Help Me Enable My Friend's Art (New Computer)

Hello, my name is George and I want to help my friend get a new computer so they can continue their passion of graphic design and grow their skill at it. I'm hosting this gofundme as my friend wants to stay anonymous, and does not want to cause trouble for their family as they live in a isolated place and would be easy for someone to find information about them.

Any money that is more than needed will be directly donated to LGBTQ+ support associations.

The following text is directly from my friend and their case on why this is so important to them. Thank you for your time.

'What is that fundraising?'

A fundraising project to get me a new computer for work.

'Ah, so yet another white kid asking for money because their parents won’t pay for them or they can’t get a job'

Yes, and yes but if you have a few minutes I will explain why I did it despite not really wanting to ask strangers and friends for money.

Here’s the story:

I am a self-taught graphic designer/UI designer/UX designer. Since I’ve been small I always really admired the beauty of the image books I read and growing up, my love for fancy book turned into a love for everything simple yet pretty, I find amazing how simple geometric shapes and colours can have countless meanings and I soon began starting to make stuff myself around 2009 (9yo) on paper, frustrated with my work I kind of stopped trying to make anything thinking I wouldn’t be able to ever become great at making anything and focused on my other passion, technology.

After a while, after entering an middle school thinking tech should be what I want to do with my life I started becoming more knowledgeable about computers and instead of being passive I tried to learn more how to make my own computer to be able to suit my needs at the time (mostly video games) but I started to regain some interest in designing stuff by myself, that passion never left me and it really occurred to me when in 2013 (13yo) I had to do a one week internship in a company to see how people work and do some work myself, somehow I ended up in a company that focuses on printing and designing and it’s there that I first got introduced to a lot of the stuff I’m nowadays asking money towards for aka the adobe suite and illustrator, Photoshop and after effects in particular. 

The company was focused on designing all type of stuff ranging from menus for restaurants to entire company branding and despite working there for only one week I learnt a lot of stuff I still use everyday now when making stuff myself including how to use the basics of illustrator.
At the time I didn’t know yet that this would soon become my true passion but a few months before my internship I had finally already built myself a computer that I had saved money for over 4 years so shortly after my intern, I started messing around in illustrator but I kind of ran into the same issue as back I was 9 years old, I didn’t improve, but this time I had the means and the will to so I started making random stuff putting together assets I had ripped off Google’s various design websites to try understanding what “vector drawing” was and how it worked.

I stopped messing around with others work around 2015 ~ 2016 however that was when I entered a tech focused high school which none of the people I was friend with at the time were going to go after middle school.  At first, I was pretty motivated because I still thought tech was what I wanted to work in for the rest of my days but very quickly I started getting depressed, gradually sinking into a spiral of loneliness, that’s around when I started to question a lot of things about me, my sexuality my gender, the stuff I care about and the realization that the “friends” I had only hung out with my by pity and not because they actually enjoyed being with me. 

Fast forward to 2017, I start chatting more in a great online community that really helps me grow as a person despite my many flaws and quirks but I still felt like a really bad person and it wasn’t until 2018 that I grew to really appreciate spending time with some people who show legitimate care for my well being and my self-growth and I helped them back deal with their personal issues along the road. With this newfound happiness I really started to go back to my art-boards and finally started to make stuff I am relatively happy with. 

This is when I started to realize that I wasn’t fit at all for the tech industry, the field just not being welcoming at all of people that are a bit out of the accepted norms in terms of personality and identity so that’s when I decided I would rather study linguistics which is something I’m quite decent  at I would say and my true love, design.

However, now that I have almost 10 years of experience and has been working on the very computer I wrote those lines from. It appears very clear that it simply cannot handle what I want to make anymore, doing anything in any of adobe’s tool is a chore because of how much resources it requires now that I know how to use tools that are a bit more advanced and that my workflow has started to grow more extensive. For reference, making a simple blend in illustrator already made me blue screen a few times simply because my GPU can’t compute it or I run out of RAM.

Now you might say: “why don’t you just get a job”
well I do some work from time to time for friends but nothing too serious, the issue with work is that my parents are against me getting a full time job (remote or not) because they want me to focus on my studies first and foremost which is valid since that’s what I want as well now the issue is that there’s little to no jobs for self-taught designers that are only over the summer since companies want someone who can respond and create at all time. As for the simple manual jobs at shops like McDonald’s or other, I am a very weak person physically and have some severe anxiety and social interaction issues in person, another issue is that those jobs all require a mean of transportation and while I might get a driving license soon, my anxiety issues require me to take heavy medication that make me very uneasy to be able to get behind the wheel without having a panic attack or bursting into tears.

So now I am here asking for money for this computer to help me grow my art and eventually land a job in the field I dream of working in, design. I know this is a very selfish and pretty superficial demand but I am kind of desperate and unable to really get any job done anymore for my friends or occasional clients due to my hardware being outdated so this is why I kindly ask if someone would want to donate to help me reach my goals.

I hate asking for money so that’s why I will do my best to do work for all of the people who donate towards this goal, I want to show that I am not here to scam people of their hard earned money and want to show my gratitude to them so I will take any requests from anyone who puts any amount in even EUR1. Please keep the requests reasonable of course and not that I am not someone who does fancy drawings or anything, my field is mostly UI and UX. People who donate over EUR100 will be allowed to request something again once the goal is met. Every EUR100 donation lands you one extra request so if you donate EUR200 that means u can request 3 times, EUR300 is 4 times, EUR400 is 5 times and so on.

Thank you very much if you read all of this, don’t tip if you think this is selfish and stupid, that’s perfectly understandable because it really is but here I am doing it anyways with hopes I guess.
All of the spare money I earn from this will be donated to LGBTQ2+ support associations. I do not want to keep money that is not mine and I don’t use towards the goal of this fundraiser as it would be scummy.

The 2100 EUR goal is set higher than the price of the computer to make sure i can afford it in case prices vary, the PC market being very complex its hard for me to actively follow the prices at all times.

Here is the breakdown of the goal :
Cheapest prices as of 2019-06-20

The parts are a bit overkill on purpose since I plan to keep that pc for over 5 years or so without needing to upgrade.

Amd and Nvidia both are soon to release new versions of their products so if prices drop the goal will be lowered.""


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George Klingman 
Göttingen, Niedersachsen, Deutschland
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