Fighting for our rights

Hello My Name is Essa and I am the Only Advocate for Jose Louis Roman a Inmate Currently Residing in the slums of cook county jail.  
I’d like to give you a brief chance to understand why I am creating this go fund me. 


so here it goes

I want to start by letting you know a littleabout myself and what iv been through
by the hands of cook county and Chicago police I was left to fend for myself after
countless attempts to escape 
informing the police about the abuse
that I had been born into.
Not going to school not 1 day in my life
not pre school not middle school not highschool 
no friends allowed to come over
no hot plate for me as a child.

being locked up in a room being abused
for years, my whole life had been a
tragedy to only be given to a abusive
man that I in the end was blessed to had healthy carried two children, my first son born at age 17 and my daughter age 20 
by a man in his 30’s he was able to uptain Residency by keeping me as a pawn I was scared for my life and over the course of another horrible 14 years contacting police for help
I heard nothing.

My daughter had a cancer scare that we dr ratsater of Chicago chip hospital
are still currently closely monitoring .

she went on to have procedures to help her get better the abusive father that he was would tell me if she would have takin a turn for the worse that it would be my fault for searching for medical help from cancer specialist that was the straw that broke the canals back she as a child asked him to come hold her hand and he scram no  for me I knew I had to get away with no help from family or friends let alone police That kept bringing me back to the doorsteps of our abuser we got away we finally did it. 

Upon me and my children’s escape
from the lock and key he had kept us
under we were not out of the storm just yet he had stalked and threatened us andonce again the police didn’t help not one bit ... that’s your husband they would
always say but no help was given
to protect me and my children’s life. I have since uptained  All copy’s of police reports that all have gone unfollowed up in the notes it was left blank like it wasn’t important what was taking place on the northwest side of Chicago 
it makes me wonder how many more
innocent people are struggling
by the hands of the police
who we are told to trust and confide in .

the 17th district turned me away ill never forget when the police man said
why has it takin so long to say something now  .. and it’s because now I am stronger after meeting Jose Louis Roman 
my life had finally become 10 fold better. that feeling of looking over our shoulders gone hot plates of food shelter provided I was able to work and not be scared to leave the house and what seemed as a long tragic story would finallycome to a end . 

on the day before we were scheduled to move into our new home “mind u me and my children had been hotel hopping and subleasing what we could find for the course of 2 years” to avoid capture or being found by our abuser.
No help was there for us 
but we thought we made it out the stormwith jobs anew and 
our own apartment where we could rest our heads things were finally looking up
as Jose has a tragic story himself 
being put into a bad seed category as
a teen by the tattoos he acquired along the way of hanging with the wrong crowd it has stopped him from being treated as a human being  by the Chicago police department and judge Caroline of Skokie courthouse.

we all have made our mistakes in life bad choices hanging with the wrong crowd was one of Jose’s  

but please make no mistake on calling
this loving man a violent man
He is the rock that holds me and
my children up and we need him home.

we have been through as much as we already have and it makes us feel as as if the justice system is failing us all by
locking up good innocent people and
allowing those who have 
done evil
run rampant.

as you can probably tell by now that I am
so very passionate about this
fundraiser it’s for me to show
Chicago police they have not won in this struggle for control over
our Communities
there are 
so many have unsolved crimes that need follow through i myself Have lost friends tragically Emina 24 was struck by a
police officer as she drove her scooter to the Rosemont outlet mall for lunch
she didn’t make it back that day 
The official was allowed to continue
his life as normal

Megan grace 18 she endured abuse from her mother and stepfather that took her life at the end her parents still free at the hands of Chicago police another domestic violence case gone Swept under the rug

Deana 28 her father’s drunken rage
would at the end leave her two children motherless and on the street again no victory no closer no justice for all. 

that leads me to this 
time after time on so many countless
attempts to uptain the funds for the
unheard of amount of bail set to free
Jose Louis Roman
he truly is our savior
he has stopped the violence and tragedy in our life’s
but now we are left to fend again
for ourselves in the world the way it is today

Chicago doesn’t seem to understand it
has removed the family’s ability to work
for the required bond amount set for those awaiting court. They are innocent until proven guilty or until covid takes their life awaiting court. 
I don’t receive help to care for the children and 
Jose Louis Roman stepped up as a father figure and for that I am forever Grateful. They took our savior away we were left
homeless once again and to fend for themselves when they took their father from their life Jose Louis Roman 

the state has takin our home from us
our only means of transportation gone
our peace disrupted  but I won’t allow them to steal the peace from under my children’s feet 
now I am a single mother homeless
during covid scrapping by to care for ourselves right now to pay for a good attorney is out of the question the one we have has not helped at all and we feel the desperate need to ask our Chicago community for help free Jose from being held captive. Yes I said captive. We have begged the courts for for leniency but money is all that they can see  

while he awaits court for possession of
THC where it is LEGAL btw it is legal in Chicago he has now been awaiting court 8 months now in a Covid 19 Drenched Dorm we worry that he may contract the condition 

there is so much more to the story behind the abuse in Chicago with the government and police 

im reaching to the community for help 
with finding justice against the Crooked cops and system we have to stand up now before we loose our voices in our own life 
any amount helps us towards the goal of freeing Jose and would mean the world to me and our children 
Paul Marilyn and Junior .
Thank you so much for reading this Please share and help us bring Jose home 
this is our last hope 

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