HELP Aria BEAT Houselessness &Re-launch family biz

Hey there, it's Vanessa but all of my friends call me Vliss!

I appreciate the few moments you will spend here
learning more about my new family of 2020. My husband De`von, my baby girl, and I are opening ourselves to this world in a brand new way. 

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(I found out that it takes bravery and seemingly rigid circumstances to eventually fundraise for support. *I say this as I take a big gulp of nothing and nervously check my notes to begin this writing...)

                                                        ~~We are fundraising to~~

1.)Have in place a stable foundation for Baby Aria
and BEAT houselessness.

2.)Re-establish our Fitness & Dance business
so that we can continue to grow our gifts and establish longterm financial independence. 

3.) Provide a vital health service to the public
in this new virtual based world.

                                                            ~~Our Background~~

We birthed our first baby together this year and got married. Yep, all in 2020.
Being prepared for unexpected changes is what we already had on the menu at the start of the year.

52246848_1604343635238028_r.jpegPregnancy photo...

52246848_1604343705896685_r.jpegBaby Aria ^_*

52246848_1604343767590480_r.jpegVirtual Wedding...

In 2019, after teaching fitness classes and participating in dance events together, we decided to combine our efforts and starting doing business as one.  
52246848_1604429950296597_r.jpegA few certifications and places worked...

52246848_1604346107969785_r.jpegAfter morning class at a commercial gym...

52246848_1604348143180120_r.jpegPresented and weekend-long fitness event...

52246848_1604363260638264_r.jpegSilver Sneakers© event at a Senior Complex...

52246848_1604348182997816_r.jpegPrivate Class...

52246848_1604432561188535_r.jpegZumba© Jam Session...

                                                           ~~Shock of a lifetime~~

Our baby shower was almost shut down like the world eventually did. I stubbornly had a quick gathering to celebrate our first child.  There were no games, just some brave souls who came by to eat my homemade spaghetti and uneducatedly picked wine. At the time, my guests only heard whispers online of maybe 6 or 7 people had it.

52246848_1604348666283614_r.jpegMarch 2020...

"How ignorant we all were about the changes to our civilisation that would come. "

Later we find out that seniors are the hardest hit.
This was heartbreaking because so many of our morning to afternoon class participants would be considered seniors. 

Traditional fitness facilities continue to suffer because the world found out together that being indoors with others is the worst place to stay safe from Covid-19.  

                                                                ~~Trying to Deal~~

"Just imagine all of the usual stresses of having your first child TIMES a quarantine during a worldwide PANDEMIC!" 

52246848_1604432408419628_r.jpegHair loss from stress...

My husband and I went through a hurricane of emotions from excitement and love, to fear and blame, to boredom and extreme eagerness.  All of these emotions came from topics like parenting,  our business industry, our relationship, American society and our own inner worlds.  


The Black Lives Matter movement made a resurgence in the media after the tragedy of George Floyd and so many others like him.  Of course, since we have brown skin in America, and most would consider us a black family, we know first hand about the unfair treatment of black people in the USA.  However, it was too much for us to watch the George Floyd video since we were bringing in a new life to this world around the same time.

Even though it seemed like the world was coming to an end in more ways than one, we desperately tried to keep negative energy away from our new baby girl. What the BLM movement did and how it brought awareness to the world completely shocked us.  We did not think people cared outside of the U.S. It gave us an unimaginable amount of optimism to better ourselves and keep going! 

"Seeing millions of people around the globe IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES who were raising awareness for the injustices to lives in America brought tears to my eyes."

52246848_1604433573448291_r.jpegExample of types of content we studied...

Although we never got any professional counselling before we seriously thought that we might've needed it early in the summer.  American society was still fully shut down at that time to inquire about it. So instead, we flooded ourselves with self-empowerment books and spiritual studies from many different backgrounds. We understood that we wanted some new perspectives and practices to understand and use our consciousness in a better way for us. 

Eventually, we gathered an eclectic repertoire of concepts that have helped us TREMENDOUSLY!  We found many common threads throughout the traditional religions of the world. It provided some relief.

Ultimately, we took full responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Concepts from the Law of Attraction and Astrology provided some clarity while messages from people like Eckhart Tolle has been incredibly grounding.

                                                          ~~Continuing to Strive~~

Eventually, we got funds from the gov't to help us along as all of America was struggling to figure out how our country should look like as we reopen. At that time we decided to reinvest some of that money back into our selves to be more prepared for when our industry reopened.

