Healing Histamine

Hi, that's me on the right :) I've been on a really restricted 'diet' for quite sometime due to stomach inflammation, pain in my joints, food sensitivities and high histamine levels in my body all caused by something called Dysbiosis. I cannot eat dairy, chocolate, soy, corn, alcohol, nightshades, legumes, some vegetables, any grains as well as many fruits, red meats, white fish and you guessed it.. gluten. I'm one of those ;) 

Two types of bad bacteria in my gut have become so high they are blocking enzymes that produce serotonin, cause adrenal & hormonal problems and also releases high levels of histamine into my body allowing me to react to different kinds of food whenever it feels like it. Whether it's avocado, a bit of chocolate, chickpeas.. spinach etc.. most foods have some histamine in and just when you think your safe.. you get hit and your messed up for either 6 hours or the rest of the week. But it's not like when you get hay fever.. it leads to an intense depression where you have repeated thoughts of ending your life (if you can imagine the film 'the happening'.. where trees/plants send out signals to human brains to suddenly want to harm yourself. You have no control over it, cognitive therapy is useless as it is literally chemically induced), compulsive yawning 1 after the other, eyes wanting to close so bad you could just lie down on the pavement and sleep there and then, fainting, weak legs, hives & breathing difficulties (like someone has sat on your chest), constant ringing in my ears and blurred vision, thick brain fog and confusion as well as a lot of hair loss. You cannot function and because of this bacteria I could hardly sometimes make it to the toilet without peeing myself. Good job it wasn't compulsive sneezing ey!

Alongside this came the digestive problems which you can, I'm sure imagine for yourselves.. I've experienced colitis like symptoms along with mouth ulcers and an intense pain in my stomach, food babies the size of triplets & bleeding which resulted in a complete lack of confidence in work and in my social life. I could be in pain or feeling totally unstable but still be trying to keep a bubbly & happy persona on the outside which was just for the most part a mask. I have been trying to do this whilst maintaining the professionalism and concentration needed for my job. Having tried natural antimicrobials I can honestly say they gave me a window of my life back for a couple of weeks.. it was incredible!!!.. I hadn't felt like that for years.. but it was like someone opening a door for me and then slamming it shut again. Antibiotics are useless in this instant as the bacteria returns after and then becomes resistant to that antibiotic (they are also part of the reason I am in this position now), the natural antimicrobials recommended to me cannot be taken for long periods of time. After coming to the end of the treatment I'm slowly adding all the symptoms back into my life and I only know what is to come. It was simply cutting the grass but not taking out the weeds.

Many of my friends are unaware of the years of embarrassment, social withdrawal and anxiety it has lead to whilst, only thinking I have had some tummy troubles and probably thinking I was a bit unstable. I spent a lot of money on cognitive therapy thinking it was stress/events causing all the symptoms when I just needed the doctors to listen to what I was saying and do the tests that I eventually paid for privately when I later worked in Australia.

But after years I finally have answers. After multiple rounds of antibiotics for operations, my immune system getting weakened by Epstien Barr Virus and a couple of years of stress.. the bad bacteria won against the good and has been causing long term inflammation. It is very difficult to treat having already tried the antimicrobials and with not being able to tolerate probiotics or fermented foods which would help repopulate the gut with the good guys. I'm running out of options.

I'm currently working in the NHS and am struggling to work part time hours to fund the cost of the treatment. I have told but a few colleagues at work who were surprised to know this had been happening for so long. I am really good at putting on a 'everything is awesome' face but my poker face was rumbled when I started getting down to 50kg. I eat so much, even with being as restricted as I am I'm reaching my recommended calarie intake but eating the same things over and over isn't healthy however it causes less irritation, gives me a clearer head and relieves the joint pain .

I'm incredibly lucky to have my parents let me stay at their house whilst I do a couple of shifts at the hospital to try to save this money. After 5 months of intense chronic fatigue the antimicrobials have given me a window in which I have been able to return to work part time but I've had to step back from most duties as it comes with a high level of responsibility.

The treatment that is very likely to help me is called FMT. Fecal Matter Transplantation - it is still considered 'experimental' but it has been shown in a high number of cases to CURE, not slow down or manage or put in remission IBD's. You never really associate the word CURE with these types of conditions. It's icky yes, but the worst case scenario would be cutting out part of my colon in a few years time due to the inflammation and I do not want to wait and wait until I'm told that is my only option. Treatment centres around the world are only treating C.Difficile patients for free because it would be unethical to not do so as it has been proven to cure 80-100% of cases in which if left untreated can lead to death. It has however been around for centuries and only relatively new to Western Medicine and has been proven to help people with Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, help aspects of Autism, Histamine Intolerance and heal inflammation caused by bacteria. If your interested in finding out about people's success stories  and a little more information you can click here: http://thepowerofpoop.com

Here is also the account of an amazing writer who experienced the same thing, although she did a 'DIY' FMT which isn't recommended for various reasons. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/carrotquinn.com/2017/07/09/how-diy-fecal-transplant-has-so-far-cured-my-ibs-and-chronic-fatigue-with-monthly-updates/amp/

It works by extracting the bacterias from the poop of a healthy donor and implanting it into the other persons.. shall we say.. plumbing ;)!? this provides a super probiotic for the guts and a chance for the good bacteria to take over again.  A chance for me to get my life back, to heal the gut wall, reduce the inflammation and reverse the malnutrition which would in turn stop the histamine reactions and food sensitivities and insane insomnia & intense depression. At the moment I cannot eat out at all.. at friends houses, in restaurants and have only been able to drink water (if I'm feeling crazy, I have a herbal tea!! hell yea!). 

I'm under no illusion that there are people out there who need help also, who are in a much more difficult position than me. But if you are able to give some small change to help fund this treatment you would (hopefully) be giving me my life back and I cannot put into words how grateful I would be. The treatment costs £4,000. I have £1000 of my savings left after spending the rest on tests, private practitioners, recommended supplements and the treatments I have already been told to try and was hoping to spend that on travel, accomodation and for food whilst I'm having the treatment. 

Thank you for reading this, even if you choose not to donate if you can think of anybody who may like to help or has experienced something similar who may benefit from hearing about FMT also. Or maybe you can recognise a family member or friend who might be going through the same thing who just needs to talk.

Philippa x
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Philippa Lumb 
York, Yorkshire and the Humber, United Kingdom
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