Guy Heinze Jr. Legal Defense

We are raising money specifically to cover legal fees for Guy Heinze Jr. No money raised will be spent on anything else or given to anyone else. 
29th August 2009 in Glynn County Georgia USA Guy Heinze came home that morning to find his father and 7 lifelong family friends beaten to death. Guy called the police and from that moment on has been living anyone's worst nightmare, to be wrongfully convicted of a crime that would make people think he was a monster. 
For the past 11 years Guy has been fighting for his freedom with the help and support of his grandma Jean, brother Tyler and me, his girlfriend Jodie.
The American Justice system let Guy down in the worst way possible. Guy has had state appointed attorneys the whole way through and as you read on you will see why we are now having to beg and plead with people to help us raise the money to get Guy the type of attorney that he needs, that he deserves. 
I'm going to share with you why this is so important to us, you will be able to read Guy's story in his own words, read a report from the forensic investigator, a case summary by Daniel Alden from Eye On Innocence, read Guy's petition, watch the BBC documentary that filmed parts of his trial and see photos of those who love Guy, who are fighting every day to bring him home.

For the past 11 years I've been in a fight for my life. A daily fight for justice for myself and my loved ones.
My name is Guy Heinze. To some i'm just a statistic, a number. There is roughly 1.5 million prisoners across the United States, 10-15% of those are wrongfully convicted. If you are reading this please hear my plea, I'm asking for your help. I am one of those percentages nobody cares about and that falls through the cracks of our justice system. This is reality, my life and my families lives. I need an attorney to help me fight this appeals process because without proper counsel, I've all but lost already. I've already experienced how much a court appointed attorney will fight for me, the answer is none at all! I was just recently informed by mail that my appeal to the Supreme Courts was filed and is scheduled for oral arguments this October. This news caused a wide array of emotions, sadness, shock, anger and confusion. I wasn't consulted by my attorney before filing this appeal, this after writing him numerous times stating that I needed to talk to him, I wanted changes before filing the appeal on my behalf. Now i'm literally forced to sink or swim so to speak with an appeal that I wasn't consulted on and that wasn't filed the way I wanted.
Your probably wondering how I got to this point? 11 years ago I came home one morning and found my dad and 7 family friends bludgeoned to death. Panicked, scared and in complete shock I ran through the trailer trying to find a phone to call 911 and hoping to find signs of life. One person was still alive, but barely. I sat on the edge of the bed that he was in trying to help him until help arrived. The neighbours heard me screaming for help, yelling for someone to call 911. The authorities arrived, searched me at the scene finding some drugs I'd been using the night before and before I arrived home.
They drove me to the police station for questioning, not arresting me or thinking of me as a suspect they said, just questioning. After 16 hours of interrogation, after doing drugs all night the previous night and still in a state of shock and disbelief at finding my dad and family friends I've known my whole life beat to death that morning, I'd told them everything I knew. After not being able to tell them what they wanted to hear, my body shutting down I curled into a ball on the interview room floor and requested an attorney. They arrested me on drug charges, photographed me and took the shorts I'd been wearing with blood I'd gotten while checking on the victims before help arrived. I had no marks or defensive wounds on me when they photographed me there.
After sitting in County jail a couple of days and with an attorney present, I went to the police station for questioning again. The victims were my father and people I'd known my entire life, I wanted to help the police and I told them what I knew. I had no idea what had happened or who could've done this. That day after telling them everything I knew, I was taken back to county jail awaiting bond on the drug charges. Then a few days later I was charged with 8 counts of murder, the district attorney seeking the death penalty against me. In the span of a little over a week, I go from finding loved ones beaten to death to being charged with all their murders and facing the lethal injection. The police chief held a news conference saying they believed that I alone beat all 8 victims to death because of 2 key pieces of evidence. Those 2 key pieces of evidence were a loaded shotgun from the scene I'd found laying on the floor with blood on while going through the trailer checking on the victims that I picked up because I was scared, getting my prints on it. This shotgun had no part in the victims being murdered, they were beaten not shot. The other piece of evidence was the blood on my shorts I'd gotten whilst going through the trailer checking on everyone before help arrived.
The medical examiner testified all 8 victims were bludgeoned to death, none drugged, tied or bound. I had no marks or defensive wounds on me. A forensic expert and crime scene re-constructionist testified that at least 2 of the victims, grown men, put up a major fight. He also testified this crime had to have been committed by multiple people. The district attorney admitted the whole case against me was circumstantial, centred around not having an alibi, the aforementioned shotgun and the shorts. The person who testified in court to say I was not where I was at the time I needed my alibi, between 1 and 4am actually went to bed at 10pm the night before.
This case involved so much police incompetence and corruption. My defence team proved during trial that the police collected evidence containing DNA within days of the crime that over 4 years later at the time of my trial was nowhere to be found. Crime scene photos showed blood evidence in one of the bathrooms at the scene where it appears the perpetrators tried to clean up, which was never collected and tested and again at the time of my trail was destroyed. There were bloody fingerprints on a headboard in one of the bedrooms that were only tested against my prints and the victims, not matching any of us but never ran through the system to find a match, also now destroyed. One officer collected the rest of my clothes from the jail that I had been wearing that night and when I found the victims, he then held onto my clothes and shoes after them all being put into 1 bag together, for 24 hours in the trunk of his car before putting them into evidence. This officer was previously investigated by Internal Affairs for mishandling and improper preservation of evidence. The list goes on and on.
You will find on this page forensic reports to read, a case summary by legal analyst and founder of Eye On Innocence, Daniel Alden. The British Broadcasting Company filmed a documentary of my trial which you can also view.
After 4 weeks of jury selection, 2 weeks of trial and 2 days of jury deliberations, I had a hung jury, 9-3. One juror stated to the deputies he couldn't convict me because there was no evidence. After hearing this, the District Attorney offers to withdraw the death penalty now and in any future retrials if it comes to that, if we agree to remove this 1 juror who was stating he could not convict me, replace him with an alternate and let them return to deliberate. Only having around 10 minutes to make the most important decision of my life and my attorneys saying they couldn't advise me what to do, I agreed. I was thinking it already looks like I'm about to have a mistrial but by doing this deal, I'll still have a mistrial and then when they retry me it will be a non death penalty case which I can win. Nobody wins death penalty cases, the jury automatically assumes you are guilty otherwise the prosecutor would not be seeking the death penalty. In most cases the prosecution wouldn't seek death on someone with a case built solely on circumstantial evidence, yet in my case they did. Politics, community outcry and the enormity of the case played a pivotal role in me being charged and indicted.
The lead detective on my case testified on the stand and when asked the question, does he have the right suspect sitting in the court room today, he testified that yes he thinks so, but he could be wrong! 2 jurors on my case deciding my fate, stated on the BBC documentary that they were confused the whole trial. This isn't a movie this is reality, my reality.
I have a support page called Guy's Voice on Facebook with a lot of great support, highlighting and chronicling my constant fight for justice and my freedom.
I've already lost one precious chance to get my case overturned, my screams for justice unheard because of an underpaid, overworked court appointed attorney that didn't care about me, or justice. I was just another case, another number. Please don't let me be the same to you!
The justice system isn't perfect, it has cracks. I fell through one. Please, I beg you help me out.










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