Grandma 8 year old injured by adopted farrell cat

Hi my name is Kris. I've heard about this site from friends. Some beautiful stories! I never thought I would do something like this but I am desperate. There's really no other way to say it.
  I adopted a ferrel kitten about 5 years ago. I'm a sucker for adoption. I don't like puppy mills. But she has no self-control when it comes to other cats.
  One day Grandma Nanners walked in the room around the wrong corner and startled Dash and Dash threw a left at Nanners paw. As she lifted her arm to protect herself, Dash' nail literally was stuck in the front of Nanners paw. I saw the whole thing go down but I was across the room it was like something from a slow motion movie clip. by the time I could get there they had already been connected for three four seconds and I had to slowly disconnect her nail from her paw. There was definitely instant nerve damage she couldn't walk on it for days and his limped ever since.
 Long story short. I'm a hard-working guy in spite of my disabilities. but the amount of money I would have to come up with is impossible.
I this is just a shot in the dark. If could even somehow find 3,000 people $1.
 I don't have a Facebook I don't know how to network if anyone can help me, i'm open for suggestions. 
 She could live a long comfortable life. She's in terrible pain. because doctors want to line their pockets for something that actually would only cost me about $300 to $500? For her pain medication..
When she cries. Sounds like she's saying mama. Please help me. I can't figure out If she's crying over her husband she lost or the pain or both. It's literally driving me nuts. It's traumatizing. I'm literally ready to go to a counselor!
  She's not ready to go. She just needs a little help. tests and pain medication. But prices are just..
 To put her down  comfortably at home is $700.  I Refuse to drag her into some cold 24 hour vet for $275 and watch her be beyond terrified. I went through it with Toby when he had cancer her husband. Never again! I couldn't sleep for months.I have a weakness for cats and dogs Ive volunteered my whole life.
 I've seen what they go thru. Volunteering at Naperville animal hospital. Naperville humane society. I have references.l!!! I help the homeless Everytime I can. I don't really understand how donations work on here yet but this is too big for me. 
  If you can't help please could you please pray for her. And somehow tell us. Cuz I have no clue yet how to navigate the site yet. I believe in the power of prayer. I pray for her hard 24-7. play with her 24-7. some nights she bounces back. but I could tell overall she just needs some pain medication. once she's walking she can build her muscle back quickly.
I worked at a kennel at a vet I know! 4 sure! Looks like she's walking on glass. But vets want $100 walk in the door then they want blood work $450 x-rays $350  and then they want all the stuff you don't need to find out they need a medication and they're in a lot of pain. Period. my gut's telling me she just needs pain medication. Im afraid I'm going to look back and know I had to put her down way too young. Because she couldn't walk around a little better.. it's going to destroy me. Watching her going through this. and I know if I had family or any other family would just take her in she'd be fine. and now her younger look a  like Toby 2 husband is going to watch her die?
  I would even be willing to give up my baby if you could help her. Free!!! but I would have to meet you and your family and see where she was going and phone numbers. Yeah.. lol she's like my mom. Cuz my mom knew her. I swear her personality   like an Angel. I prefer to keep her but if I have to I'd let her go if I knew she would be out of pain and I could see her on occasion. I would for her, though it would end me. I'd some how move on. I love my animals. All I have left. I personally don't think shed do well without me and Toby 2 though.
 There's people that'll come to your home from a vet that can help, in a way that I read about its almost beautiful. If I can't get her healing. I'm going to make another page for the $700 vet home visit. I can't do this anymore! She can't.
  The vet said you're going to have to spend about $1,000 to find out what's wrong. $1000 from blood work for x-rays and all the other stuff. I have it all itemized. 
 And then about $1,000 for pain reliever etc for a long time.
  She's endured a lot of pain for a lot of years. And I can just sense if I don't do something she's going to give up soon. I just lost my family I cant go through this right now. I took the best picture I could the other ones are pretty bad.
 She lost her husband to cancer about 5 years ago. She hasn't been the same since.
  I guess I just feel I owe it to her to be out of pain the last couple years. I can barely walk now.
  If I can raise the money I'd like to at least raise enough for are burial.
  I have epilepsy and high functioning autism it's very hard  to do this. Impossible. That's why I'm literally, for her, begging you. He's starting to hide and they said that's a really bad sign.
  I swear, if you spent one minute with her you'd want to help her.
  which if I can't raise the money I would love to find her a good home if you can afford her medical treatment. I can't watch this anymore.. I could never let my baby go but I can't watch this anymore.
 It's killing me.
 I WILL SHOW veterinary receipts to anybody who asks.
 She's too young.
 If I had any family left to ask I would have swollowed my pride. I'm an animal lover. my mom recently passed of brain cancer. And my dad on Thanksgiving night at the V A.
   It's been hell. I just want to try to help her. One thing for my crap birthday this year. Again..
 If you can't help please pray for her. Ps I'm not even going to reread this it's a big miscellaneous mess . Just please if you can do anything for her, I  have ALL of her references.  Drs notes etc
 Ps I can prove everything. I will show paperwork I can give you the name of the Vet.
  Roselle il. Any info. I would hope for the same.. 
 Roselle Animal Hospital. Roselle il Nanners.
Once the money is raised and she goes to the vet I will post ALL receipts. And a Doctor's letters and diagnosis and treatment.
 God bless you! Kris, Nanners  (and dummy Dash... .. lol )
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