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"Two Front Teeth" is a song I wrote about the ways that falling for someone else startlingly makes us learn more about ourselves. You think the more you learn about someone, the clearer things will be, but instead, stuff just keeps getting stranger.

A house is its rooms, not its outside, and that’s what we envision for this music video: an endless house to get lost in.

With our Seattle-based crew and 30 background actors, we managed to shoot 14 scenes in two days, and are so incredibly grateful to those who donated their time or resources to help us make it this far!

Now, we just need a little help getting over the finish line!

Our goal is to release the video by the end of June, and in order to do so, we hope to raise $4,000 for post-production.

This would include:

  • editing
  • coloring
  • video effects
  • audio engineering / sound design

Anything helps us get a little closer, and I hope you will consider donating!

Lots of love,


P.S. To view more clips and stills, click here: https://sampaleyofficial.com/two-front-teeth


Sam Paley
Seattle, WA

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