Help Family of Mom of 4 Killed on Mother's Day

I never thought I’d find myself in this position and I hate to have to do this but my family is struggling at the moment.

My name is Nnenna B and my auntie, Florence Ebere Ngwu, a loving wife, and mother of 4 that I grew up living with for the majority of my life, was tragically killed in Jamaica, Queens.

There are two videos with two different angles that depict exactly how my auntie was killed that you can view here and here (WARNING: Both videos are graphic, you can watch a non-graphic video below) but let me try my best to recount the story from the POV of my cousin, Princess, who witnessed the death of her mom.

Princess’ story:

My name is Princess and my mom was killed on Mother's Day.

On Sunday, May 8th at around 8 am my mom had just come home from working a double shift as a nurse at Silvercrest Nursing Home. While we were in the house, we heard some commotion going on outside. I took a peek through the window and noticed a pickup truck had crashed into my brand new car that my parents had just gifted me for graduating from medical school.

My mom and I ran outside to see what was happening and that's when we realized the lunatic driver was trying to flee the scene. We tried to get him to stop but our efforts were going nowhere so we turned to walk away. In the blink of an eye, the pick up truck zooms at us causing us all to fall as we tried to get out of harm's way. I got up and turned around to see the most horrific scene of my life – my mom crushed in between two parked cars. I called out to her several times as my dad desperately tried to push the car off of her...but we both knew right then and there that she was gone.

My mom was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where they performed CPR and finally got a pulse. This gave us a slim chance of hope after all my mom is the strongest person I know. The doctors operated on her for what seemed like a lifetime. My mom's heart stopped twice but they managed to revive her...yet she never regained consciousness. Me and the family went up to see her in the ICU and what we saw...was devastating to say the least.

The doctors later informed us that they weren't able to stop the bleeding and it was now up to my dad to decide whether or not to keep her on life support. My dad said "My wife is a fighter, we will keep her on for 20 years if we have to. We won't give up until she gives up."

At around 8:30 am the next morning we got a phone call from the doctor – her heart stopped for the third time and this time they weren't able to bring her back. My mom lost her battle.

We all returned to the hospital to say our final goodbyes.

My mom had no health issues and lived a pretty active lifestyle.. I never in a million years imagined a life where she'd unexpectedly leave us so soon. She will never get to see any of her children graduate (I had to flee Ukraine during the war that broke out a few months ago so didn't get a chance to have a proper graduation). She will never get to see us get married and have kids. My poor dad who suffers from a few health complications will forever have to endure the rest of his life without the love of his life.. but I'm at least grateful to be back home to help him get through this tragedy while my brothers and sister return to college upstate.

We are asking for donations to help our family cope during this difficult time. We're ideally asking for $50,000 but listed a more realistic goal of $35,000. I know this is a lot and we feel bad as is having to ask for so much but after doing some calculations and talking to a few people this is what we estimated we would need to cover our expenses.


Here's how the funds will be used:

$15K - to send my mom's body back to her birthplace and one true home in Enugu, Nigeria. This will allow the rest of her family members to get their chance to also say their final goodbyes.

$7.5K - to cover flight tickets for the immediate family (Florence's 4 kids and husband) to visit home in Nigeria for the funeral. A round trip ticket for 1 to Nigeria is approximately $1,500 and we plan to stay for 1-2 weeks.

$10-20K - to cover the costly funeral that will take place in Nigeria. This story reached many in her hometown of Enugu so we're expecting a huge turnout.

With that being said, please don't hesitate to send just $1 – We appreciate any and all donations you can give. Thank you all so, so much! <3

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