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This is Tricia,

An amazing mum to me (Clare) and our Paul, the most loving nan to Harry, Michael and Isabelle and devoted wife to Michael.
She does and always has done everything for her family and friends.
Everyone adores her and with good reason.
She goes out of her way to help everyone and is always there with a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.
But now its our turn to help her...

Our Journey ❤️

Our journey began in September 2018 when my mum had a seizure out of nowhere.
She was at home making tea for my Uncle and aunty who where visting.
She rememebers not being able to get her words out and thats all.
She was taken to the Royal hospital in Liverpool and after many tests and a scan, a lesion was discovered on her brain.
She was then referred to Walton Neuro Centre where we met a Neuro surgeon and he said he could operate the next day.
We said yes straight away.
Everything was happening so fast, we didnt even have time to think. But we knew we just wanted it gone.
With my dad by her side she had her surgery and the doctor removed 90% of the tumour.
The surgeon did explain she may get some speech issues after surgery because her tumour was located in her left frontal lobe but we could overcome these.
After her surgery she did have speech issues, her words where all jumbled and its like she knew what she wanted to say but it wouldnt come out.
It was heartbreaking to watch the frustation on her face.
How could one seizure lead to all this...
She did recover well and was home within 2 days.
I tried to prepare Harry about her speech but as soon as she tried to talk he just broke down. He just wanted his nan back. Even tho she was still there its hard for kids to come to terms with especially when there best friends.
It was a few days later when we learnt it was Glioblastoma a very rapid growing brain cancer.
We felt like the whole world had fallen apart.
Our strong, independent, loving, amazing mum had the battle of a lifetime.
We are going to get through this as a family thats what matters.

Ongoing Treatment

The surgery went well so now it was onto 6 weeks of intense treatment. Every weekday we went to Clatterbridge cancer centre for radiotherapy alongside chemotherapy drug Temozolomide (TMZ).
She reacted well to this treatment and all was going well.
She finished her radiotherapy/chemotherapy the day before Christmas eve. So we got to enjoy a lovely family Christmas before her next lot of treatment.
Her First MRI scan was end of Jan and looked really good. The cavity where the tumour had been removed had shrunk so we where made up.
She had been having daily supplements and alternative therapies alongside her other treatments, she has also gone dairy free and red meat free. Eating mainly vegetables and fruits and has cut out sugar and trying to eat organic whenever possible.
She is also having daily organic alkalating fresh juices.
She was put on monthly cycles of Temozolomide.
The first 2 cycles really hit her hard so the 3rd was put off for a month.
Her April scan showed mixed response and a small shadow at the back of her brain but they where unsure if it was disease progression and advised we would just have to wait and see. We then continued with cycle 3.
She had 2 more cycles of TMZ.


She had been tolerating the TMZ quite well but the scan in Aug showed the back shadow was infact a new tumour.
We where told that an operation was not an option because of the tumours location, it would cause devasting effects.
So a new chemo it was, it was changed to Lomustine.
She had 2 cycles of Lomustine and i noticed a change in her pesonality.
She was forgetting things a lot and she started to struggle with her memory.
I requested another scan.
Because this type of cancer is made up of so many different cells it is really hard to treat and getting through the blood brain barrier is really hard too.
It is called Glioblastoma multiform for this heartbreaking reason.
The day we went for her next oncologist appointment we had to wait around for her to be fitted in for an MRI then again for the results.
She was due another cycle of Lomustine but when the results where in from the MRI the oncologist decided against it.
I remember thinking be brave dont be crying infront of your mum, come on its going to be good news.
But knowing in my heart it wasnt.
My mum didnt want to see the results so she gave her permission for just me to see.
I just broke down as soon as i seen the scan images. How, why, wtf everything went through my mind and came out my mouth.
Her back tumour had nearly tripled in size and the orignal front one has grown back with vengence.
Why is this happening? We are literally throwing everything at this and its not responding.
After i calmed down the oncologist decided to change her chemo again,
this time to Procarbazine.
This is for 10 days each time and has loads of dietary restriction.
Thats not a problem as long as it works.
She has just finished her first cycle of this and she was ok on it but the day after she finished she had 3 seizures within an hour.
She has had another anti seizure med added and her steroids upped.
She is having more speech problems now tho and im trying to stay positive for the future but believe me its hard and anyone who has ever had cancer hit there family knows exactly what i mean.


After this chemotherapy I dont know what the NHS can offer us so I have been researching different clinics all over the world.
I have found one in Mexico that can offer us a 5 year plus survival rate of 55 - 65% which is amazing.
Because if you googled Glioblastoma your in for a horrible shock believe me. Ive stopped googling survival rates, it does you no good to let that even enter your mindset.

we now need to fundraise to raise the money to get her over there asap as time isn’t on our side. At the rate this is growing with treatment we need to get her over ASAP. 

The clinic in Mexico offers alternative treatments for there survival rate, we know she cant be cured because there is no cure for brain cancer especially Glioblastoma but we can prolong her life and we need your help to do this please.
The treatments she would receive in Mexico aren’t available here in the UK
The Mexico Clinic is  just one of the options.
We are willing to travel anywhere to keep her alive as long as possible and We need to fundraise to have the money available to go anywhere in the world. 

Any donation however small would be gratefully received and I will keep everyone updated with our Journey fighting this beast.

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