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Update: Thanks to everyone who has shared and donated! Over the last couple months many things have happened. The cancer has continued to spread, with most recent findings of tumors in her neck, liver and spine. Radiation treatments have been implemented to help with some pain and tumor management but have been nearly crippling. Unfortunately as of Nov22 we received some dire news, we were told there is no longer yrs, but only months left. Miraculously a day later over a kijiji add inquiry we did however stumble upon what could be considered nothing short of a miracle. A simple kijiji add response the day after the finding of this information has resulted in us meeting some wonderful people who have introduced us to some alternative medicines as well as offered all kinds of support in this situation. So after a very negative yr of non stop bad news there is a glimmer of hope. We have changed the fund raiser priorities now to aid in getting her home finished and sold in order to help pay any other misc costs that may be incurred, inheritance for her children and the unfortunate planning of a funeral if things do not work out. Of course we are trying to stay positive and are very hopeful with the new medicine we are implementing that some quality of life will be regained and that possibly it will combat her cancer and she will in turn be able to win the battle. Let's help her stay positive in this dire time, and spread awareness and support for Madelaine and anyone else who may need it!

Madelaine Rimkus and James Jaatinen are from Thunder Bay, ON. Madelaine, previously took pride in being a licensed hair dresser and at one point even started her own eye lash extension business and also helped James with misc reno projects and flooring installs. 

Approx 10 yrs ago Madelaine had cancerous lesions on her uterus and had successfully had them removed and was cancer free from then on, kept up with her checkups and such in the following yrs.

In Aug 2017 Madelaine started getting ill. From September on she began trying to get answers and a diagnosis.   Her family Dr. had to retire due to medical reasons and her appointments kept getting postponed. Madelaine eventually ended up seeing a Nurse Practitioner at which time he ordered an ultrasound, and referred her to a specialist. The ultrasound results came back and the Nurse told her she had a cyst on her uterus,  it was nothing to worry about and she would hear from a specialist.

A month or so passed and several visits to emergency with no specialist appointment yet.  The emergency Dr's just referred to her ultrasound and repeated that the results were the same. She had a cyst and to go home and rest. They also informed her that her referral to the specialist  never been sent in, so they would fast track her to see one.

Weeks later, back in emerg again, Madelaine was left out in the waiting room for 7hrs. w
She couldn't handle the wait anymore and asked to go home. She got the specialists office number and decided to try to make an apt herself. That Tuesday Madelaine called the specialist and was able to get in on the Thursday of the same week. After the examination the specialist said the previous Dr's were wrong. She was 99% certain it was cancer and did on-the-spot biopsies.

The biopsies results came back,  a tumour on her cervix, for nearly half a year, misdiagnosed as a cyst on her uterus... She was quickly forwarded to the cancer clinic in Thunder Bay. There, she found out the tumour had already grown too large to operate on. The Dr then gave her hope, said it was only stage 1 cancer, they would be treating her to cure her.

Her treatments began with aggressive radiation followed up with chemotherapy in Mar or 2018. During the treatments she went through a variety of CT scans, a Pet scan, etc. From the results, they discovered the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and lungs and the radiation had caused her to develop colitis.

In Apr of 2018 her diagnosis was upgraded to a stage 3 cancer. Madelaine was informed she would now be in a fight for her life. Shortly after this, she finished her first round of chemotherapy. In June, more bad news. She was informed her cancer was very aggressive and is now classed stage 4, incurable. She was informed they would do their best to treat it,  contain it and keep her comfortable as long as they could.

As summer went by, the cancer continued getting worse. She was in and out of emergency constantly due to unbearable pain. She could barely breath and they could not figure out why she was having these complications. Madelaine was then given mobile oxygen tanks, in home oxygen and home nursing ordered.

Finally, in Aug the Dr. ordered a bone scan. At this point it was discovered that her cancer had spread to her rib bones. It had already eaten away at 2 of her ribs to the point where they are nearly hollow and ready to break.

James is primarily her caretaker now. Madelaine is mostly bedridden and very ill  as treatments continue. Treatments, in hope of improving herquality of life, to live the rest of her time here with us.

We pray for a miracle every day and are hoping for help financially to help cover expensive treatments, a wig, home care, possible travel for treatments, etc. In general, to help Madelaine live more comfortably and relieve some stress. She is unable to work and has not yet qualified for disability or any other forms of financial help.  James has taken the majority of his time, from work, in order to provide the care and support Madelaine needs at this time. 
We have no specific monetary goal. Any and all financial help is welcome and will go towards helping Madelaine with medical expenses and keeping her comfortable through this incredibly tough battle she has ahead. Madelaine and James will continue to battle this terrible disease and the physical and emotional traumas that it entails and with any luck beat it!

There is no minimum donation requirements, but absolutely any help will be greatly appreciated. Your help will be welcomed with warm hearts and will never be forgotten. 
We appreciate you taking the time to read this, and look forward to any positive thoughts and or donations throughout this process
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