Help Jeff Survive Cancer

Hello, My name is Jeff Ashford and here is my cancer story so far.
I have fought many battles throughout my life, some I have won, and others lost. I fear my life as a warrior for good is coming to an end. The battle I am involved in now is for my life as I am fighting Cancer. It is a rare form of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma; it is actually quite common, but the origin is very rare as it started in my salvatory gland. Several oncologists have told me that it is a smart cancer. I hope it is not that smart because it picked a fight with the wrong guy. I will never give up and have so far gone 18 months past the original prognosis of 6 months. I was told to put my affairs in order and that my future should be about the quality of life as opposed to quantity. Fell free to call me greedy, but I would prefer quantity as there are many things I have yet to do before I go.
I have reached the end of possible surgeries; also no more radiation treatments can be performed. I have had five different chemo drugs over this time, and I am down to one final chemo drug they feel could keep cancer at bay, but they are not very confident. After doing much research into possible drugs, I found a drug that, if used in combination with the drug they are trying just might cause the cancer to shrink or could kill it off. Health Canada has approved the use of a combination of these two drugs as a treatment for the same type of cancer but in a different part of the body. What this means is they refuse to fund this drug and there is a possibility my Oncologist cannot even administer the drug if I can get it.
My private insurance has also denied any assistance related to our plight. There is a possibility that I could get a private Cancer Clinic in Canada do treat me with this drug combination but these a far and few between. My sister-in-law is a Doctor in the US and has shared my medical records with her colleagues and has contacted several oncologists all over the US. The consensus is this combination of drugs could save my life. The cost for one dose of this drug is around $10,269.00; the treatment is one dose every three weeks. Usually, in Canada, they do three treatments then test as to the effectiveness of the treatment. My wife and I can come up with $5,000.00 by using all our credit as I am on disability, and we all know that is just not enough to cover anything but rent, food, transportation and drugs not covered.
We are hoping to raise $30,807.00 to pay for three treatments and a bit more for GoFundMe costs and accommodations if I must go to the US for these treatments. It is my sincere hope that you will open your hearts to our situation and give what you can to help us obtain our goal and save my life. If you cannot donate, I know times are tough. Could you please share our story with your friends. Thank you for reading our story and be safe.

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Jeffrey Ashford 
Rodney, ON