Helping Employees of NYSE Listed Corporations

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DEVONSHIRE HOUSE is organizing this fundraiser to benefit employees of Listed Employers on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  The benefits greatly increase for both the Employer and "Employees"  once the Employer converts to The New Business Model.  These benefits are listed below:


If you are an Employee of an employer listed on The New York Stock Exchange, you can make a donation from $500 to $4,000 and be qualified to receive:

                                                     1)  a new car valued at $19,990.00 (or less)(or pay monthly payments if greater)
                                                     2)  without a credit-check 
                                                     3)  1-year of automobile insurance
                                                     4)  prepaid taxes
                                                     5)  prepaid license
                                                     6)  prepaid title transfer document
                                                     7)  ignition keys to the vehicle
                                                     8)  the vehicle
                                                     9)  a check for $1,656.00 (or more)

                      then,  drive-off owing NO PAYMENTS with the manufacturer's warranty in your pocket!


Are you ready!  To start, make a donation from $500 to $4,000 and send a comment including your name, address, phone number, email address and the Number on your Drivers' License (not SSN), and the first 3,500 donors will be selected from the highest donation to the lowest to receive a free vehicle valued at $19,990.00.  As donations approach $3,600,000.00 funds will be invested by a day-trader to multiply the funds to approach $77 million dollars on an earlier date than contributions are received.  Once $77 million is achieved, it will be placed into an account where car dealerships can access $22,000.00 as a down-payment (for you to purchase a vehicle) and pay the tax, license, title transfer and give you the change, if any, in a check, the keys, and the vehicle for you to drive-off.  We will update the GoFundMe page so you will know when we contact Contributors to get their cars and which dealerships are participating.

In short, you are investing in your future to obtain a car for free, and get paid some cashback!

This process is done all of the time, especially people with a lot of money who re-invest their funds and get richer.  This program is designed to help employees, initially.  Once you own the vehicle, you could sell it for profit.  Why?  It is your vehicle and you get to decide to drive it, lease it, rent it or sell it!   You can go to a bank, ask the manager to buy your vehicle and handover the Pink Slip once you have a buyer.  The buyer would get a loan from the bank, and you would get paid a lump sum for the vehicle, $19,990.00!!! Why would a banker do this?  Because, they collect interest on the loan from your Buyer, and they report this profit to its shareholders (which may get the bank manager a bonus!) Then, you could join our program again, by making another donation and leaving your contact information, again!

As this program grows in popularity, we will create additional programs for 1,599 products!  Our second product is residential properties!  We will focus on homes valued at $3 million and through our investment methods, we will get employees into homes, at $0.00, and the deed will have your name on it.

If you have questions, contact us by Email before or after your donation.  We want your thoughts.

Feel free to share this information with your co-workers and employees who are employed by companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  The more people who make donations, the more people get cars or vehicles on an earlier date.  Because all donations are tax-deductible, your current employer could make donations and receive tax-incentives while helping its employees get free vehicles on an earlier date. 

Plus, if your employer decides to convert to The New Business Model, here's a list of benefits for the EMPLOYER:

                 A.  Employer's profits will increase (by the amount
                        of Total Wages form and dramatically double,
                        triple each successive month.

                 B.  Employer's share prices will rise.

                 C.  Employer's volume of shares sold will increase daily,

                 D.  With all of the savings, called PROFITS, your
                        employer can pay Dividends to its shareholders,
                        as well as, lower its retail prices becoming more
                        competitive and gain greater market-share.

                 E.   Closure of both Human Resources and Payroll
                        Departments (eliminating costs and time)  No
                        quarterly reports and tax-withholdings to prepare
                        and send to the Internal Revenue Service.

                  F.    No Overtime costs, No wages to pay, No court
                          cost for labor disputes, No reserve "war chest"
                          because you have no employees or labor laws to

PLUS, your benefits as an "EMPLOYEE" (legal title changes to "WORKER")

                 (a) Former Hourly Wages are increased by 300%
                        (Example:  If you earn $15.00 hourly, now it's
                        $45.00 per hour

                 (b)  and because your check no longer has IRS tax
                         deductions, your net take-home increases to 450%

                 (c)  you train 3 more people to perform your exact job
                         duties, and then you each work only 6-hours daily
                         which keeps the former Employer open and
                         productive 24/7, without overtime, giving you
                         more time with your family and hobbies.

                 (d)  Employees will form their own, California Workers
                         Corporation Cooperative, to which each Former
                         Employee  becomes a member, voting rights, owner
                         and the Cooperative pays no Income Tax to the IRS. 
                         Additionally, because each member receives a fair
                         share of monthly income from a Special Tax Exempt
                         Corporation, none of the members pay income tax
                         to the Internal Revenue Service.

                 (e)  Former Human Resources employees will have more
                         cash to obtain better Health Care Benefits and
                         Retirement funds for all the members.


Below is the reason this campaign is NOT a game of chance for the
first 3,500 contributors.

Let's say 3,000 people donate $500.00 each, this results in a total
fundraising of $1,500,000.00.

This means $1,500,000 can be invested in shares valued at $300
each, resulting in 5,000 shares.

Let's say, on the day of investment we watch share price from
$300 to $500, that's an increase of $200 per share.

Since we have 5,000 shares, each rising by $200 the total capital
gain is 5,000 X $200 = $1,000,000.

Now we have the sum of total donations PLUS the capital gains,
totaling $1,500,000 + $1,000,000 = $2,500,000.

Now we have $2,500,000 to re-invest to come closer to our goal
of $77,000,000 which is easier to do each time we reinvest the
original donations and the accumulated capital gains, because
each re-investment purchases more shares that can multiply in
capital gains results.

At $77,000,000 we can have 3,500 down-payments in the amount
of $22,000 for each contributor.  Donations that exceed $500 
help us reach our $77,000,000 goal on an earlier date.

Extra or surplus capital gains are used to re-invest to help those
contributors beyond the initial 3,500 contributors, get a vehicle,
too.  Therefore, this offer is NOT a game of chance.  Rather, this 
campaign offers employees of employers listed on the New York
Stock Exchange, a vehicle valued at $19,990.00 that they may
keep and drive, sell to anyone for profit, rent, lease or even give
to a family member, friend, associate, tax-exempt organization
or a stranger!  Perhaps you know a person who would become
employed, if they had transportation to the job site.  When the
car is issued, it comes without payments for a note, and the
$1,656.00 check could purchase their fuel and parking fees. 

Together, we can help people who need help taking
care of themselves, family members, friends, charities and
people who obviously need help.

Should you require additional details, feel free to request
More Information using the CONTACT Button.  Thank you!
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