Sadly a reopening never fully happened yet. Many IRL fitness and entertainment companies are still closed. However, the fitness industry has transformed into being almost 100% online.

52246848_1604348982880640_r.jpegSeptember 2020...

Due to frustrating circumstances, we eventually had to move.  So far since August, we have stayed in multiple types of short term housing.  We have used motels, hotels, AirBnb, and the like.  Finally met someone through AirBnb that has offered to rent to us exclusively until the summer.  We are eternally appreciative for this opportunity.

                                                                       ~~Our Vision~~
We have a vision of a future where Baby Aria could have both parents safe at home while running a growing business that will provide a health service and bring positivity to the world. We intend to take advantage of our skills and create pre-recorded classes, conduct live online events, and produce an online video course. 

We have already planned out as much as we could without procrastinating for perfection out of fear. Time is not on our side for that.  We intend to get going and to work together with fitness and dance lovers to build this new way of interacting. Essentially, to re-write what fitness looks like for the future! 

                                                 ~~HOW THE MONEY WILL BE USED~~

GOAL $17,500

*Secure Housing
*Baby Supplies
*Business Expenses for Re-Launch Online
(ie. Advertising, Recording Equipment, Operating Software like Quickbooks & Dacast, etc.)

Bigger GOAL $30,000

*Business, Legal, and Financial Advice/Education
*Launch a seasonal online 4-week progression course of Zumba© GOLD. 
*Longterm Savings for Aria
*Secure Housing

Biggest GOAL $40,000

*Launch Zumbini© Course Online
*Launch Enerchi© (Tai Chi) Classes Online
*Longterm Savings for Aria
*Secure Housing

Ideal GOAL & Beyond $50,000

*FREE Weekly Online Seated Yoga Classes- (Aimed at Senior Communities)
*Launch Chair Zumba© GOLD Course
*Longterm Savings for Aria
*Secure Housing for a year

(Goals will be worked on and launched in order of completion.)

All of these takes time, dedication, preparedness and we are more than willing to do the work and get the education we need to stay around long term. 

"This is our way of taking the best that we have to serve the public in these difficult times.....To make a way for my family in this new ever-changing world." 


                                                          ~~Seeing The Other Side~~

"We have almost exhausted all credit cards, have no more savings and we are dangerously low on cash flow."
The thin line we are walking is very understood by us.
To even think about a few months from now without doing EVERYTHING that we can is insanity to us. We have opened ourselves in this way to connect with those of you out there who connect with us and what we will be bringing to the world. 

Spreading love, joy, and understanding is what everyone needs right now. The work that we provide enhances not only physical health but mental health too. Plus volunteering and donating is one of the staples in cultivating and holding happiness and life satisfaction according to many scientists and psychologists. 

Do something good for yourself and help another at the same time!  Everyone especially seniors need mobility programs and the encouragement to keep their chin up now more than ever in my lifetime. 

                                                                  ~~Donar Rewards~~

This is the beginning of a new relationship and we invite you to engage with us on this new business and life path.  Rewards are redeemable, not automatic. However, if you just want to donate, we strongly encourage you to give your donor gift to a friend or family member as a gift to them.
Anyone who you think would enjoy the service we offer is so welcome!

Every Donar will receive a thank you email and the opportunity to sign up for our company monthly newsletter to keep in touch. (Opt-out anytime!)


$25- Thank you e-card and 3 personal updates of the family.

$50- All above plus > One FREE Pre-Recorded Zumba© class.

$75- All above plus> One FREE Live Zumba© Class.

$100- or more- All above plus> One FREE 4-week progression Zumba© pack.

(Class/course rewards are to be used within 6 months of launch date)

We plan to give back like you are by providing:

(After surpassing our goal we will broadcast this program intended for Seniors everywhere! More details will be emailed and updated.) 

"Our elders are the hardest hit by Covid-19 and has caused worldwide devastation for this demographic.  Seniors citizens was a big part of the community that we served."


                                                             ~~Let do this FAST!~~

Money is running out and online at home fitness industry has turned a major corner and is thriving! We are fundraising and asking for your donation to secure housing and jump-start our business online.

Having a longterm foundation for Baby Aria with a community of kind people encouraging us along the way is a dream I feel will come true!

52246848_160435043786833_r.jpegBaby Aria at 5 months...

Join the movement of BEING LOVE & GIVING LOVE and let us all be inspiring for others. Help us serve fitness, dance and happiness to the public once again!

                                                         WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! 
                                                                 ****DONATE NOW****
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