Help get my band to SXSW!

HI and YES these ARE the droids you are looking for...
Thank you for visiting this link and at least considering helping me out! Soooo my name is Ruth, as my friends, family and colleagues know me, but for my original music - artist project I go by my middle name, Mahealane (Ma-hee-uh-lawn-aye). Here is a childhood pic of me and my sister Heidi when we lived in Florida for a minute.
I was born in Hawaii, but grew up in a small small place in Michigan on a farm. I have been playing trumpet and singing since I was a kid and composing since my college days. I love making music, puns, crosswords, catan and listening to my record collection. Listen to Mahealane will guide you to my music on whatever service you use. Bonus read:
  • $1200 Airbnb in Austin (A house for 1 week March 13th-20th holds up to 8 guests)
  • $800-1000 - 2 Roundtrip airfare plus any bag fees for Nate & Johnnie from LA to Austin
  • $500 - Gas/Tolls/Oil Change/airbnb etc.. for Adam and I to drive from Los Angeles->Denver->Austin
  • $200 - Rental fee for Drums/bass amp
  • $500 - Food stipen for band while in Austin ($25 a day per person for 5 days) We plan on making as many meals at the airbnb, but will probably need to buy food at the festival while out all day.
  • $??? - the band agreed to forgo payment as long as I can cover travel and accommodations, but if there is any money beyond what I need to cover the expenses above I want to pay the band for their hard work and dedication - so plz yes give!!
**This is once in a lifetime opportunity for me as an artist to really get my project off the ground**
The pandemic (groan) created time away from freelancing that allowed me to focus on finishing and releasing my debut 4 song EP Magical Complicated. It also gave me time to keep on writing and recording my own music as well as lots of collaborations with my main partner in lots of things Adam Rochelle AKA PRNDL. We spent/spend most weekends of 2020 and so far 2021 in his isolated studio (very fortunate). We've released an EP Space Jams through an Austrian label, CBD that has done really well on Spotify. Unfortunately, no-one makes any kind of real money this way and collection and payment can take up to 8 months!
So onto the reason for this fundraiser...
Last year I decided to apply as an artist to perform for the SXSW festival (March 14-20). To my surprise I found out December 8th (my lucky #) that I was chosen to be an official showcase artist for 2022 (see screenshot) WoOooOO!!!!! This festival is massive (it's a 3-in-1; film, music and comedy). I applied to go with my quartet (they're listed by the video below), which had a really fun show at the Federal about a month before I applied. This festival is where Lizzo really blew up as well as many many others!
There will be artists there from all over the world and droves of music industry people (networking). Being at this festival as a performer will not only allow us to play in front of many people, but will also allow us to hear a bunch of amazing bands (that could have us on their tour), network with people from agencies that could lead to touring, label support etc... I don't put out the kind of music that agencies would immediately jump at (because I am well, unknown, the music crosses several genres - hard to market etc..), but seeing us live would give them an idea of - oh wow this group is amazing live - let's get them opening for someone on a tour - or let's book them for this festival etc...
This is the performance video I used in my application featuring my WONDERFUL bandmates: Adam Rochelle (keys), Johnnie Gilmore (bass), Nate Taitano (drums). Thank you Nate for filming and recording at your spot!
We had a very fun and successful debut show at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, CA - here is a picture from the show! Special thanks to Warren Huart for having us on this showcase and giving us our chance to shine!
I am currently working on another vocal song to release soon and perform at SXSW. PRNDL and I have our next instrumental song coming out JAN 28th - Loaf Guy. Preview of the artwork (cropped)....
We will also have our debut ALBUM coming your way later this year that will mix instrumental, vocal and other featured performers! In the meantime I will be performing every Saturday of February at exclusive LA club - the Britely - my Jazz/Bossa Nova duo (w PRNDL as well).
  • Naomy Pedroza-Flores 
    • $50 
    • 3 mos
  • Jo Rochelle 
    • $50 
    • 3 mos
  • Hilary Rochelle 
    • $500 
    • 3 mos
  • Jessica Hancock 
    • $20 
    • 3 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $30 
    • 3 mos
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Ruth Nichols 
Los Angeles, CA