please any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who can help. I have also attached recent reports of Lachlans multiple disorders.

All Lachlans wants is for people to understand him and not to be treated bad by others because he's different.
I have attached the Recommendations from therapist for all Lachlan needs.



Danielle Churchill
Fernhill NSW

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