Healing and Treatment for Chitra*

Chitra is a single mum with two children, Talulah (18) and Chalice (12) and has been living with cancer for the last ten years. Chitra and the kids moved to Wales so Chitra could complete her sculpture degree in order to support the children, but as a result of the stress and moving house twice the tumour grew and she had a in a mastectomy in 2014. After Chitra completed her degree, they moved to Glastonbury for more support as they were living in an isolated area in Wales.

Last year there were signs that the cancer had spread to the other breast. In March of this year, Chitra went to Germany for a couple of days to meet a naturopathic doctor to arrange for some treatment at a clinic. Unfortunately, the treatment plans have been deferred since then, for as soon as she returned she got flu that lead to pneumonia. The coughing from the pneumonia left Chitra unable to walk as the constantly coughing damaged her back further. An X-ray showed that she had a compression fracture in the L2 vertebra of the spine. Unfortunately this fracture is due to the cancer having spread to the bones. The situation is now critical as the doctors are saying that her spine could collapse. Throughout this illness, Chitra has chosen to follow a natural healing path as much as possible.

Much of her research led her to the understanding that the standard protocol for cancer treatment, in this country at least, are very toxic for the immune system, so she made the choice not to undergo Chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She believes that this is what has kept her alive for the last 10 years.

There are lots of very expensive treatment programmes on the market and all around the world but Chitra has researched thoroughly to find a more affordable option that is slightly closer to home. Chitra would like to go to a natural clinic in Germany where she would be getting 4 weeks of oxygen injections and Vitamin C I.V.s and Glutathione, Curcumin and mitochondria regeneration. Depending on Chitra’s condition when she arrives, treatments can be extended in amount and substances. We would like to raise enough funds to cover other day-to-day medicines and treatments, such as weekly Rife sessions and other healing sessions.

Up until this point Talulah and Chalice have been the sole/primary carers for Chitra throughout her illness. It has been incredibly tough for all of them. We are hoping that this fundraising effort will alleviate the pressure on all of them and really bring them the support and help that is needed. Chitra does feel as though her health is deteriorating and so the funds are needed as urgently as possible. We are praying that we can turn this situation around, to help restore Chitra to full health and, at the very least, to make Chitra and the childrens’ lives as easy and enjoyable as possible and ensure that Chitra and the childrens’ quality of life is a good as possible.
Chitra said “As much as I would love to live to a ripe old age and know my children’s children, my wish is that I live until Chalice is 18 and an adult.”

Thank you for your compassion, your generosity and your help in raising these funds for this strong, amazing woman, great mother and valued elder of our community.

I just wished to share with you a poem that I wrote for Chitra on her birthday last year:

Happy birthday
Our darling Chitra
Thanks for all you do
And all that you are

You're such a star
A living legend
So grateful that
We are your friends

You're so loving
And you're so kind
So here's a little
Birthday rhyme

To let you know
How much we care
And let you know
We'll always be there

To share some of the
Many reasons we love you
Who you are and
What you do 

You've lived your life to the full
Expressive and wholehearted
You're fun and you’re funny
Devoted and dedicated

You're seriously beautiful
Your presence is striking
You've so much strength
Like a female viking

Your mama was a
Scottish Highlander
You give advice
With tactful candour

Always willing to help
Sirus says good samaritan
If each good deed was a metre
You'd have run a marathon

You're resourceful
And adaptable
You're versatile
And valuable

You’re hardworking
You’re a D*I*Y* whizz
Oh yes, and a
Completion addict!

And as well as
Being practical
You're mystical
And magical

Your heart is good
Your soul is golden
You're SUPERnatural
Naturopathic and wholesome {whole*smmmmm}

You're in our lives forever
Let's face it, you're fam
You're one of Aurora's
Greatest friends and fans

Outstanding work on
Your two incredible kids
Such beauties we too
Get to share our lives with

Your gorgeous talented girl
Talulah's totally terrific
And, let's face it…
Chalice also a wonderkid!

They've been trampolining
For most of their lives
You've given them many tools
To help them to thrive

They're smart and switched on
Their love is great and ample
As much as you can
You lead by example

You're a Supermama
You're supercool
Your kids have been
So well {home}schooled

You're cool, calm, collected
And courageous
On the odd occasion
You’re outrageous!

