Help Brown Bear's Hot Dog Get A Food Truck!

Our small family-owned business Brown Bear's Hot Dogs is getting evicted by the landlord because he has accepted a corporate coffee company's offer to replace us. We were informed on April 30 from a letter in our mailbox stating we had to move out in 90 days in order for the new "quality tenant" to move in on August 1st. Brown Bear has been at Herndon and N. Fresno for almost a decade serving hot dogs to local residents and nearby visitors. Our small business has survived COVID, but we couldn't survive corporate power. We are devasted that we can no longer do what we love and serve the community we love.
Therefore, we are asking our community to help us to continue what we love to do - serve hot dogs! We hope to continue this journey with a new business approach, hot dogs on wheels! We will not let a physical location keep us from doing what we love. Having a food truck will allow us to serve with flexibility. We won't be under the pressure of landlords and corporations. Please help us make our next calling come true!

Here's an interview by the local news station.



Ben Raya 
Fresno, CA