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My name is Chris. An advocate for mental health.50959800_1599241963104580_r.jpeg ADHD is widespread in the Kansas City Creatives' and Artists' community. Often relief is sought by using illicit drugs risking the loss of freedom, loss of health, or loss of life.

Help funding this campaign could mean the difference between a client gaining their life back, ending up in prison, or in the grave. 50959800_1599244228734586_r.jpeg 
Creatives, seeking that creative edge, are always teasing out the subtle forms, and often place them selves in jeapardy by consuming drugs and risking their mental health, as well as their physical health.

ADHD shouldn't be allowed to threaten, defeat, and impede the creative process. Even the creative process itself is tight with stress and anxiety, only adding more suffering to the person afflicted. We can help. 

Will you help?

Here's Why It's Imperative to Help Fund This Effort to Float

Artists, writers, musicians, or creatives generally, represent a higher percentage of addiction and illicit drug use when compared to other occupations according to a report on artists and addiction as found on the addiction website 

Also, among national and local artists, creatives, and their fans, there is the danger of them overdosing on illicit drugs intended as boosters in creativity. 

If this trend toward addiction and overdose continues as is, we stand to lose various forms of art that have a significant influence and value on American culture. Art has a connecting power which brings non-like people with other non-like people in important, societal discourse. If we were to continue losing artists to drug addiction and overdose, as a society, we would be less diverse and colorful as a nation.

We must provide an alternative to those artists/creatives who use harmful drugs for purposes of creating the art we consume as a society.

Most existing treatment programs or therapy models used widely today, while sure to affect some, generally fail to provide artists with alternatives for boosting creativity. Moreover, artists are less motivated to participate in outpatient, drug-treatment, and are more likely to substitute one drug for another, if treatment means interrupting their creative process. 

And because of the stigma associated with mental illness, many artists will choose to struggle in silence and possibly worsen their already fragile mental health situation as they remain untreated.

Creatives are the connecting force that brings people together in dialog, sharing experiences, and in hope for a better world.

Creatives are a rare breed of people who produce music, perform, and create art that has the power to spark revolutions or start conversations.

Without creatives, and their art, our world would be a much poorer one where diversity in art would begin to die out as creatives grapple with inattention, focus, and aren't able to produce.

But more importantly, with your help, we can add time and quality of life to creatives as they recover their physical and mental health through floatation relaxation, while also alleviating the pernicious tug of addiction.

What is the solution?

Your help in funding will contribute toward the purchase of a flotation tank used in float therapy.

We will offer membership-only access to five flotation tanks conveniently located right off 470 but remains private and secluded, an oasis of creativity nestled upon nearly four acres of surrounding woodland.50959800_159924945762712_r.jpegOriginally designed for understanding consciousness and self-exploration, the tank is dark and soundproof. It is filled with a foot or less of salt water so that “floaters” can float on the surface.50959800_1599249910679992_r.jpegWhen you consider the usual symptoms of ADHD, it seems like common sense that floating could help: individuals with ADHD can experience inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Floating can also reduce stress, promote cognitive abilities like creativity and focus, and provides an instant break from overstimulation.

Creatives are a connecting tissue that brings people together in dialog, sharing experiences, and in hope for a better world.
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