Help the Evergreen Market IGA employees

Hello IGA Family,

As most of you know, the west coast of the United States is currently facing an unprecedented fire season. Numerous communities have been affected by the fires, including one of our own: Greenville, California. The Dixie Fire ravaged Greenville, population 1,000, on August 4. The blaze left a trail of destruction, burning everything from historic buildings built in the 1800s when the town was a prominent community in the California gold rush to small businesses and residential homes.

Fortunately, Evergreen Market IGA was one of the few buildings left standing in all of Greenville. Nearly all 20 store employees, however, lost everything in the fire and are currently displaced, as they are not allowed back into city limits. IGA Corporate employees have setup and donated to this GoFundMe account so that we can help the employees of Evergreen Market IGA get back on their feet and begin the process of rebuilding their lives and their community. We hope you'll join us in supporting these IGA family members  very much in need.

Any amount raised will go directly to the IGA store owner, Amandeep Patel, who will directly distribute the funds to each employee.

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