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Help naya and baraa to evacuate from Gaza

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Hello, my name is Sharif Ahmed from Gaza, an engineer, husband and father of two children. After exhausting all imaginable options.

I reach out to you with a heavy heart filled with sadness, urgency, and despair, pleading for immediate assistance. In the Gaza region, we are enduring relentless bombings, warfare, and pervasive fear, amidst conditions of unimaginable hardship. Our reality is defined by acute water shortages, rampant pollution, scarcity of food, and a dire lack of necessities.

This is a conflict that a person cannot experience even for a single day. There is no safety in Gaza, and the situation here is complicated, and our survival is nothing less than a miracle. We are waiting for our turn to die and miraculously survive every time. May God protect us. Our safety is uncertain and danger is approaching us.

My heart breaks when I see my children suffering from constant fear and terror as a result of the ongoing war, bombing, and genocide.

On the other hand, the psychological pressures and negative thoughts that my wife and I have day and night are that we do not want to die and be buried without anyone knowing anything about us.It is difficult and unbearable, and I do not want to lose anyone from my family.

The situation here is tragic and there is nowhere else to run to because there is no longer any place in Gaza.

I woke up on the morning of October 7th to the sound of loud explosions. Being that my house is located in a border area, the sounds were extremely terrifying. As the houses in the street shook, the screams of the neighbors and the whistling of rockets in the air escalated. I woke up to this horrifying scene, but while I felt anxious and scared, I realized that I needed to remain calm. I left my room and headed to Bara'a and Naya's room, where I found them sitting on the bed, their faces expressing fear.

As I spoke to them, their mother tried to calm them down with reassuring words. "We will all be okay," she said firmly, "we are here together, and we will protect each other." I began to guide them on what they should do, and they bravely followed the instructions.

Afterwards, we managed to reach a place that we considered safe, but over time, the sounds of explosions increased, and I realized that we needed to leave the house. We gathered what little clothes we could and headed to the house of relatives. Due to the large number of displaced people from other relatives who rushed from their homes, my relatives allocated a small room for us. After 4 days, I received news of the destruction of my engineering office, which had always been a source of livelihood and a mine of my engineering innovations. I then went to the office or what remained of it, only to find it turned into a pile of ashes after I managed to reach it with difficulty, as it was on the fourth floor and the building's staircase was damaged due to the bombing.

After months of displacement and the lack of basic services, we resorted to collecting water in a primitive manner using cooking pots and plastic bottles. And if we needed to charge our phones, we would head to one of the charging points, usually consisting of a solar panel and a locally-made charging device, on a table filled with devices waiting for their owners to recharge them so they could check on their loved ones and browse the latest news.

And let's not forget in our daily routine the queues for drinking water, which are not always 100% pure due to the shortage of desalination capabilities. Our struggles don't end with water queues but also extend to providing basic necessities such as food and drink, which are usually expensive, especially with the interruption of my only source of livelihood.

Everything has ended as a result of this conflict and we are in a state of despair and trapped in a life-threatening environment.

My child, Baraa, who is 7 years old, graduated from the first educational stage and was unable to move to the second educational stage due to the war and difficult circumstances. This war greatly affected my child’s life and education, and he currently suffers from a lack of educational opportunities and exposure to danger and mental issues. These are pictures of Baraa’s graduation from the stage. First educational.

My child, Naya, is 3 years old. The war deprived her of her childhood to play and live her life in safety. Naya, the innocent child, has dreams and a childhood like the rest of the children in the world who enjoy a normal life away from the sounds of bombing, destruction, and the pollutants of war.

Baraa and Naya are in need of your compassion and humanitarian support. Save Baraa and Naya from the danger surrounding them. Their lives are important to their childhood and their innocence. Your support for them is appreciated by humanity and the support of childhood.

We have lost hope, but with your help, we can come to light, survive, build a new life, and find a place of peace and security.

I've created a Go fund me campaign in the hope that generous people like you will come together to support us.

I want to leave Gaza City via the Rafah land crossing, and this matter requires paying a large sum of money, knowing that the cost per person ranges between 5,000 and 8,000 dollars. It is difficult for me to provide the required amount, and I have absolutely nothing left: no home, no source of livelihood, and no life.

All of this money will be used to pay coordination fees to cross the Rafah land crossing and start a new life Give us a passage from darkness to light and from despair to hope. Your support is a victory for humanity, and hand in hand, God willing, we will be able to evacuate from the area of conflict and war.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion and generosity during this difficult time
With our sincere appreciation,

Baraa and Naya


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