Aria's Cancer Fund

My name is Anna and I have known Rachael for 15 years this month. She told me on my 30th birthday she and Mike were going to try for a baby, and that in itself was an amazing gift! Aria was born on June 20, 2021 and we were so elated to have another little girl added to our group!
Flash forward, it hasn't been the first holiday season that Rachael and Mike expected with now almost 6-month old, spunky Aria. A few days before Thanksgiving Aria was admitted to the hospital with higher than normal white blood cell counts and multiple masses around her back, lungs and skull. The original diagnosis was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Infant ALL), but the first round of chemo wasn't showing signs of change for Aria. The doctors have since switched gears and adapted her chemo medicine to treat for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and they have seen some progress with her WBC! They are working with a great team at a St. Jude's affiliated Hospital  in Charlotte, which is wonderful since family and friends alike can be close for all the support. The team has put together a rigorous treatment plan for Aria and she began chemo on December 2.
The Ryan's are in for a long haul at the hospital which could be a two year plan. Rachael took paid time off when Aria was born and her company can't offer any additional paid time off during Aria's treatment. Mike will be going back to work, but depending on the treatment plans for Aria's chemo we are not sure in what capacity. We all want to see Aria get well and pray constantly for the Ryans, her doctors, her nurses and the whole family! At this time if you could show support by donating any monetary amount to help them get through this treatment, anything that can be given or even sharing this page would be a huge blessing to the family.
I don't speak for Rachael, Mike or Aria, but I know they are eternally grateful for all the support shown during this time. Aria is a strong, feisty girl and I know we can kick Cancer's Ass!!

Organizer and beneficiary

Anna Beatty 
Atlanta, GA
Rachael Ryan