Help me rebuild my family's life

My name is Melissa and I am fundraising for a business that I hope to pass on to my children in the future. This business is our last hope of having a future. Allow me to explain.
On my website, I currently sell hand crafted products such as African Black Soap, Whipped Body Butters, Body oils, Beard Oils, Beard Butters, Burning Oils, Essential Oils, Sage sticks, Palo-santo sticks, Incense sticks, Hair Growth products, Afro Jewelry, Gemstones, and cultural inspired clothing. 
With these funds I plan to lease a retail space, build it out to suit our business needs, purchase equipment for making products in higher quantities, pay for labor, fund a payroll account to create jobs in my community, and market our products.
I never expected to be in this position.
My husband and I have four young children and we worked hard to make sure we could give them a good future. Those plans all came crashing down when he was hurt on the job, as my husband literally broke his back working 84 hours a week for Frito-Lay. 
After returning from serving in the Navy, my husband thought he found a second family when he went to work for Frito-Lay St. Louis, MO. He dedicated his life to their training classes, events, and trips, and he won many company awards for his work. He was even put in charge of 4 different positions (though he only got paid for one of them). Then one day, my husband was electrocuted on the job. 
The electrocution was severe and has led to many health issues. He has had two spinal surgeries so far and we know for sure there will be another next year. We are not sure how many surgeries he will need in all. It’s a scary situation and has been made even worse by Frito-Lay and PepsiCo’s treatment of our family. It’s been over 4 years and we are still fighting for my husband's life, with zero support from the company. They are denying responsibility for the accident even though the incident happened on the job. We have done everything they and their insurance company have asked of us but it is still not enough. 
Frito-Lay works people like slaves and then throws them out like garbage when they are no longer able to work their inhumane hours. We want justice for our pain and suffering as well as all the medical bills we have had to pay ourselves.
As a result of Frito-Lay and PepsiCo’s refusal to help with disability or workers’ comp, we have drained all our a savings and pensions, even our kids college funds. We have had to change our goals and replan our entire lives around this devastating injury. This business is our last hope.