Help Open a Queer BIPOC Co-op in Upstate, NY

“Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of all freedom, justice, and equality.” -- Malcolm X

We resist housing insecurity and gentrification pushing our most marginalized communities to the breaking point. We fight, amidst a pandemic creating mass loss of life, unemployment, and possibilities. We organize and come together in community time and time again to fight back against increasing state violence against black and brown communities.

WE are called to build and return to the land. Creating a space of solace for all oppressed peoples, recognizing all struggles as our own.

Imaginary Futures is a collective consisting of Black and Brown queer artists and organizers from all over the world, based in NYC. Diverse in our understanding of (and relationships to) the world, we seek to actively collaborate--spiritually, physically, technically--to create the world(s) we see in our heads. We aim to build a shared equity cooperative in Upstate New York, providing affordable stable permanent housing. Our space will be one that serves and centers trans, non-binary, intersex, queer folx, women, immigrants, people of color, and all oppressed peoples. We will be incubating the dreams of our communities to create art, music, and related events; healing retreats, businesses and ultimately legacy to which we have been historically denied. .

Your investment will help us acquire a home and land in Upstate New York (updated 9/20)
$60k acquisition of house/land  

Any funds raised over our goal will be used for the development of the land, repair/rehabilitation of the home, purchase of community vehicle, and establishment of additional dwellings on the land. 

We believe in radical dependency, cooperative economics, democratic organizing, adequate affordable housing, truth and transparency, and our responsibility to be stewards of the earth and communities in kind.

We believe land is a tool of liberation, and we plan on turning what we touch into a space for all oppressed people to think and thrive. From asylum-seekers, our houseless trans siblings, underfunded and unsafe artists, at-risk mothers; Imaginary Futures imagines us all into a place of prosperity instead of survival.

We stand in the legacy of our ancestors, those who’ve come before us and fought for our right to be recognized, respected, and uplifted by each other. We know our freedom doesn’t come at the hands of the oppressor but from our own hands. We aim to redefine generational wealth by placing value on people over assets and affirming our collective humanity, as without it attempts at prosperity are futile. We believe in equity, integrity, and shared responsibility as integral in protecting our Black, Brown, queer, revolutionary legacy. We unite to redefine our current cultural and environmental imagination and provide new pathways to create regenerative futures.

Join us on our journey here:

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