71 lb Mindy needs help as she battles for her life


"Mindy is in need of your support as a collective. Her disease is just as dangerous as COVID19, but is accompanied by agonizing pain, and withering of the mind, body and spirit. She needs specialists that are very expensive and without insurance she is not getting the care she needs and deserves.   She wants to live just like you and me. Please open your hearts and donate what you can, every bit helps. $5, $10, or more. What you give you shall receive a 100 fold. Thank you from my heart

                                          Sundi Sturgeon     

 "Autoimmune diseases is the third leading cause of morbidity in middle-aged women."

Hello Friends, Family and Supporters,

My wife's name is Mindy Surell and I am reaching out because she is facing some huge medical challeges, all autoimmune related and really needs comprehensive, aggressive medical attention and treatment in a medical facility in order to get the proper medical attention and treatments..  Her condition is regressing and if she does not get that medical attention in person that is needed she will more than likely die. An update, as Mindy was diagnosed a month ago with Sjrogens syndrome,.  For those of you unfamiliar, Venis Williams has it and she who is one of the top athletes in the world said  it is exceedingly painful and it took her quite a while to be diagnosed and then manage it. Unfortunately the medicine typically given to Srogren patients  disagree with Mindy and she had to be pulled off it.

Unfortunately, back in 2016, probably much earlier then that, she fell victim to several different autoimmune diseases and co-infections, but most were not discovered until 2018 or 2019.  The list is very long and many of you would know what they are.  They are virulent and often causes death.... It seems that COVID everyone is aware of  since it is all over the media.  Sadly, the doctors  in FL we have seen have misdiagnosed, tested incorrectly or failed to test what was necessary to determine what was needed for her to recover and live and some inundated her body with wrong  and some detremental treatments so her condition has worsened! Mindy read recently 1 woman sought out 200 doctors, true story to find 1 to save her life!

*How do you put a price tag on your life? *

To help those reading her story that are not very familiar with autoimmune diseases, syndromes  etc, the viruses, infections and diseases Mindy has attacked her organs, one by one overloading them with poison/ mycotoxins so she no longer absorbs the nutrients  needed to subsist and sadly eventually will cause them to fail if not treated comprehensively.  Even I can't fathom it much of the time. In her case, the autoimmune disorders/co-infections have attacked organs such as her stomach and intestinal tract so badly that she is sometimes up to 5 am dumping. ( a term used in the autoimmune world).  They have also attacked her colon;  thus she can no longer eliminate normally, and it is excruciatingly painful and dangerous.   At 71 pounds, which we had excitingly  gotten to 78 a couple months ago, now back down again, with no muscle mass at 58 years old, her Dr. is concerned that due to her fragility and frailty and complicated case, her body may cease to keep functioning. Being candid I believe her will to live and my faith and God is keeping her alive.

We have been hoping more would help us to meet our goal as we do not have the financial resources to rent an RV, only way we can safely travel with restroom accomodations to avoid any COVID exposure, as Mindy's immune system is so depleted we have to keep her encapsulated, self- contained with no exposure to any germs.  With the new up date that COVID is airborne it is RV or nothing.  So to clarify, we also want to make sure we have enough money estimating a 2 month stay minimally in VA, and be confident we can pay for whatever tests, treatments, medicines etc that will be needed to ensure she lives and beats all of this!  The estimated costs could exceed 100,000 K.  That also includes covering our living expenses as I cannot work full-time out of the house if I am taking care of Mindy and will need to take care of her till we know she is out  of danger and it is safe for me to find a job......I cannot be exposed to COVID as she is considered high high risk with MAC in her lungs, pneumonia she is being treated for, but we need another test to confirm it is gone which keeps getting post- poned due to her episodes of all night pain, coupled with an immune system that is barely functioning.

Thus, we know her case is very serious  as we know many others are too and can be fatal and that is why the money we are trying to raise is crucial and needs to be raised as quickly as possible.!!!!!!The window of time for her to get the specialized  and best treatments is closing in on her. 

Additionally, the co-infections must also be addressed more aggressively and very critical for her find out what else may be present due to her diseases mutating.  It is hard to live having to be 15 feet from a bathroom and your body rebels at the least provocation, hard to eat when your teeth are decayed, cracking, stubs stuck in your gums  and you are unsure when another tooth will fall out..last one August 1st and sadly Dr's cannot go near her mouth at all now due to her fragile state. The loss of teeth could have been prevented if she had been diagnosed with Sjrogens once they started to calcify. So frustrating  and sad

We are currently remotely working with a doctor in Virginia who thankfully understands and has vast knowledge along with proven results of treatment protocol. She has a tremendous reputation of diagnosing and healing her patients. Luckily, she is knowledgeable with Mindy's diseases, viruses and complications. She is the doctor 7 months ago, who discovered Mindy had a rare pneumonia by running a blood test that other doctors didn’t run and thank goodness she was immediately put on antiobiotics, taken off, now back on again with steroids added for inflammation, pain and complications.  (Steroids she is now off as her stomach  can not tolerate for now).