You're a great teacher
You teach us all so much
You share your life lessons
With a unique touch

Like when Aurora was teething
You would bare your teeth and growl
You helped her understand
Instead of moan and howl

You give her love and
You give her time
You've helped her master
The stair climb

You have all the tricks
To make them great
The proof's in the pudding
You're your two's best mate

You learn from the babes
You're such a good mother
You're such a good teacher
'Cos you're willing to learn from others

You're smart and savvy
You see beyond the surface
You like to live your
Life with purpose

You are talented at 
Creating beautiful things
And you adorn parties and places
With the decor you bring

Your world is full
Of valuable treasures
Fam and friendships
Beyond measure
You emanate joy
And in it you bask
We so super love it
When you laugh

Which, may I say,
You do a lot
What a great sense 
Of humour you've got

Aurora's so often
The source of that mirth
This lovely munchkin
That we birthed

Wise woman

You told me dark colours
No longer do you right
We love your vibrant
Colours bold and bright

You're fit, slim and slender 
Your wrists sport copper bangles
Another love of Aurora's 
With their sheen and jingle jangle

You give your attention fully
You respond enthusing
You are entertaining
And very amusing

Your eyes shine
With light and warmth
A sense of amusement
When you talk

You have great accents
Especially Indian
Third eye open and bright
With a beautiful bindi on

You're interested and interesting
You've so many wise tales
I often record or take notes
As your stories you regale

You're fiercely protective
Of those you hold dear
At peace with death
So you have no fear

You're warm and friendly
But you're learning
That it's wise and okay
To be more discerning
You're resiliant

And just to note
If you ever don't feel that
We'll be there to help at
The drop of a hat
You're creative and inspired
In so many ways
The new big idea is
Headgear for cosplay

Fashioned from 
Revolutionary foam
We're so excited
To sport our own

You're an artist
And a sculptress
My mother's medal
You gave me, is the best!

So many influences
In your work sculptural
From New Mexico to India 
You're multicultural

From the heavens too
You're clearly celestial
And you're cosmic

And the raw vegan food delights
You love to create
The cakes, "cheese" and chocs
That you make are GREAT

Exquisite delights
That are so delicious
And, to top it off
Are super nutritious!

Excited for all that
Together we shall create
Awesome and delicious
It's gonna taste great

In so many ways
You're inspirational
I hope you realise
You're sensational

You've cared for many beings
Be they animal or human
Universal soul
Earthly womb*an

You told me that some cultures
Believe eating meat kills compassion
Like me, you stand for animal rights
With love, wisdom and passion

No beef, no meat,
And no dairy
Except for Ahimsa
And places they care see

You're an empath
You feel deeply
You're sensitive
You call us "sweety"

You're learning how to set boundaries
And truly value yourself
To restore you to
Full beaming health

You’re learning when and how
To take time for yourself
To restore you back
To glowing health

We juice as often as poss
And it's divine
Your very essence
Is truly sublime

You're an adventurer
Many places you've roamed
You love to travel
But you love your home

And you now live
Where we used to
Thought it's been transformed
By the three of you

It's like Radhe's Grove
In your garden
With the Willow tree 
That Rita planted

With your great stone "island"
And paving "lily pads"
And the summer house
From the wolfox fam 

With the Buddleia
And your bunnies home
Equally as lovely
As your own

And the giant trampoline
That Aurora adores
That your babes do
Backflips on and more

You've long lustrous hair
It's so glorious
One of the few reasons
You're so gorgeous

The sparkle of spirit in
Your beautiful eyes
Beautiful soul
Beautiful smile

You're naturally musical
You're a great dancer
You're a raver and you drum
Whenever there's a chance, yeah

You got Aurora
Banging away on the bongo
Come on everyone
Let's start the congo!

Birthday parties,
Festivals too
You're a true
Trooper, you

I shall always remember
And never forget
Dancing to Indian man
2017 Glasto fest

So much flow
You are a vision
I'd watch your life
On television

I relish every
Single occasion
We share with you
In celebration

Old soul
Young at heart
Powerful manifestor
Mastering this art

You've such depth
You've lived with intensity
Libra with Scorpio rising
Oh, I see!

You've recalled past lives,
You were a big chief
Native American Indian past
Soul now at ease

Ancient herstory
Putting things right
As the past is put paid to
Your soul feels light

Gorgeous Goddess
Otherworldly creature
I hope that in every life
Of ours, you feature

May you triumph over
Trials and tribulations
For many years’ more
Birthday celebrations

We love you so much
Our darling Chitra,
May this year be your
Best year yet so far!

May you receive
All you ever require
And may you be blessed
With your hearts desire!

So much love
From all of us
Love me, Aurora
And Sirus
{Sentiments echoed by all your many other friends, fans and fam, I’m sure! <3}


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