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When people found out  God  was giving certain information about the cause of the erratic weather (climate change), the long term effects of  racial bigotry, and other historical events to a woman of color instead of a rabbi, pastor, celebrity or any "certified white male" they blew her off.  But the truth prevailed.

The Black Lives Matter movement started  and gained momentum. Not so coincidentally, people began to open their hearts and minds to hearing the truth from someone who didn't look like them.

The recent pandemic interrupted LeTicia Lee's studio time narrating the audio book about her divine meetings entitled, My Love is One. Nor was she able to meet with a website designer to complete its corresponding website or do any public promotional work to tell others what they needed to know before the corona virus pandemic started.


LeTicia plans to complete the final updated edition of the My Love is One book , finish recording the audio book, get an official website, secure tv ad placements, and do radio and podcast interviews to share the shocking long awaited hidden TRUTH contained in the  My Love is One TELL THEM documentary  worldwide via social media and other media outlets with your help and God's.



Q: What does "My Love is One "mean?

A: Good question. It took me awhile to understand it myself. Apparently, we are under the illusion that we are all separate beings. But in truth, we are united like a single image in a very large puzzle.

Everything each of us does or thinks has a ripple effect. We may not see or understand it instantly, but it does. If everyone knew that what they do, say or think about others will eventually come back to them in some way, people would take more time before they speak or take action. That is what the "corona virus" is about.

It's excessive "bad speech in the air" by a growing (and naive) population (approx. 7.8 billion people) which has brought on God's  judgment. That's not to say God brought on the virus.

Whether the virus was sent forth from God or a man made initiative that got out of control, I don't know. But God did allow it due to current situations and events contrary to the laws of heaven  (i.e. genetically modified food, animals, and humans, toxic waste, and poor quality entertainment) that are now pervasive and common in society that have opened those doors. Think I'm exaggerating?

It's not just spiritual. It's also practical and scientific. This video helps to explain.

 "Whoso offers praise glorifies Me: and to him that orders his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God."  Psalm 50:23

The temporary pandemic lock down is actually God's mercy. God is giving humanity a "delayed but definite response".  We've been given time to reflect.

"Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by." Isaiah 26:20

I know it's hard, but try to find the good in it. There's always a "silver lining" if you search for it  (i.e. time with family, working from home, recognizing and restoring genuine relationships etc). Doing so  could soften the ultimate judgment. This phase is just "a very compelling warning." Like 9/11 was in New York.

Over all, it gives us time to think about our ways and hopefully.... hopefully seek the true and living God for answers and the help we need. We can "sweeten the ultimate outcome".  Watching what we think, do, and say is only the beginning.

That and much more is in the final revised edition of the book My Love is One. But  the documentary, My Love is One TELL THEM ! further explains what's going on "behind the scenes". But you'll have to watch the whole documentary to the end and learn that for yourself!

Q: When do you need the funds?

A: About five months ago! It's been difficult sitting on information that people need to make some important decisions. Now is the time.

Q: Why so much?

A: I actually need 100x more of the amount I am asking!  This is a scaled down guerilla marketing budget using mostly digital media. A lot of people are struggling. So I want to use every dime wisely to multiply my global reach to help as many  others as I can to  learn the truth. Hopefully they will make better choices along the way. Knowledge is power. Right?

Q: Are you the hidden Messiah?
A: No.

Q: Is this a religious project?
A: No. It's beyond. Actually, I think this will ultimately unite and eliminate all religions.

Q: Is it education or fiction? Sounds like The Avengers.
A: It's definitely not fiction. It's non-fiction. Very real. Wish I could say more.
Guess we should post in education, faith, creative arts, business and emergency 
But however you found us, we're glad you're here.

Q: Is he Black?
A: Why would you ask that? Irrelevant.

Q: How will the funds be used?
A: I need to....

Complete final revised book.
Complete audio book.
Complete website.
Purchase TV/Radio/Podcast Ad placements

Promote book + documentary 24/7 (social media, digital ads, interviews etc.)

Your financial gift allows you to be part of a great historical event. Together, we will inform the world about the TRUTH they've waited so long to know.  It's loaded! But you'll have to watch the My Love is One TELL THEM! documentary and/or read the book to get up to speed. We promise you will not regret it!

If 12,600 people give $10, we will meet our goal. If 1,260 donate $100, we will achieve our goal. If 1,260,000 give $100, we will have far exceeded our goal.  With $126M, we would just offer the movie for free to viewers worldwide. Wouldn't that be nice?

That's 24/7 reaching and teaching for years to come. That would be so  AWESOME!

Please do whatever you can within your means. Your social media share is just as valuable as your donation.

May Almighty God bless you, prosper you and keep you healthy, safe, and wise. Your help is TRULY appreciated!

                                                                                                           THANK YOU!
                                                                                                             LeTicia Lee 

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