So due to the pandemic and inability to travel, Dr. is  trouble shooting to keep her alive until she gets up to her facility.  She has her on a treatment protocol hoping it supports her till she can travel, but it appears with complications and hands off treatments Mindy needs to get up to VA sooner then later.  One key treatment for Srogrens is acunpture in the ear which we cannot get here since she cannot leave the house but Dr in VA can do in her office. 

If I have I will sell my home to save my wife but she is no condition for us to move. She does not step outside, maybe for 5 minutes and now with new of airborne conditions not sure she will. 9 months she has faithfully remained encapsulsted in our home. Try picturing yourself living like that please!

There are virtually no organizations to support the autoimmune or infectious disease community,  as we reached out seeking financial assistance, at least with what she has been diagnosed thus far with. Although recently Amy Shumer had Lymes and reached out to her cousin Congressman Shumer who has appealed for additional funding for Lymes as they are finding it is a petri-dish for 100 of other complications.  I think people are seeing with COVID 19 funding and resources for infectious viruses/diseases is scarce and sadly hard to get.

Additionally, so you understand, the costs for these specialized tests and treatments are extremely, extremely expensive. Even when we had health insurance we spent tens of thousands of dollars on them in the past couple of years, but we no longer do, as we both are unemployed and no longer have health insurance.  Candidly, our personal resources are totally exhausted. 

I am asking those of you who have the financial ability to help please contribute to a worthy cause to help save a life that has not given up that battles every day, who deserves to live with her FIGHT.  I dream that my wife, my partner in this thing called,  Life, can continue her journey to recovery.  It will not be easy, but we are both determined to do whatever is necessary.  All of this right now at times it feels like it has destroyed our lives, it has sucked all the fun and joy out of it as she spends much of it bedridden and in pain and that is why I am asking you for your help wherever and whoever you are. Without your assistance, we have nowhere to turn. Truly we do not! You are OUR lifeline...anyone reading this!!

I want my Mindy back who was a vibrant, witty, caring, loving succesful business woman who worked  out 6 days a week, loved pedicures and any girl stuff,  traveling, dancing, horse back  riding,  giving back any chance she got. Most importantly she was healthy, could  eat mostly what she wanted and  she had  a full set of teeth and was 96-100 pounds pure muscle.! She woke up every day ready to take on the next one with vim and vigor.

Giving in normal times is good. Very good. But giving in historically turbulent times is heroically good. If you are fortunate enough to be able to give and donate I would be eternally grateful. I am beyond thankful and humbled for all of the donations, support and prayers sent our way already.

Lastly, I believe my wife's mission is to ultimately recover and help others, as that has always been her true passion. She wants to help start a foundation that will offer funding  to  individuals that are very ill like her.   When she gets  well enough she wants to help educate those who have not yet contracted any of these autoimmune diseases or help those who have that have no idea how to help themselves recover, nowhere to turn, no financial resources, lack of knowledge to do so and the courage to survive the pain and horror to get through it all.

May the One Above bless you and your family with lots of health and good times ahead!

With endless gratitude,


Mindy's favorite motto that she lives by every day to keep her going:

“If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle” – Morgan Freeman 

Please make note:

~Yet, too many still remain uninformed about the best protocols to prevent illness and defeat diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease and the looming threat of "super-bugs", which are on pace to be MORE deadly than any other health condition." *Footnote* Dr Kasia Kines.

~As comprehensive as the above maladies seem, it is equally important to point out that only 13% of infections that exist around the world have actually been identified. Among these are zoonotic infections (those emanating from animals), making Lyme disease treatment among the most complex to approach and now COVID 19. This is scary living knowing this is her reality. 

Other options to donate are:
Paypal: [email redacted]
Venmo: Mindy Surell @ Mindy-Surell

"If you have a compassionate bone in your body, please donate to my former sister-in-law’s gofundme page.  She could really use your help.  No insurance and too sick to work, she needs funding to get her to an autoimmune specialist in Virginia." - Gwen

When you have time please read this article that my wife found that clearly explains how autoimmune diseases deplete, severely debilitate and in some cases ravage the body so badly and sadly like COVID 19, until it can no longer function and ceases to.


**Articles Mindy put together to help inform the world of what she has and millions are potentially experiencing, although some do not know it.**

** First article is new to her page and SHOULD BE READ


This link regarding COVID vaccines:



The Epstein Barr Solution Book by Kasia Kines DESTROYING MILLIONS - https://g.co/kgs/kD4bcH








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Mindy Surell 
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