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Hi! I'm Magnolia (Nol) Espedido and I created this campaign to raise funds for the medical expenses of Bien Dimalanta who is battling cancer. I have known Bien since Bec Dimalanta (Bien's mother) and I have been friends since we worked together in Ford Motor Company in the Philippines.

Now that my family and I are based in Toronto, Canada, we still keep in touch with Bec and the rest of our Ford and ex-Ford friends. From the time that we learned about the latest milestone of Bien's battle, all of us felt the urge to act and do something that will help the family with Bien's rising medical expenses. Since I'm miles away from the rest of our friends, I volunteered to start this gofundme campaign because it's not availabe yet in the Philippines. The rest of our friends in the Philippines are planning other fund-raising activities.

All funds collected from this campaign will be initially withdrawn by myself and transferred to my CAD checking account. Once funds are received, I will directly transfer the money to Bec's bank account in the Philippines.

Please read the story of Bien below . . .


This is Bien!

This is the story of Bien's battle with cancer . . .

Bien is a typical kid - jolly and playful. At an early age, he showed interest and passion for sports. Bien knows every NBA player but he cheers for the Cavs especially Lebron.  He also likes to bowl and in fact he bagged the 1st place in one of his games. Bien is into tennis as well with Nadal as his favorite and the list doesn't end there. He keeps himself updated with FIFA cause he's interested with football too.

On August 8, 2008 ( Bien was only 3 years old that time ), he started to have on and off fever for a few days. Initially, the family thought it was dengue.  But Bien started to complain of  body aches. They can't even touch Bien because it was so painful. Bien became weak that he can't even stand up.

After initial tests were negative, a bone marrow biopsy was performed and it was confirmed that he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (also called ALL or acute lymphocytic leukemia) is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. This type of cancer usually gets worse quickly if it is not treated.

Bien went through a series of chemotheraphy treatment in the Philippines. After 3 years, he was done with the chemo but still had to go for maintenance check-up for the next 2 years to be declared cancer-free. But after 1 year and 7 months the same symptoms occured and the doctor said he had a bone marrow relapse. Now they are back to zero - Bien have to do all the chemotheraphy all over again.

On April 2015, the family has to relocate to Bangkok, Thailand because of Marivic's ( Bien's mom ) work.  Bien continued the treatment in Thailand which he completed on June 2016.

In Nov 2016, during his scheduled off theraphy visit, Bien was noted to have an enlarged left testis. It was later confirmed, bone marrow and testicular relapsed. He went through radiation and back to chemo sessions. This time, cancer is too strong and his system is no longer cooperating. There were complications that he needed to be in ICU twice.

The family has now decided to have a bone marrow transplant but he needs to be in remission (have less cancer throughout your body) to have it. The doctor said that given the resistant behavior of his leukemia cells, his chance to have a remission is very less therefore, the potential curative treatment option is CAR T-cell theraphy. It is a process of re-engineering the Tcell and when administered back to the patient will recognize and kill the cancer cells.

This treatment is still on clinical trial stage but the family are lucky enough that Bien's doctor coordinated in the US and referred Bien to a hospital in China who later accepted Bien into the program.

The insurance reviewed the case and confirmed that they will not cover the expenses. The estimated cost for the CAR T-cell theraphy is $30,000 and another $30,000 for the bone marrow transplant. This doesn't include travel costs, accommodation and living expenses for the family. IT IS EXPENSIVE!

Bien's family needs help! And they need it right away. Bien's life depends on it. Their families and friends have been supporting them the best way they can. And now, Bien needs YOU more than ever.

Every single dollar will give Bien a chance at life, a chance he truly deserves.

All your prayers, support and donations are very much appreciated by the Dimalanta family.


For donations in the Philippines, you may directly deposit it to their bank account.  Details found below:

BPI Savings
Account Name: Joshua Bien L. Dimalanta
Account Number: 3469-0783-01
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