The Hebert Children Need Your Help

This is an update to the story my husband wrote in the height of grief to launch this campaign. His story is below for further reading on the kind and gentle man that Greg was.

On Saturday morning Greg Hebert said goodbye to his wife and children to head out to a job site he was working.  Shortly after this, his wife,  MaLinda and the kids were heading to the library when Greg called MaLinda and said he was having chest pain. She stayed on the phone with him while he drove to a gas station where he collapsed and dropped the phone.  The employees at the station called 911 and picked up the phone to give MaLinda directions to where they were.  By the time she got there Greg was in route to the nearest hospital, 45 minutes away, undergoing CPR. 

I received a frantic phone call from MaLinda to pray, just pray, she had no idea how serious it was.  My husband met her and brought the children to our home while MaLinda headed to the hospital. Greg underwent CPR for nearly an hour before he was stabilized and taken to surgery. He had a massive heart attack with an artery 100% blocked. The next 72 hours MaLinda sat next to her husband in disbelief, not eating or sleeping much if at all. This was not the plan; they were supposed to grow old together. Greg was placed on full life support as they tried to determine if he would recover.  

On Tuesday afternoon MaLinda had to make the most difficult decision anyone is ever faced with. The love of her life, the father of her children, her best friend was determined to have no brain activity and the doctors told her he would never recover. I stood with her and Greg’s sister Cathy and held her hand as they pulled him from life support.  As if that was not heartbreaking enough, we had to came home and tell the children. Gabrielle, Hannah, and Samuel are devastated and are going through the grief process with their mother and the rest of the family.

MaLinda had quit her job just a month ago to spend more time home with the children and to help Greg in his painting business.  They had not yet acquired new health insurance and had no life insurance in place to help pay for the home and replace the loss of his income. Malinda and children are left without the means to pay the mortgage, car payment, utilities, or buy food.  This does not even touch on the hospital bills that will be rolling in.

 Over the next few months the children will need their mother home with them as it is summer break from school and it will take time to grieve, process, and heal. They need your help to get them through this time financially and if you cannot help financially, they need your prayers.  Please consider helping with a donation of any size. No amount is too small. If you cannot donate then please pray and share this page with everyone you can. MaLinda and the children are forever grateful to you for your help.

As the sun rises each morning we awake with certain hopes, dreams, and expectations. Our dreams are usually laced with the hope that we can make a living doing what we are good at or better still doing what we love. Most of us want nothing more than to make a decent living by working hard to provide for our families.

What we usually do not expect to happen when the sun rises is the unexpected. Our lives are fragile and often too short especially in comparison to human history. Are we ever really ready for all possible scenarios that could unfold before us any given day? Deep inside we are well aware that the answer is no.

Saturday morning I was in my garden pulling grass seedlings from around my tomato plants (a task that I am most enthusiastic about- not!) when my wife, Rebecca, calls for me to come inside the house immediately. I though she had a premonition that I was about to get overheated. She then reaffirms, "Shawn I need you to come here right now!" I get up from my labor of love and enter our front door.

"We need to pray for Greg, MaLinda, and the kids. We do not have any details but Greg was complaining of chest pain and he is currently not responsive. and undergoing CPR." Greg underwent CPR for 45 minutes while in route to the hospital. He was taken to surgery having had a massive heart attack and a stent was placed in an artery that was 100% blocked. 

Over the last seventy-two hours, Greg was on life support and in critical condition. Yesterday, June 13th, at 3:28 pm, Greg Hebert passed away leaving behind his wife of almost 13 years, MaLinda, and three children, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Samuel.
Greg Hebert was a hardworking and generous man who not only helped me out on many occasions over the years but countless other people. One time, on less than an hours notice, Greg helped me move15,000  books I purchased and never asked for anything in return (though he worked many hours). He helped us move a few times, his family gave us food, and money to pay bills in our time of need. He always had compassion for someone who was down on their luck.

Greg was a painter by trade and a mighty fine one at that. He even painted for us on several occasions. He refused payment for his services every time. Greg was always a very generous person that took joy in helping friend and stranger alike.

When Greg woke up Saturday morning he faced the day with its challenges and promise. He had hopes, dreams, and expectations and he was going to work hard like he did every day. He did not hope, dream, or expect to spend the next seventy-two hours in the hospital before passing away. None of us expect to be... none of us ever do.

For the family left behind, there will be a significant financial burden placed upon them. There are going to be medical bills, living expenses, loss of income, and much more during this time.

The financial burden is going to be especially hard as MaLinda just left her job of over six years to invest more time in her family. Sadly, in making this change they had not yet acquired a new health insurance policy. 

On top of all this, there will also be tears, grief, and a longing to be reunited one day. The days ahead are going to be tough. A wife has lost her husband and the children their father. How does anyone prepare themselves for what is now their reality? None of us expect to be... none of us ever are.

When you woke up this morning what hopes, dreams and expectations did you have? What were your plans for the day? 

"What if you or I found ourselves in the same position, what would we do? How prepared are we for the advent of the unexpected?" I suspect that some of us are better prepared than others while some are less prepared. 

Friday night (June 9th) Greg brought us a desk that one of the owners of a home he was painting did not want to keep. He hauled it, assembled it, and afterward asked for nothing in return. The next morning... not even twenty-four hours later the unexpected happens.

All I am hoping to do is help a friend that has generously showered our family and many others, with his time and resources.  We are hoping that you will be generous to the Hebert family in their time of need.

There are two ways you can help out the Hebert family:

First, pray, pray, pray for God's will to be done. Pray for comfort, peace, and financial provision. And after you have prayed, please pray some more. In the event that you cannot do anything but pray, know you have already done the best that can be done. 

What to pray for:

God be glorified through the loss, grief, and pain.
The kids (Gabrielle, Hannah, and Samuel as they are rapidly going through the stages of grief).
MaLinda (She is strong, resilient, and determined but also overwhelmed and hurting).
Medical bills, medical bills, medical bills.
Finances (mortgage, loss of income, daily bread, etc.).

How to give:
An online monetary donation of any amount through this Go Fund Me page.

We have set the goal of $10,000, however, we do not know what their actual need will be as the medical bills won't start rolling in until next week. It is quite possible that the medical bills alone could easily total $500,000+. The mortgage, car payment, and utilities are all coming due and there is no income at this time. 

We look forward to seeing your genuine love and generosity poured out towards this family in their time of need. For the body of Christ and compassionate humanitarians thank you in advance for "weeping with those who weep" and consoling grieving hearts. Your kindness and care are a testimony of light in a dark time.

Shawn & Rebecca  Arendt on behalf of the Hebert family

"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."  James 1:27
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