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51636368_1601669230180259_r.jpegI am putting together this fundraiser to help my brother get legal help to keep the cat that he has had since he was 4 days old! His friend found four kittens after they found that the mother cat was unfortunately hit by a car. The friend found homes for 3 of them but Max was the only one left. My brother , Mike saw his picture and said he would take him! She brought the cat to him the next day, he was 4 days old!  He named him Max, short for Maximillion!  Mike never left that kitten over the next 14 days. He was bottle feeding him and hoping he would make it! He took him everywhere he went so he would never miss a feeding! He ended up being a very healthy cat! Mike lets his cats go outside and built a small room of windows off his kitchento use a a “cat room” with a ramp and cat door where the cats can come in but not out. But really, they stay in the yard with his two dogs and chickens (he lives on a very quiet road not near a busy street) and cats. Mike spends lots of time outside in his garden and yard!

When Max was 4 ½ months old, the night of a very bad unexpected thunderstorm all the cats came in but Max! He went outside and found him hiding and very scared. As he was bringing him in the house a loud boom of thunder came and he got loose and ran. My brother couldn’t find him anywhere! He looked all night! The cats all come in the house every night! The next day he called the police station and all the animal shelters near him to report him missing. He made signs and hung them everywhere!

He was devastated. Fourteen months later, he was laying on his couch half-asleep with his three cats and two dogs all with him. He suddenly noticed something run by and go up the steps! He jumped up and stood at the bottom and nervously yelled Max’s name… and here he came running down the steps to him! Mike held him and cried! He came in the cat door and finally was back home!  That morning a neighbor came to his front door saying he was looking for his cat. My brother explained what happened 14 months back and showed him all the baby photos he had of Max and how he went missing the night of the storm. The man explained how he found him that night hiding in his bush and decided to keep him for his family. The neighbor ended up calling the police and they did come and verified after all the newborn pictures and missing posters that indeed yes, it was my brother’s cat.  

My brother was told how much the neighbors loved Max and even said not to worry and that he didn’t mind if Max would go visit them but to please not bring him in their house. Well, Max went missing again 6 days later so Mike went over immediately to ask them if they had him inside again. They said no. Again, he came home 3 days later when he ran through the cat door into his house. Some would say to “just keep him in the house” and that is what he has been forced to do so he is not stolen again but Max has always been an indoor-outdoor cat! He loves being outside and climbing trees and playing with the chickens, others cats and 2 dogs. See, my brother is very rarely in his house. When its cold they all sit near the fire outside with Mike. Most of their time is spent outdoors ...all together!

The next day Mike took him to the vet for a checkup and learned that the neighbors had gotten him chipped! There is no way he can change the name without cooperation of the name on the chip, and the name on there is not Mikes! He needs a lawyer to help change it. He is so scared they will take his cat again and he wants to get legal help to make sure they are not allowed to take a cat that doesn’t belong to them! The neighbors admitted online that the cat was “his neighbor’s cat”. The police even stated it was Mike’s cat also.  My brother has no children…these animals are his kids and he loves them with all his heart!  Please help him keep his cat safe and at home, where he belongs and stop these people from trying to set it up so they can lie and say he belongs to them! Its just so wrong. Thank you!

Please help.  My brother, Michael needs legal help in order to legally reclaim his cat, which was illegally microchipped by a neighbor.  If you’re an animal advocate this story is going to upset you.  

When the cat was four days old his mommy was hit by a car, killing her instantly.  At that tender age, Michael adopted him, and named him Max.   For the proceeding fourteen days, Michael bottle-fed him on a schedule, nurturing him and carrying him everywhere he went to keep him safe and warm, until he was out of the newborn stage.  Max was now a healthy kitten and began to roam and play.  Michael built an awesome cat room in his house and an intricate system of plexiglass window porches and tunnels for his cats to play in, and to give them access to the outdoors.  He literally lives for his cats.  

When Max was 4 ½ months old, a thunderstorm came through.  Three of his cats came home looking for storm cover but Max didn’t arrive.  Michael went out in the storm and found little Max scared to death.  As he was carrying Max home, a lightning bolt came down which frightened Max, sending him on a run for his life.  Michael searched in the storm all night with no luck.  Max was gone.  The next day, Michael called the police and local shelters to report him missing.  Devastated by the loss, Michael made signs and posted them all over town.   Months went by with no sign of Max, but during those months Michael began to notice the silhouette of a cat in the neighbor’s window staring back at him.  

Fourteen months after Max went missing, Michael was laying on his couch with his three remaining cats when he noticed something run into the house through the cat tunnel, and up the steps to the second floor.  Michael sprung off the couch and called “Max!” and Max came running back down to him.  He held Max and cried.  Later that day, the neighbor came to Michael’s home claiming Max was his cat.  Michael explained to this neighbor how Max had gone missing since the storm of 14 months ago, as he showed the neighbor all the pics he had taken of him since he was 4 days old.  The neighbor said he had found Max hiding in a bush and decided to keep him for his kids.  The neighbor eventually called police and through police interrogations, and with the photos and missing signs serving as evidence, it was established that Max indeed belonged to Michael.   The neighbor mentioned to him that his kids loved Max, to which Michael replied it was ok to play with him but not to bring him into their house anymore.  Well, Max went missing again 6 days later so Michael went over immediately to ask the neighbor if they had him inside again. They said no.  Max came home 3 days later when he ran through the cat door into his house again.  

The next day Michael took Max to the vet for a checkup and learned that the neighbors had microchipped him.  He was told there was no way he could change the information on the chip as he was not the rightful owner.  This is why we are reaching out to our community of animal lovers.  Michael will need to hire an attorney now to fight the case in court, in order to legally regain ownership of Max.  Ironically, this same neighbor had already admitted on social media that Max belonged to Michael.  

Michael, who suffers from cardiac issues, has no children so his cats are all he has.  In 2018 he was hospitalized due to heart complications and while he was there, his friend snuck Max into his hospital room.  Max curled up and cuddled upon his chest and, to the surprise of nursing staff, his heart normalized almost instantly.   Nursing staff noticed his monitors suddenly showed healthy and normal cardiac activity so they rushed to his room to see what had changed.  Upon discovering Max they ordered the door to remain closed so that he could stay with Michael.  Max had suddenly become Michael’s cardiac therapy cat.  And, while that is a great reason for all of us to seek justice, the main issue here is that what the neighbor has done is called theft in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. The neighbor knew all along who Max was and outright stole him anyway.  It’s just plain wrong.  Michael and Max have a perfect harmonically balanced relationship and they love each other.  Max is Michael’s child.  Please help us legally recover him.
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