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Our Family Home With Your Help!

In the past year we have had every struggle possible but we were not giving up and were not given up on. We had our backs against the wall, scared of what our lives would be like. As a Mother I never thought of giving up but it was hard and my mind was all over the place. I fought hard to get and keep housing for my children, Food for my children, clothes for my children and happiness for my children. I now teach all 7, sometimes 9 of them on a daily basis due to covid keeping my kids away from their education at a traditional school. All of them are home 24/7, They are eating more and running through clothes faster and we do not have a washer or dryer. I strive as hard as I can to afford everything and make sure they have everything they need.

In life we get these moments that last a while and we try to fix it but something’s are just too complicated. Well, we were blessed to get accepted for a family dream home with most bills and rent paid for monthly so we can get on our feet and move ahead. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time but now we have invested all of our money into our housing we have had, the cost to go to our new home in Florida to get our keys and put a partial payment on our home. We had to rent a car, pay gas, pay for food, pay for flights and now we are back at the start with no money. We can not move in until we pay the Deposit, first and last rent. We finally have a stove and air conditioner for hot days. We have a home that is comfortable and will put us ahead in life so we can someday buy a big enough home.  

We need help with first and last month's rent, deposit, washer and dryer, Bunk Beds and moving cost because we currently live in an unsafe, uncomfortable and unfinished place in Michigan. We have struggled with no help and now we are asking for help from our community with donations or loans. I would rather pay a debt back then get a hand out but i have to try for my kids before we lose this opportunity. I worked hard all of my life for my kids and I even work as hard as I can now even with Covid roaming around. I may not have a huge sob story, a life threatening illness or a sick child or a loss of someone close to me but i have 9 amazing children and 7 that i raise constantly and they deserve a safe, comfortable and enjoyable life. They deserve a chance and as a mother I won’t give up on them. If i have to reach out to others when i have hit a bump in the road or i have to work 3 jobs, I am going to do it! 

We have lost a lot in the past year and gained some things too. I am praying and hoping I can gain a smile on my childrens faces this week! I am hoping I can stop struggling and make bigger progress because I will have the resources finally. I just want to get a better career, have consistent childcare, have enough money to provide for all my children and my bills without having to overwork myself or ask. I want my kids to have everything they need and be able to enjoy life. 

I do not know what I can possibly say other than the truth to receive anyone's help. I will not lie or make my story worse, I will be willing to answer any questions as well. I have nothing but hope right now and I am hopeful that we can make this happen. I am listing ways that you can help and Questions with answers that I believe may be useful. There will be no Christmas, Halloween nor much of a thanksgiving this year, this home will be the best Gift we could ever receive. The opportunity to be thankful.

My Information

My name is Demi.

I am 28 years old.

I am a Mother of 9. I take pride in having 9 amazing children and being able to call me Mom!

I have 3 Girls and 6 Boys.

Age groups ranging from 1 years old to 11 years old

I currently live in Flint, MI

I have a home waiting in Florida as long as I can raise the money in a short time frame.

I am a year away from graduating College with a Business administration degree!

I Homeschool my Kids currently. I am a Teacher for them.

Questions and Answers

Yes, I have tried reaching out to local resources.
I have tried day jobs, selling my things and donating plasma.
I lost my jobs due to Covid and am actively looking for work.
I am not eligible for any government funds.
I have asked family and friends, only a few were able to help.
I do not have a vehicle so it makes it 10x more difficult to come up with anything. 
I do not have a consistent babysitter here but I am offered childcare in Florida if I can come up with the funds to move there. 
I do not have a big support system.

Ways to help

Cashapp $HopeForAHome
Chime (ask for it)
Amazon wish list for housing items.
Direct payment to the utility or water company. (Contact me via comment section for information)

Useful items we have not had for a long time and could be of great use

1.Bunk Beds (2 w/frames and beds)   4. School Supplies
2.Washer and Dryer                                    5. Diapers, Pullups & wipes. 
3.Blankets, Towels and wash rags.

Essential for move (Covered/still need)

Deposit ($250/$900)
First & Last ($0/$1,800)
Utilities ($0/$150)
Water ($0/100)

I will finally be all set in order to progress with help with this situation. I will be completely capable of getting back to a stable place to give my kids’ the life they deserve! This is significant to our future and I am praying and hoping we can get some understanding in this situation. I want to be in a place where I can afford to buy a vehicle on my own again, Get a degree to afford a good life for my kids and be in a safe environment to be comfortable letting my kids play outside. I have all honest and realistic goals but I just need some assistance to start. I hope you all understand that all situations that are hard are worth donating too, one thing that is not hard for you, could be extremely hard for another person. I would tell you more but it would never end! I used to be in an amazing place and I would like to get back there as soon as possible. Any proof needed can be sent to anyone who asks.  I paid over $6,000 over the year in cost to get approved for this move and home going back and forth and I refuse to lose all of that. I tried by using all my savings. This is the last needed.

I will be extremely grateful to receive this help, It means everything to my kids and I. I only have short of 3 weeks to get this done or all is lost for us. I could not thank all of you enough for even reading our story and giving a prayer, let alone, donating to our cause and purpose of accomplishing this goal and deep need for this opportunity . We need this chance, this will change our lives forever. I just hope it does not take losing someone, losing everything we have or becoming ill to recieve help. We are a big family in need.

Thank you always the whole family!

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