Please help me escape 21 years of abuse.

Hi, I'm Briar. I'm 21 and an autistic, nonbinary, second generation Cuban-American who uses they/them pronouns and has BPD and PTSD. Please ignore all instances of my legal name that are attached to this account; I am not out as nonbinary to anyone in the real world nor do I have the funds to change my legal name or gender on legal documents.

The TL;DR of my situation: I can't leave my abusive parents with the brand new car (worth 10 thousand dollars) I was purchased and sunk 2 thousand dollars of my own escape money into in even the next 3 years and am deteriorating quickly because of it and the recurrent abuse I still endure. Anything you can donate will be used SOLELY for escaping my abusive home and be greatly appreciated. Please donate if you can and thank you for reading.

Detailed version of my situation: I desperately need funds to offset the cost of my car loan so I can leave my abusive parents once and for all and actually begin to heal from everything I've gone through at their hands.

Now, I'm sure you have questions as to why I need to pay off my car loan before I leave them and what this nebulous 'abuse' I'm describing is. Allow me to not waste your time and begin with why I need to pay off my car loan so you know where your money is going and why.

I've been saving up to move out since I was 14, scrimping and saving and gaining just a little over $4k this year with the help of generous friends donating over the years. With this $4k, I decided to split it in order to invest in a car for myself. Nothing fancy, just the cheapest used vehicle I could get with good gas milage and a working AC since I live in South Florida. Needed this car for more reasons than just a luxury present though. 

Much of you know the US is heavily car dependent and in conjunction with that fact, I, being asthmatic, can't exactly walk everywhere if I'm going to move out and get a couple jobs to try and support myself if I'm huffing and puffing after a 15 minute walk in the Florida heat and 30 minutes in the cold up north. Not only that, but the car purchase was to help incite my parents to stop neglecting my need to drive as I'm 21 years of age as I currently write this and only got my license this year, after my plan with purchasing the car to pressure them to teach me worked.

Now, why the $7.5k figure, you may ask? Allow me to explain. My parents have been involved with many different types of financial fraud and other types of fraud I don't feel comfortable describing in case they find this before and because of this and my culpability to being prosecuted as an accessory to it all when my name is used without my consent or knowledge. Nevermind the fact I didn't have a license nor the state of the world right now with the pandemic, I was too scared to even think about purchasing the car myself for fear of erring so stupendously that I'd be arrested on the spot. I was also being heavily pressured by my mother to stay home on the day of the purchase for this reason. I don't doubt I would've been yelled at or emotionally abused in some way if I pushed to attend the purchase.

Because of this, I entrusted my mother with 2 thousand dollars in physical tender when I shouldn't have. Instead of purchasing a used car I showed her previously and had her verbally agree with me upon, she decided to make an impulsive purchase at the dealership without consulting me and got me a new car that was $10k. A "nice" gesture at face value, but more sinister when you consider that I had no agency in this decision, was never considered for the choice making aspect, and was and am still being treated like a child at the age of 21. I'm thankful for having a personal mode of transportation, yes, but in the end my money was taken and used in a way I didn't consent to for a needlessly expensive vehicle when I stated multiple times previously that anything off the used lot would have done me just as good.

Much of the abuse I've endured follows this type of thinking on both of my parent's parts and is often much worse than this incident, when I consider much of my childhood was spent dodging my mom when she was angry because she'd brandish knives and wave them around to "jokingly" threaten both my dad and I to do as she told. There are many, many more memories in this vein that I can recall but will omit for the sake of brevity.

Please help by donating if you can. I'm losing morale by the day and everything you donate will go directly into my savings account, expressly off limits and ABSOLUTELY untouched until it's time to pay the car off and I can pressure my mother into letting me pay the car loan and then subsequently pressure her into signing the car off to me in my name and running out of this house with the rest of my escape funds and never looking back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you even more if you decide to donate.
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