Help Bella Kick Cancers Butt!!!

 The family , in this picture the yellow skin is prominent.

Isabella Grace, my Granddaughter,  is only five years old and has just recently been diagnosed with ALL ( Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Our family is in the first stages of fighting this cancer and has yet to get over the shock of the diagnosis. Together we are now realizing how long a  road that lies ahead. Bella will be going through these treatments for over 2 years! She will continue to live in and out of the hospital and cannot attend school, daycare, or even visit the park. Heather will not be working, As the treatments  and doctor appouintments will be every few days.  Bella will also have to be Home Schooled during this time.   My daughter Heather is the essence of strength and calmness as they go through the motions of treatment. I am so proud and amazed at her everyday as she faces the day-to-day struggles of being a single parent.

June5th, Bella's  mother began to notice a significant change in Bella.  She also noticed Bella’s skin was turning yellow, thinking she may have an iron deficiency maybe anemia.  Heather set  Bella an appointment for Wednesday, June 7th. The doctor ordered a series of test and blood work  at the office. Heather received call with in 6 hours to go to the hospital and within 8 hours Bella was in oncology ICU diagnosed with leukemia!

Wednesday, June 7 – Heather and Bella arrived to the ER to start blood work right away. Once the blood work came back they realized that the blood had blasts and needed further review from the oncologist. Around 11 o'clock Bella was admitted to the oncology department and was given a blood transfusion due to her severe anemia.

 Thursday,  June 8 – Bella had her first bone marrow biopsy which is used in the deciding the  factor of leukemia. The blood work came back revealing Bella had a form of leukemia called All.  The doctors began immediately  with a treatment  plan.  Several doctors came and went  letting us know what the plan was and that she was going to have surgery in the morning and Saturday would be her first day of chemo.

Friday, June 9- Bella had three different surgical teams to perform her three surgeries at the same time.  After anesthesia the surgeries began with a spinal tap which was going to let us know if she had any leukemia in her spinal fluid, then they inserted a picc line to her chest, and lastly the dentist came in and removed eight teeth. Bella already had a dentist appointment scheduled to remove the two front teeth but with the risk of infection the removal of 8 teeth was impairative.  

                                Bella after her surgeries

Saturday, June 10 - Day one, the beginning of her leukemia treatment. Bella began taking her steroids and had her first dose of chemotherapy. Sunday was a day off from all the tests and procedures, but now Bella was very tired and spent the day just resting.

Monday, June 12 - Bella went back in for surgery to remove the pick line and to insert a permanent medi- port.

On Tuesday, June 13 Bella had another chemotherapy treatment. This was a more aggressive single-dose treatment of chemo.

On Wednesday, June 14 we would be packing up and heading back home after spending a week in the hospital. I went to the pharmacy in the hospital and collected her medications to take home. One of her doctors came to our room and We discussed and went over all of Her medications her steroids, her stomach medicine to protect her stomach from all of the medicines, her antibiotics, her stool softeners, her anti nausea pills, and her numbing cream to numb her port when it needs to be accessed.

June 19th. We went in for her first chemotherapy treatment in the clinic at the hospital Bella also received chemotherapy treatment to her spine during a spinal tap. Her hemoglobin levels were low again so she got another blood transfusion him along with her chemotherapy treatment. During the week she was just very tired and weak.

Monday, June 26 was her next chemo therapy treatment.

Today is the 15th day of treatment and so far Bella has received two blood transfusions, four surgeries, two spinal taps, one bone marrow biopsy, four IV chemo treatments, and spent eight days in the hospital.

No one should have to go through this fight without their family. We have to move Bella, her mom (Heather), and baby brother home from Ohio so she can get the support she needs emotionally, physically, spiritually, as well as, financially. Please help Bella have a regular transition threw this horrible time.  This is all a new learning experience for all of us and this move is going to take all of our finances for awhile with Doctors bills and moving expenses along with the two plus years of treatment! Please find it in your heart to help my beautiful family.
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