Help a Gayby Pay Her Tuition!

Support the arts! Help a struggling gayby and pay her impending tuition ransom!

My name is Cori Bratby-Rudd and I have a $10,000 tuition bill that I am not eligible to receive loans to cover. I am currently working on my Master’s in Fine Arts in Writing at California Institute of the Arts. At Cal Arts, I will be producing a manuscript on my life as the daughter of lesbians.

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My Story:

On March 3rd I rushed to our rusty mailbox. The wooden post was tilted slightly towards the left and I grabbed the faded hatch to try to see if I got any letters about grad school. A thick white envelope with the return address in Valencia from one of the best art schools in the country lay on the top of the stack of past renters long forgetting monthly men’s health magazine and their junk mail from Jiffy Lube.

 I felt the weight of the letter. Heavy letters meant acceptances right? I tore open the back, careful not to rip the inner contents.

 “Dear Cori Bratby-Rudd,


 I stopped reading and ran up the steps to our apartment. I fumbled with my key in the lock, taking triple the amount of time to open the door. I rushed past our roommates unwashed laundry on the couch. Black work pants and various flannel t shirts lined the hallway as I sprinted towards our bedroom. My wife Diana was sitting at the brown desk we picked up for free at UCLA. Graduating students always seem to forget to take their items to Goodwill, and luckily enough, for us that meant we had an Ikea desk for free.

 She lifted her head as I walked through the door and I panted as I exclaimed

 “I GOT IN.”

 Diana jumped up in excitement, and rushed the kitchen to grab a new bottle of wine to celebrate. We sat there thinking about all of the hard work I had done to get into this school.

 Over the past few years I had been robbed, my computer stolen and all of my writing on the hard drive evaporated into nothing. Even after a fundraiser I had not been able to replace all the possessions I lost on that sunny day in San Francisco when Diana and I went for a walk. We came back to discover that someone had taken a crow bar to the windows of our car and taken the only things we really had of value, our books and our papers.

 Despite the long attempts to replace our belongings, we moved forward. After graduating I was so poor I had to go on food stamps. I’ll never forget finding out I had been published for the first time in Cornell’s Rainy Day Literary Magazine as I was standing in the middle of a welfare line about to go through a metal detector.

 Since graduating from UCLA, I had been published over fifty times. All of my work had been in an attempt to get this one letter.

 I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

 I was not naïve. Cal Arts is absolutely one of the best art institutions, it is also expensive. I knew loans and grad school are a bit synonymous and I have accepted that I will probably be choosing to invest in my brain instead of ever being able to afford a house. As it stands I will graduate with $40,000 in debit.

 I am reaching out now because my loans have been capped. There is a $10,000 dollar difference between the maximum loan I am allotted, my scholarships and the cost of attendance.

 For the past year, I have saved everything I have earned and was able to contribute heartily to my education, but I need help.  

 But as I stood there with that heavy letter in my hand, I knew it was worth it.

 I already am a writer. I want to go to school because I want to publish a book, and be a professor and teach. At the end of the program I will have a book length manuscript that is ready to be published and I will be qualified to teach at a community college.

 I can’t do it without the support of those who have so often rallied behind me. Thank you for reading and please read the links to my articles I posted below.

 Check out what I am doing here:

-- View some of my work  experiences and accomplishments on Linkedin
--View some of my publications on my blog .
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Cori Bratby-Rudd 
Alhambra, CA