Healing Melissa from Stage 4

Hey Guys, Melissa here. I know this has not been easy to watch. I know you all believed that I had the cancer maintained. I did. In the midst of being overworked. I had high stress, I am scared to sleep I feel like I’ll die, I am the pickiest vegan eater and still suffer with feeling unloved. I still wasn’t taking care of myself even tho I told everyone I was. I stopped taking my oil, I juiced once a day, I ate if Julie reminded me to. I wanted to die. I gave up on my treatment. It was just odd to see my people I love not participate in my healing. Maybe I victimized myself, but anywho I just did not see any light. Life did not seem fair and that had been my case from birth, in others words I was just tired of working hard to keep this light for my community and others weren’t. I still struggle with these emotions “why do humans treat each other the way they do?” Early November I woke up to a pregnant looking belly and knew the cancer had spread literally overnight to my right ovary, making it a grapefruit size. The night before I clearly remember I cried so hard at the fact that my sisters have not been here as I would have like. I felt betrayed, I’ve given much to turn the dark in my family into light. I for fact know that my cancer is driven by a lack of self love. I was diagnosed at a stage 4 a week after with 3 months. I didn’t cry as usual. God is good he gives me composure. I formulated my own holistic treatment. Which was....

6am hot bath 25 mins take omega pill

630am frozen towels on lower belly 5 mins

637 walk on grass 5 mins take maitake mushroom take asea too 4oz

645 enema alteravte daily coffee/garlic/tea

7 breakfast flax seeds cactus aloe vera cucumber blended with water eat a whole apple with seeds (take 10 chlorella tablets before meal and 1 enzyme tablet after meal)

720 nettle tea and 1/4 oil dose

920 oil

Sleep till 11

1110am 12 almonds blended with orange juice asea 4oz

1135 thc oil 1/4 followed by cold bath 5 mins

1145 pemf machine 30-45
Followed by dandelion tea

130p Oil

Sleep till 2 with castor frankincense oil pack

210pm big raw salad (take 10 chlorella tablets before meal and 1 enzyme tablet after meal) followed by elderberry tea and maitake mushroom

235 walk outdoors get sun 30 mins

3pm onion wrap 30 mins asea drink 4oz

330 oil dose and frozen towels on lower belly

4pm apple cider shot

5pm Beet celery Apple blended followed by tea and maitake mushroom

530 pemf machine 30-45 mins oil

630 enema asea 4oz

730 oil dose

8 half a papaya with lemon Turmeric cayenne and apple cider dressing (take 10 chlorella tablets before meal and 1 enzyme tablet after meal)

Melatonin and omega pills before bed time 9pm

Garlic up or frank capsule up

This was my plan after my stage 4 diagnoses in November 2017. I practiced this plan for a month and was able to reduce the tumor (which is photographed below) 4 weeks later the scan shows it reduce by 5/8. Unfortunately while self treating myself my arm broken because the cancer is there too. Another hiccup on mri that US doctors didn’t tell me about till after my arm was broken. I am my own advocate. I always request all my documents, scans, reports, doctors notes, blood work, all of it. My treatment is working. The cancer is my arm was dying and with it breaking down and being in the bone it caused the break. This is my second chance to heal and do it right. Which means effortlessly loving myself and learning all that I can about holistic healing so that I may pay it forward as God has required of me. While in San Antonio, doctors are running test for days, four days of testing on an arm is ridiculous, they suggested adding metal to reconstruct arm and those who know cancer know. Metal is thee worst for healing. My husband Roel, My Sister Gina, My brother Chris and Sister Tammany found a way to get me treated. It was enough for them. I don’t remember anything I was truly ready to die. I kept talking to God. I felt at peace. By the time I knew it I was being snuck out the hospital and literally wheelchaired into a direct flight to Tijuana. This whole thing seems like one interesting movie. I know this is all Gods Work, and in so I humble myself to ask Humanity, do you and can you help your Sister? I have been in treatment here four days. One of my four tumors is gone, I look tan again and not grey, I can walk, and my anxiety has disappeared. The doctor complimented me on my own protocol and said this is another reason why we are going to beat this because you are disciplined. While we did have plans to travel to Belize because I was told I was going to die. People who love me made this treatment possible and im witnessing their fight, I am motivated to be the change for myself and also the health care system. Guys this is bigger than me, than you. Let’s donate to see what God has in store for us. I am so excited to heal and pay it forward.

All ma love, MVG. ‍♂️

Please note I shared my treatment plan. I hope it may serve someone. ❤️

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