Give Kim a fighting chance

Give Kim Bell A Fighting Chance…

This GoFundMe is for a woman named Kim Bell.  She manages a fast food restaurant in Carmel Indiana. On the surface, she is “just another nice lady” one of millions out there.

Except shes not.
Not even close…

Kim is Wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, sister in law , and friend to so many.

None of these things define Kim though, Not really. Let me tell you a story.


Kim and Steve met in high school.  When Kim became pregnant, they were going to quit high school and start their family.

Against all odds, they both stayed in school and graduated, first born in tow.

Graduating high school MATTERED to the both of them .  It was the right thing to do.

Over the years, Steve & Kim built their family. They settled in Indiana and went through all the trials and challenges that families do. Their door is always open, and Steve is usually the one people call to come fix their car when it breaks down.

They BOTH have been working 2 or 3 jobs each to make ends meet all this time.

They are solid people like that, All to give a good life to their children.

Steve and Kim have “Played The Game Of life” right out of the rule book. They pay their taxes, raised good kids, and show up for work everyday weather be damned. They followed ALL the rules, even paying the $1200 per month between them in health insurance premiums “Just in case”

So when Kim got sick the first time she was misdiagnosed with pancreatitis, Turns out though, It was a MASSIVE ulcer. It was expensive. The insurance paid their portion, after deductebles and co-pays were met.   

Fortunately, at that time, Kim's job had disability coverage, and she did not lose her salary while she was recovering.

Kim needed 2 more surgeries to repair all the damage from the ulcer, and the nightmare seemed to be over. Kim was healed and life went on.

Steve had to take a second mortgage on the house to pay all the medical bills.  It put their family in the situation a lot of people face… “Were broke, but at least we have each other, we should be ok, now that these health problems are behind us”..

Recently, the Ulcers came back, with some friends this time. 10 this time. Her situation is worse than it's ever been in the past, and all Kim & Steves backup, safety net, and even home equity are wiped out.

Kim is facing another surgery. Insurance will pay their part, I'm sure. But not before an absurd deductable is met. And this time around she does NOT have the benefit of disability to cover her salary while she is out.
And just to add more stress, if she doesn't work to pay her monthly premium, the insurance would be cancelled. Unless she pays out of pocket.

So, bad news from the doctor + horribly expensive  insurance + CRIPPLING out of pocket expenses all add up to a situation they simply can't afford.

Kims answer to it all?

Well, I’ll just go, so I don't put any more burden on the family.

This is a HERO of a women. The one who ALWAYS picks up the phone when we call, Who will “have your back” after everybody else bails, Who put her family and friends first her whole life…

Kim, a woman who calls a 50 hour work week “normal” and 60 hours more like the average. And Steve, the guy people call to do a backyard oil change, or fix the roof, or “see what that noise is coming from the brakes.

Just to make an extra buck here & there to make ends meet.

They BOTH deserve better than that. They deserve to NOT have to choose between saying goodbye to a family forever over a medical bill!

So, I am asking you. No, BEGGING actually…

Kim would NEVER do that, She is a proud woman, and Steve is a proud man. She is quick to point out as I write this that they are NOT broke. They just can't afford to live. Not with THIS in front of them.

Open your wallet now. Look at the pics, Put yourself in Kims shoes, or Steves. Maybe the operation she needs sets everything right and she gets to grow old with us, maybe she doesn't.

But Damn it, It sure would be nice to give her that option!

Every dime of what comes in from this GoFundMe will go toward keeping this woman in this world, with her family, and your support today will mean the WORLD to us at this desperate time.

Either way, God Bless. We will keep you updated.

The Entire Bell Family..
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