Heart warrior baby Edleigh

This was written by edleighs dad and I couldn't have said it any better myself but if you could please help this amazing family that would be so helpful there little girl is a fighter

Miss Edleigh "Eddie" Viola Plaisted was born on 06/27/2017 at 1:30 am.

At 20 weeks Alyssa and I were told that our beautiful girl has some heart abnormalities. Fast Forward to today, Eddie is under going her first stage of repair.

Her aortic arch is narrow causing low or even no blood flow to her lower extremities which is why they started her on prostaglandins. Her pulmonary artery is oversized which pumps too much blood causing her lungs to be engorged. They began Lasix to aid in less fluid retention. She has been stable for the most part, little speed bumps here and there. She needed respiratory support with a c-pap machine with regular ambient air. They did insert a NAVA cath into her nose which helps with regulating breaths, long story short it did not sync well with her diaphragm, she is off of it now. Eddie has a decent size hole in her AV septum, this will be fixed at a later date when she is older. Last but not least her left side of her heart is hypoplastic (small). The goal with todays surgery is to enlarge her narrow aorta with an incision + donor artery material. They will also place a band over her pulmonary artery to regulate flow, and add a partition near a valve to help direct flow. This will *fingers-crossed* help her left side grow more.

Currently she is in the OR. We don't have updates as of now, I will update as soon as time permits. As first time parents this all comes as a shock, as it would to anyone. When we went over the details of these procedures we couldn't help but feel.. well... helpless and broken. Edleigh will be put on bypass, her heart stopped, body chilled, and cut through her sternum. She will be intubated and sedated for the next few day post surgery to aid in her aorta healing. This is very invasive. This by far is the single most challenging thing I/we have ever been through. I/we are so in love with our girl.

She is strong, resilient, brave, inspiring, and will move mountains.

I feel confident in her surgeon. He actually called me on his cell phone last night. He had just gotten off a plane and he really wanted to meet with us. He just drove right over to the hospital. He knew Edleigh's heart anomalies like no other. He also touched base on how a fathers challenge in itself is obviously a battle.. But a mothers is one to be admired. Alyssa is one to be admired, that brought me to tears because she is so very strong. I am so humbled in having my superwoman and supergirl by my side.

Please send any prayers or blessings out into the universe for our dear girl.

Thank you


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