Elderly Scam

My name is Naomi Charles .  My mother's name is Peggy Pierce Thank you so much for coming to my page.  Thank you very much for donating

My mother lived to almost 80 years old.  I miss talking to her everyday.  Now I talk to her ashes sitting in a urn on my mantel right beside my Son's ashes.
She worked hard her whole life and to be scammed by some one she thought she could trust.  The thought of letting her house go is heartbreaking because she worked so hard to keep them from getting away with their scam.  The day we went to court to evict them and the judge dismissed it because we did not have a lease.
  That night my mother was on her laptop.  I was walking around to get it and  I tripped and fell.  My mother tried to help me up.  She was not able to help me but tried anyway.  That is the last thing my mother did for me.  That night she had a stroke.  She still knew everyone and gave lots of hugs.  It affected the left side of her brain.  She could not speak, eat or walk.  When I was able to bring her home with only a 4 day notice to get all the supplies, Like a bed, wheelchair,feeding tube supplies, potty chair and oxygen machine , adult diapers and medical supplies.    She could not eat regular food.  She had a feeding tube.  She died before I could make the in-home care doctor's prescribe breathing treatments.  They arrived 4 days after death.  While she was at Brentwood for physical therapy I got an attorney to fight for her house.  I want to have her house to take car of her in.

Mom's next door neighbor offered to buy the house when they heard her say she was selling the house.   She had been saying it for years and never mean't it.

When she died she was fighting to get her house back. Now that she is gone I am continuing the fight. The money is to pay attorney fees and the mortgage on my mother's house. I am disabled and can't do both payments. Mine and her's It's been tough covering the cost Lillie won't pay.   I only get $780.00 a month.

They know they can't win in court so they have stopped paying rent so I will lose the house. They should not be able to get away with scamming the elderly.
I believe they have done it before. The people she had been selling her house to were 7 month behind in payments. Seems to me that would be breaking the verbal agreement. They had given her a down payment then borrowed some of it back. They had my mother sign a Transfer of death deed. So they would not have to pay her the forty thousand they still owed her. What really upset my mother is they used her credit card then lied and said they she did not use it. They maxed it out.

The way I got involved is the water department  called me for the unpaid water bill at my mother's house. They lived in my mother's house for a year then changed the utilities into their name and left the last payment for my mother to pay. Electric $289.75 water $59.00.   Mean while my mother was paying 895.10 mortgage and 278.00  for window payments.

My mother refinanced the house to get lower payments and put the last $ 6,000 of the $20,000 in window's in with the house payment. It lowered the house payment.to 718.32.   Lillie has never paid more than 700.00.a month.  Who gets to pick how much they will pay   My mother had to cover the cost.   Now I have to.

Lillie called my mother trying to get $40,000. for heart surgery for her son.   She said the doctor would not do the surgery without the money.   Lillie never would  tell what hospital he was supposed to be in.   I went on Lillie's Facebook and there was nothing about it . No prayer request either. My mother did not have any money to give them.   My mother's boyfriend had money but he is tight with money.     But Lillie's husband was buying her diamond rings and posting it on Facebook.

My mother thought Lille was a couple of month's behind.  I went through mom's bank statement and found Lille was 7 months behind.   Then I did some digging and got the proof that she used my mother's capitol one card.   Lillie used her own phone and email using mom's credit card online.
My mom and I then tried to evict her and the judge threw it out because she did not have a lease with Lillie.

Lillie is now  over 3 months behind in house payments.   Because of the outbreak I can't evict her.
Another mistake my mother made was giving Lillie her banking information so she could deposit the money to my mother's account.
Now that my mother's gone it cost me 12.00 a month.   I have had to cover the cost   I only got 688.00 and had to pay 718.32.   Lillie would not send the payment to me.
Now she is not sending anything.   My mother was to trusting. She knew they were drug dealers and knew they had been selling to the police.  Maybe that's how they have not been busted in all these years.

 bought some herbs and they were sent to a old address.  My mothers address.  Well i called and called and no answer.  Two weeks later I got a call from Lillie.   I went in and she tells me that before my mother died she left a box with her and would give it to me when I signed the house over to her.  In thw box was 3 folded 1 hundred dollar bills on top of a stack of bank envelopes that she said all had money in them.  It was another scam.  Lillie called me another time and said she would catch up the payments and late fees.  I showed up and she had a attorney there and would only give me the money if I signed the house over..  So I left without the $ 5000.   I keep hearing in my head what my Aunt said that my mother died over the stress of the house and that I needed to fight to get her house back.  The problem was not my mother selling the house.  The problem was being scammed out of the house.     
 I  prayed and prayed to know what to do.   Then Go fund me was my answer.
When I get the money I can get Lillie out it will be a victory over Elderly Abuse Scams.  Once I get Lillie out my son can move in with me and we will not have to pay on 2 houses 
My son is a Marine who has joined the Army. He is stationed at Fort Hood. On the weekends he can stay at the house and pay the payments when we are able to refinance the house and get lower payments.
His son was born on my mother's birthday. She would have been 80. 
Thank you so much for your support and prayers
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