Hello, my name is Michael.  My online story resides with many others in an echo chamber in conspiracy corner. The subject of this conspiracy is one that has yet to gain the wider public recognition it so deserves and the reasons for this are manifold. Disinformation and misinformation play their part and the silence from mainstream media is also a factor. The FACT that the police are involved in suppressing and taking part in this unlawful programme is incredibly alarming which is why I've set up this fundraiser.
    These illegal extrajudicial operations are very real and have been targeting people covertly for many years. The modus operandi comprises multiple people taking part in tracking, spying and harassing those selected for what is essentially a take-down programme, one seemingly sanctioned by the state! Unlike my fellow targets - and they include activists, journalists and whistle-blowers - I do have some evidence of the character assassination and that I am somehow tracked. I've been horrifically aware of my pariah status since 2015 though my targeting goes back to at least 2009 and coinciding with my attendance at a London protest in April of that year where I was kettled by the police. Kettling is a tactic the police use to keep a section of protesters hemmed in - a form of temporary imprisonment outside. I attended the protest to obtain photos for my web  (
    The local police have taken it upon themselves to abuse their powers and since my asking them to investigate the source of the oh too real character assassination back in 2016 they've taken some sinister strategies to obstruct the truth by way of making referrals behind my back to mental health services and also making incredible and outrageous claims that I believe '.... things such as vehicles and a pigeon are talking to me...' I kid you not. They've actually stated this and I have a copy of something called a Merlin report which I requested in 2017 which proves this and could be part of their undoing. The evidence I've acquired since 2015 proves I am the target of the verbal abuse and also that as I mentioned above somehow tracked though my evidence has been gaslighted and dismissed by the police. This was purposely done and they know full well my evidence is credible. I and other targets are surrounded by silence and suppression and though I know the local people where I live are aware of my pariah status - though probably not the other elements of this unlawful programme - they have been unwilling to speak to me about what they know. This is an important linchpin, one in which I intend to keep chipping away at until I get to the truth.
     If you visit my web and Youtube channel you'll see I have tried via various flyer campaigns to enlighten those around me about the flagrant abuse of powers by the police and others but so far I've had zero impact. Not one person has contacted me but I swear - and If I believed in God I'd use the big guy in the sky as testament to the truth - that these illegal operations are targeting various people here and in other democracies, many good and decent people.
    There's the famous saying 'money talks' and to a certain degree this phrase is true and I'd like to hopefully prove this is the case by offering a financial inducement to some people living locally who are aware of my leper like status and would be willing to tell me what they know.... at a price. Ideally I'd like five individuals to speak to me as I record them. I would want them to also say they would be willing to admit what they know in a court of law if the filming of them is not deemed sufficient. I'd get the names and addresses of each person and also ask only those that don't have a criminal record as I don't want anything to ruin my chances of proving the corruption surrounding me. I would 'tout' for potential aids to my cause in a public space locally and thought the sum of £250 per person would (fingers crossed) get some members of the public to no longer remain silent. If I fail in this potentially very helpful assignment I will reimburse the monies donated.  As GoFundMe charges fees for the donations and takes a percentage it would be beneficial to have fewer small donations but obviously as a beggar I don't really have a right to cite preferences and of course any and all donations will be gratefully received. 
    To sum up, I am a target of a secret tracking, spying and harassment programme. If I can prove the character assassination element, this will prove the police have been deliberately dismissing this FACT by way of nefarious deeds and should pave the way to prove the other elements involved in this inhuman technology driven programme. Many good people are having their lives stealthily destroyed. Some of those claiming to have been targets are now dead. Please do give me the chance to help expose the reality of this illegal targeting programme. 
If you have any questions please mail me: [email redacted] 
My landline is 0203 489 2633

My YOUTUBE channel is 'condemned '

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