Help support a 9 yr old child who lost his family

On the 18th of June, the world lost three beautiful and carefree individuals - Jitu Galani, his wife Nitu and their younger son Advik.
The family of four (including the older son Aarush) were vacationing in W Virginia with family friends for a few days. They decided to camp out for one night at a park in Carter County, Kentucky before driving back home to Ohio on Sunday. Unfortunately, in a split second of pure bad luck while reversing the car, it overshot its intended distance and the car plunged over a culvert and submerged into a creek. Aarush was able to free himself but the other three members were not lucky enough. 
Jitu was an adoring father, husband, son, brother, friend and an individual with the best sense of humor. Nitu was a beautiful person, a devoted mother and our little Advik was always the most cheerful baby. 

I am Jitu's cousin and reside in Seattle. His immediate brother (who lives in Texas) is a very strong individual, but right now he is mounted under grief and responsibilities. 

We ask for your prayers and blessings to help the departed souls pass over smoothly to the other side. While their physical presence will be immensely missed by all those who loved them, they will continue to live on through their 9 year old son, Aarush.

Aarush has an overwhelming amount of healing ahead of him. While he will always be surrounded and supported by all of us (his family), your donations will help us build him a life that he deserves and desires. It will help provide him with the support to cope with this immeasurable loss and let grief walk beside him as his strength rather than his weakness.

Aarush's survival is a miracle, it was destined and we know he is put on this earth to do wonderful things.