Help Save Akame from FIP

Akame is a 10 month-old kitten who has contracted Feline Infectious Peritonitis, also known as FIP. With treatment unavailable easily within the United States, it is costly and dangerous to administer. However, the other alternative is euthanasia or letting her die over time- and we want to try everything we can to make our kitten thrive, and more importantly, survive. But to do so, we need help.


FIP is a viral infection that comes from a feline coronavirus, also known as FCoV. Most cats, in their lifetimes, will come in contact with a FCoV, and will only be inflicted with mild diarrhea. But in rare cases, the FCoV will mutate in a far more dangerous- and nearly always lethal- infection. Affecting nearly 1-2% of the world's cat population, FIP is a mutation of which infects and attacks the white blood cells within a cat's bloodstream. The immune system has an acute inflammatory reaction, causing fluid to fill the abdomen and chest. The stomach will visually swell, and symptoms become worse with time. The cat will begin to become lethargic, and will eventually stop eating. There is no FDA approved treatment for cats in the United States- the only option is euthanasia.

But, through doing research, we had discovered an alternative- a black market drug called GS-441524. The drug has a 95% success rate.
For more information on this, please visit these sites:

We have elected to use CureFIP, a GS-441524 provider chosen because of their transparency and several testimonials. They also generously match donations using their CureFIP DONATE program.


Akame, originally named Itty Bitty, is a 10 month old kitten that we had fallen in love with the first moment we laid eyes upon her laying in her own litterbox. We were searching for two loving cats to help ease the pain of two recent losses, including a 15 year-old childhood cat and a close family member who had taken his life far too early. But regardless of circumstance, with her high-pitched mews, flailing of her paws, funny demeanor and small size, who couldn't resist her?

Over the next month and a half, she became a daily part of our lives, giving us love and kindness when we needed it most. With her inherent love of being petted, giving what we have deemed "neck-scritches", and being perched on high places, Akame quickly became a loved member of our family- quirks and mess-making included. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on our laps and watch anime, which was a fitting past time, accounting her namesake. She also strangely enjoys car rides, watching the world go by with her nose moving at a million miles per hour.

Not only did she touch our hearts, but she managed to make Watson, our 2 year-old cat that we had adopted at the same time, fall in love with her. He's a little too rough on her when they play sometimes, but he loves her and grooms her. His favorite thing to do is bat around a toy with her, and to take warm naps in the sun together.

After the month and a half had passed, we noticed that he'd stomach began to grow. At first, we thought that she may have not been spayed like we were promised she was, and that she'd gotten pregnant. She became less mischievous, and no longer was as vocal as she was when she first came to live with us. Concerned, we brought her to a veterinary urgent care- and the worst news possible came to us. Our kitten has a terminal illness, and has, at best, a few weeks to survive without treatment.

We're bound and determined to cure her, so that we can have our baby for many, many more years to come.


GS-441524 is, unfortunately, expensive and hard to receive all on its own. Here is a breakdown of the costs we are anticipating:

GS-441524: $1,800-$2000
Follow-up veterinary visits (including drainage of her stomach): $800
Scale: $60

The remaining 140 will be used in case of unexpected costs and complications that may arise.


Our family thanks you for any help you give us, whether it be sharing, telling your friends, or even donating a dollar. Akame is so very important to us, and at the end of the day, we just want her to be okay.

Organizer and beneficiary

Lumi Nelms
Oklahoma City, OK
Andrew Nelms

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