Hambone’s Medical cost’s

Hello, for those of you that don’t know me personally, my name is Josh Menchaca. I am a barista in Nampa, Idaho who loves his family and loves his dogs. My wife and I work at the same place. We have been taking turns studying at our local college hoping to broaden our futures. We love our jobs and we really love the simple life that we live.

We have two extremely sweet, smart and loveable dogs, Hambone and Kuma. We love our dogs so much, and if you’re an animal person you know how real that love is.

Recently we had been worried about Hammy. It started with lethargy and lack of appetite, so we took him to visit the Idaho Humane Society. The visit ended with Hambone getting some antibiotics for a possible infection. 3 days later I noticed that his abdomen was really bloated so I took him back in. They did blood work and took X-rays and saw that his stomach and chest were filled with fluid, and that his gallbladder wasn’t working, forcing his kidneys and liver to work very hard just to stay alive.

He was basically walking around with his kidneys and liver in failure.

We were referred to an emergency vet hospital so we took him there right away.

The doctor informed us that he is definitely filled with fluid from a possible gallbladder rupture and, while he is too young to have cancer, she wouldn’t rule it out. Right now they are as in the dark as we are because the fluid in his body is obscuring the X-rays.

We are expecting results of an ultra sound or possible MRI tomorrow.

If you have ever experienced this then you know how painful it is to hear this news about a beloved pet.
Hambone is so important to us; anyone who knows us knows that he is a member of our family and not just a pet.

While we are hopeful for good news, that doesn’t help with the enormous (to us) cost of this operation.

We were barely able to make the payment of this operation with everything we have which is why we are setting up this gofundme program.

As of now we have regular bills and our mortgage coming up that we normally don’t think about because we have a good payment flow.
However, this life event has just thrown a wrench in that flow because we don’t have any credit cards and the cost of the operation was so large that we had to spend our backup savings on it.

I feel very humbled asking my friends and family to extend anything that they can spare to us, but at this point it is our only option. We were declined for CareCredit for reasons outside of our control, & this particular vet clinic doesn’t have another option for payment.

The $3000 goal will go completely to the medical bills and cost of medication for recovery as well as the 2.9% and .30¢ per donation that gofundme requires.

Thank you for reading this!

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Josh Menchaca 
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