Driving to the World Transplant Games 2023, Perth

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How this all began My story 

Hi, I need your help to raise money for a cause I have made my own for the past 6 years ever since I donated my Kidney to my neurosurgeon brother. It has become my mission to spread awareness about organ donation with myth busting information and inspire others to willingly donate organs to help save the lives of their loved ones and friends. I help deal with the FEAR that surrounds Living and post life organ donation. I am driving the world to spread the word. Indian American Couple for Organ Donation 


Celebrities for Gift of Life Adventure 

I participated in the WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES  held in August 2019 in the UK representing India in the 100m sprint and the Ball throw events. I am happy to announce that, both, my brother and I won a Gold medal each in our respective events and we are the first donor-recipient sibling combination to win a gold for their country.  I also hold a world record in the games.. all this only to enhance the idea that life can be normal if not extraordinary post a living kidney donation. Times of India Story

I have been on a mission to ensure NO ONE DIES WAITING FOR AN ORGAN for the past 8 year since my kidney donation . My self proclaimed mission was to reach a million potential donors to share my story along with pertinent information about organ donation with. Even if 10% engage, that a lot of lives saved. IMAGINE WE ALL COME TOGETHER?

The basic message is to showcase my life after a donation and to inspire others to fearlessly donate if called for by a family member or a friend and where allowed to strangers even. I have reached about 130K people so far with over 600 talks and being on the road for over 600 days.
How have I chosen to do it? Driving around the world by road in my own car along with my wife. We both live in the car and cook in the back of it where we are not enjoying the hospitality of good Samaritans along the way. So far we have traveled across 44 countries, I have run several marathons, swam, trained for the 100 meter spring at age 51 just to participate as an athlete at the last world transplant games held in the UK,  to showcase mental and physical fitness. I was a member of Team India along with my recipient brother and happy to say we both Won GOLD in our respective events, creating a Games world record in the process. All this helped my story telling in my lectures giving the audience more confidence to consider organ donation. 

As a Rotarian, I have believed in the spirit of the institution and tried to become a role model by giving back to my community with like minded friends. I was a rotary youth exchange student in 1985 and ever since have been involved. I have chartered 3 functioning Rotary clubs with the latest one being the FIRST of it’s kind in the world. A cause based Club for Organ Donation inaugurated by the sitting RI President Mr. Shekhar Mehta. 20 of us were installed by him and I am the clubs charter President.  This does not happen often. I have also applied for the approval of the Rotary Action Group for Organ Donation which will reach out to other Rotary clubs and help them start and sustain more organ donation awareness related projects in their local communities. I have spoken about this mission in over 150 rotary clubs around the world. 
I am seeking your support financially for my latest mission to continue to inspire and bring together humanity to save lives. Your contribution will go to a 501C3 non profit in the USA or an 80G approved one in India. I am the managing trustee of both. 
THE PLAN: I want to drive to the World Transplant Games 2023 to be held in Perth to defend my Gold medal won in 2019. The Drive begins in Bangalore as I drive to Kashmir and Back as the fist Leg. This leg is complete now last week where I was able to address 5000 people with my lectures on Organ donation. The next leg begins from New Jersey taking me to the Rotary International Convention in Houston. Here the RI President has agreed to flag me off towards Alaska and then I drive down south to Argentina. Once there the 3rd Leg would begin where I will ship my Car to Sydney and then Drive around Australia to reach Perth By April 10th 2023 and compete in the games. 
This mission is to Unite Rotary for Organ Donation. I plan to stop in as many rotary clubs as possible to speak to them as I have been doing, to adopt Organ Donation as the 8th Rotary Gola to collectively ensure NO ONE DIES WAITING FOR AN ORGAN. We did it with Polio. We can again. 

I would like you to open up your hearts and wallets and purses to help me realize this vision and kick start the Rotary family into thinking about Organ Donation more. Here is what this mission would cost. 

I have the benefit of some sponsors who have funded a big part of this financial requirement and I am now just $25000 short. The drive to the World Transplant games in Perth Australia, April 2023, involves the following expense. 
1.    Fuel
2.    Shipping
3.    Vehicle maintenance. 
4.    Tolls, Visa fees
5.    Insurance
6.    Communication
7.    Air fares
8.    Carnet for the transport of the vehicle
9.    Transplant games registration and competition 

Organ Donation is not something that philanthropists or brands warm up to easily. Its not as simple an activity to comprehend as say, feeding the poor or educating them. This cause needs to touch the core values of people who tend to ignore and sideline. To attract the Brand sponsors, I have decided to use social media and attempt to tickle the imagination of people on a larger than life road trip. This means sharing short videos, images and blogs on the experiences that go along with an adventure like this. The press finds this fascinating and tend to give the mission wide publicity. Our Yourtube channel has seen a surge in viewership on our first such documentary where we chronicled our drive from Bangalore, India to Scotland, UK.
This time around, I am planning to Produce a web series that chronicles our journey across 17 nations covering about 56000 kms of driving. Because of this I was able to attract some corporate consumer brands to invest in this mission. This means I have added additional responsibilities to my work in fixing up talks along the route and fulfilling my obligations to my sponsors. This divides my time away from the core mission.  I need to find a healthy mix between the Brand expectations and time for me to accomplish the core objective.  For this I seek your philanthropic contributions to offset my expenses.  

Be assured I am committed to this journey even with what I have raised so far, even if it means I will work along the way, or earn my keep with passing the hat around the hall where I deliver my lectures (which is how I have been able to manage what is achieved so far)

I pray you will see the value in helping us out to keep my focus and to protect my fitness and health to be in my best mental and physical shape when I compete with 3000 other athletes who together want to show the world, that after either receiving or donating an organ, you can be mentally and physically at your best if you choose to. 

Help me serve humanity and save lives as Organ donation is an Act of Love. We need to work hard together to ensure FEAR does not come in the way and win. Thanks for your attention to this rather long detailed note.

Donations can be sent to 
USA: Gift of Life Adventure Foundation Inc. (NPO)
Wells Fargo Bank
Ac/no: 2670207311
Routing: 021200025

India UPI - Teamgola@kotak
Jai Hind!
Anil speaks at a Management School 

The other part of my mission is to make the painful bureaucratic and legal system of India more responsive to patients and donors. I have filed a few petitions in the Karnataka High courts in India to ensure patients get the approvals to get a smooth transplant process and as a result create case laws for others to cite if they need to for their own cases. I use the money raised to also fight these court battles. We have prevailed in the courts so far via the Gift of life Adventure Foundation and non profit trust I set up in India. I am an American citizen now living in India and have focused my efforts here as this nation has a lot to de-clutter for the benefits of organ donation to be seen and felt. Part of the money raised will also go towards

1. Advocacy - Funding the law suits and lobbying to make laws more donor friendly.
2. Philanthropy (funding transplants and life saving drugs for those that cannot afford them
3. Awareness - Taking me around the world speaking face to face with a goal of a million people - Million Donor Project.
4. To identify living organ donors along my journeys and tell their stories via videos made available on the foundations youtube channel

Please do google ‘Gift of Life Adventure" for more about the body of work I have achieved with the help of so many people and organizations. Also do visit the facebook page 'gift of life adventure' and our YouTube and Instagram channel with the same name.  @giftoflifeadventure

The Mission


Anil Srivatsa
Franklin Township, NJ

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