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Help Sophie Live a Healthier Future

Kid, you will move Mountains

Dr Suess

Six years ago, Sophie was an ordinary young girl living an ordinary young life, enjoying school, friends, and all her little world had to offer. One day, as she was balancing on a low to the ground circus tightrope, Sophie fell.   Her arm began to swell.  Fortunately for Sophie, she was with her aunt who happened to be a former nurse.  Her aunt was concerned about Sophie’s arm and took her to the hospital.  Sophie and her family thought that it was just a badly broken bone.  Unfortunately, it turned into a six-year nightmare.  Upon examination, Sophie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – bone cancer. 

The few years following were tough as Sophie underwent treatment, chemotherapy, surgeries to replace the bone with titanium, hair loss and all the typical things we see from cancer treatment.

Her parents and family supported this journey without complaint and assistance. However, the real damage done was not visible. The anxiety that haunts for a lifetime, the loss of trust, fear of the unknown and side effects that just linger.  But our forced hero, young Sophie, battled hard and overcame these obstacles.  She kicked cancer in the butt, grew stronger and returned to ‘normal’ life.

She went back to school and dedicated herself to excellence.  She became a dedicated student. Catching up on lost years, she created great friendships with loyal friends and allowed her heart and passion for family to shine through.  Sophie forged her style. She did not want to be labelled as the girl who had cancer.   Life slowly returned to her new routine.

However, towards the end of 2016 and 2017,  Sophie experienced a little hiccup in her journey of recovery. Some small cancerous spots were found on her body.  Sophie had to undergo surgery and some isolated radiation treatment.  During this time, Sophie never missed a day of school (she went each afternoon for treatment and was back at school the next day). She never cried poor me, she never asked for special treatment and she never missed an assignment due date!  Sophie even competed in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition in 2018, making it through to the second stage of the competition all while enduring ill health.

This kid is a mountain mover; this kid is a boundary pusher, this kid is an inspiration, this kid is IMPORTANT to us. 

We were concerned that this hit would plunge our little Sophie backwards and cause her to spiral down.  We were wrong.  Our little Sophie grew emotionally stronger.  We watched our once shy, anxious little Sophie begin to blossom into a strong woman and warrior as she climbed her mountain.

We wish this is where we end this story but sadly Sophie’s journey continues.  Her mountain is taller than expected.  That can sometimes happen when climbing it can be deceptive.

Over the June/July school holidays of 2018, Sophie was finding it difficult to breathe.  She was admitted to the hospital and was treated.  A significant amount of fluid had gathered around her lung making it difficult for her to breathe.  The fluid was drained and scans revealed another tumour had formed on her lung.  Sophie once again began radiation treatment.  This time she was unable to attend school as the treatment times and intensity were heavy. 

Sophie has finished her radiation treatment at the hospital and the Doctors have given her parents’ permission to seek further treatment elsewhere to help Sophie live a healthier future.  Sophie’s parents have searched for people to help them help their daughter and have found a private oncologist on the Gold Coast that offers an alternative treatment. 

While being treated at the Lady Cilento, Sophie’s treatment costs are covered by Medicare.  But alternative treatments are not covered by Medicare and are often expensive. 

If we could make time stop, we would, but it doesn’t. Household bills roll in and medical costs accumulate.  Sophie’s parents want to make sure that Sophie’s is supported to give her the best chance at recovery. To support Sophie, medically and emotionally, Sophie’s dad has taken leave from work so he can take Sophie for treatment and the numerous appointments needed to support Sophie.  Transport is also an issue for Sophie’s family as they only have one car.  Sophie’s mum uses it to travel to and from work, the families only income.  This leaves Sophie and her Dad facing taxi costs or relying on the generosity of friends to travel around during the week.

We, Sophie’s teachers and classmates, want to support this beautiful family in every way we can.  We want to take some of the financial stress away from a family that needs to focus on healing their daughter. Cancer has loomed over this family for too many years now.  It is time to kick it to the curb once and for all.  This round has brought a huge emotional and physical toll on every member of the family, friends and school support system.    Please join us in helping Sophie and her family seek the miracle they deserve.

Sophie refuses to say the word cancer.  She refuses to give this word power over her life.  We refuse to allow this word to have control over her life.  Please hold a positive thought for Sophie and her family, offer a prayer, or give what you can to support Sophie’s family on this journey.  Whether it is $5 or 500 dollars every little bit helps and is appreciated so very dearly.

The money will help fund the costs associated with treatment and medication.

You don’t know how this disease is going to affect you until it is you facing it.

Sophie is fire; she is sass, she is funny, she is kind, she is strong, she is beautiful, she is our student, our friend, our daughter, she is loved – she is our everything, she is one of us.

Please support Sophie in her fight for treatment.
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