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This is My Daughter, Kim Swicegood. Many of you know her as Kimbob.  It would be hard to find a more loving person in your life than her!  As you can see in this picture she looks so happy.  She always has the biggest smile!  I chose this picture because it captures the essence of who she has always been her entire life -- an animal loving, beach loving, barefoot, free spirit who loves life!

Kimbob is suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease.   She has hit a major hurdle and we are humbly in need of your help financially to get her back to that happy part of her life!  Prayers and donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated!

If you know her as your friend, you may have noticed that she hasn’t posted new photos on Facebook since we were affected by Hurricane Florence in September 2018.  She hasn’t been able to do the things she would like to do or go to the places that she loves!  The hurricane not only devastated the town we live in (North Carolina) but it has caused her immune system to take a turn for the worse which has caused a major decline in her health.

As most people who suffer with Chronic Lyme Disease, her immune system has not been able to fight off the extra mold spores in the air, the wet ground, buildings and surrounding areas where she lives.  In recent lab testing the Dr’s found that the detoxification system isn’t processing as it should as well as her immune system is overwhelmed and is not functioning properly.   Also she is extremely sensitive to mold and chemicals right now which is a contributing factor.  The toxins along with Lyme are affecting her brain and are causing debilitating cognitive symptoms associated with Neurological Lyme Disease.

In late December 2018 we were feeling desperate for help with the brain issues and were blessed to be able to get her into one of the top brain specialist in January of this year at the Amen Clinic in Reston, Virginia.   The SPECT scans (similar to MRI’s) showed where the Lyme has crossed into the brain barrier. It showed where the frontal lobes and temporal lobes are not functioning properly as Kim isn’t getting enough blood flow to her brain.  The Scans also showed some trauma to the brain, most likely due to a prior car accident  AND  in August, 2018 the hatchback spring on her car broke and fell on her head full force!  ALL of this along with Lyme and Mold toxins are contributing to what is going on right now.  We were overwhelmed with what we heard and devastated at the same time!  Then the Doctor reassured us that the brain CAN repair proper function, but it will take some time and work.

The recommended treatments are expensive (which are not covered by insurance) which includes the use of a Hyperbaric Chamber, Infrared Sauna, Neurofeedback, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and IV therapy.  The treatments (along with traveling from NC to Washington, DC and Reston, VA for Dr’s appointments) have added up to an astronomical amount financially!

If I could draw a picture of Kim it would be just one “BIG HEART”!!!  I love my daughter and will do whatever it takes to get her on the road to recovery.  Kim is a very proud person and would never personally ask for help.   As her mother, I am humbly asking because “I want my beautiful happy girl back”!   She is the type of person that believes in “Paying it Forward” and I can guarantee you that when she has healed that in some way she will “Pay it Forward” to the next person that needs help!   Her heart is so caring and giving to others.  She keeps small care packages in her car at all times and if she sees someone down on their luck or someone is homeless, she will stop and give them one of those care packages!   She likes to give rather than receive and that is why this is hurting her so badly for her to actually accept help!  I have always called her my “little hippy child” because she was always happy with very little and would live in a camper by the beach in a heartbeat!  I want to get her back to that girl!

After her recovery she intends to write a book to share her story.  To help anyone else that might be going through what she has endured and share what she has had to do to heal!

I know God will provide for us, but sometimes the way to get this help is through others!   We are thankful for your Prayers and any Donations!


The backstory to how she got to this place: 

If you don’t know what Lyme can do to your body and mind, you need to take the time to read about it!                                                                                                                                                             
Kimbob was diagnosed years ago with Lyme disease while living at Wrightsville Beach, NC when she was 22 years old. She found a tick on her during an archeological dig class and soon after she got a bull’s eye rash where she had removed the tick. She then got extremely sick and after going to several Dr’s she ended up at an Internal Specialist in Wilmington and was tested for Lyme.  Though the Lyme titer test (Elisa and Western Blot) came back positive the doctor didn’t believe Lyme existed in NC (which is a common story among Lyme patients and why so many are misdiagnosed and are suffering with chronic Lyme because of that very reason). Thank God they know better now! They are learning more and more every day!  The Internist told her to stop taking the antibiotic (Doxycycline) in the middle of the month-long cycle because it was making her extremely sick!  At the time, we didn’t realize that it was the die off of the Lyme “bug” that was making her worse!  It’s called a Herxheimer reaction and it happens due to the toxin it spreads through the body when the Spirochete dies. Months later she went into remission from being so sick!  Then 7 Years later she got Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It was crippling and painful yet she never let it get her down and through all of the pain she never complained and just kept going and preserving. Making others laugh and enjoying life along the way.  In early 2000 she got married, opened, ran her own business for 6-7 years, Twicegoods, a consignment shop and loved every minute of it and was there 6 days a week!

 She hired help so she could travel weekly to Raleigh where she received Remicaid IV treatment for the RA for about a year and intuitively she decided to stop it because she said the treatment was making her sick inside (she was always into more natural medicines and never liked the thought of what was being injected into her body).  Though her joints were much better the Dr told her that if she stopped the treatments she may end up in a wheelchair!  She decided to stop the treatment anyway and her joints stayed in remission. Her fingers have joint damage but the other joints repaired. They now know that the "Rheumatoid Arthritis” was coming from the underlying, untreated Lyme Disease. All of the prior years, she had been in a form of Remission from the Lyme, without knowing it was still lingering and doing damage!

Even people that knew her well never knew how much she was suffering.  After that she saw many Dr’s along the way and the treatment was so controversial and difficult that it was discouraging and just seemed like dead end roads.

Then in 2010...she had a Lyme “crash” and it seemed to completely take over.  This came on after they had some home repair work done at their house. They had found a water leak in the kitchen that led to mold. They had a mold specialist come out and remediate the house.  While working on the water leak they decided to renovate the rest of the house and put in new flooring, got rid of popcorn ceilings, got new kitchen cabinets, and painted the entire house.  At the time she didn’t realize that redoing all of these things in the house caused the Lyme to resurface from all the chemicals and mold toxicity!  This time it caused her to be completely bedridden!  She could not be around sound, light or even speak. She is an EXTROVERT who loves to be silly laugh and tell jokes and make others laugh.  She called me and asked if I would take her to one of the top Lyme Specialist in Fairfax, VA.   She immediately had to detox Kim with daily IV treatments for 3 months. She was pumped full of herbal IV’s, minerals, chelation, antimicrobial treatment, all kinds of protocol to help pull her out of her being overloaded from the Lyme, chemical and mold toxins.  The treatments were brutal and she was sooo sick!   She lost so much weight because she couldn’t eat and became skinny and soo tired.  But she is a FIGHTER!!!  After those 3 months of treatments, a PICC line was placed in her arm through a vein to her heart. This made it so she was able to get IV’s twice a day 7 days a week.  That helped since it allowed us to not have to live in a hotel and in the Dr office Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm. She had the PICC line for exactly a year, and was doing much better and getting back into life!!! 

She continued traveling to Virginia every month then every other month for IV minerals and nutrients for maintenance for about 5 years.  Then was able to stop going all the way to Fairfax, VA, after finding a Lyme specialist in Raleigh, N.C. who travels to Wilmington also!

She has always been happy and normally has a positive outlook on life!  Of course, with Chronic Lyme Disease there have been ups and downs with her health over the years!  But she has been a trooper throughout! 

Thank you for your support as well as taking the time to read her story!
WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!   Any donation, no matter how small will be helpful!  Every penny will go to getting Kim the help she needs.   We would greatly appreciate it if you would share this with others!

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